Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Ritual

Today, I’m taking my time. I’m in no hurry. Hate hurrying anyway. It’s my day off from lopping hair (stylist by day and sometimes by night). My foot warmers, (my dogs, Baby and Honey Bear), have planned along with me a writing fest today. They’ve got their bones and chews. I’ve my gi-normous cup of hot tea, my water, and the bathroom near-by (my bladder pees on demand…achoo!). Oh, can’t forget the Sounscapes, too.

Now I’m ready to let my fingers float across my keyboards and drift into the open sea of my mind. Time to find out what my characters are doing today.
For a few seconds, I sit with my eyes closed, fingers resting on my keyboard. I let the music fill my ears, and type out what I see and hear. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect at first. Perfection never really comes. The beauty of the manuscript is only in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone likes or appreciates my writing style, or my stories, and that’s okay.

Besides, it would be like having every man on earth fall in love with me. One is enough. It would be the same if everyone loved my manuscript. I’d probably go nuts. Being kept in my humble place is a good thing. A swelled head might explode, and I’d loose all my stories. Wouldn’t want that.

I know, I’m babble-writing this blog today, but I’m in no hurry. It’s ritual for me. We all have our different rituals. This is mine, babble-writing. Writing anything and everything. Trying to dig deep within. Trying to find my happy space in writing. Inhale and exhale. Don’t be afraid to breathe or write.
Have a happy writing day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Life of a Novice Writer: Time

The Life of a Novice Writer: Time: "Time has really gotten in the way over the last two weeks. Or can I say time hasn't given me enough open areas to sit and write like I like ..."