Friday, January 16, 2015

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Feeling Ugly

Hello, nice people! I'm still here. But feeling ugly right now ... and cold.

Mummsy had to shave me bald. My once, beautiful coat, matts no matter how many times she brushes it a day. That used to be one of my favorite past times. Now it's just too painful. 

I wish I could be a puppy again.

The above picture is me. I was 8 weeks old when Mummsy brought me home. She paid 75 dollars for me because the show breeder said I was to big for a Chinese Crested to do shows. But Mummsy loved me anyway.
I sat in a box next to her on the way to my new home, shaking all the way. I had no clue at the time what a wonderful life I would have.
And it really has been a wonderful one.

Have a nice day everyone. Get lots of lovey-loves, belly rubs, and licks. Give them out, too.

Sir Poops
PS I couldn't get the last pic to turn around for me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

ISWG: Silly Santa says: Don't Lose Your Squeakers

Hello, folks! I'm still hanging around and with good reason.

We made it from a ledge to the chandelier. But Penelope lost her grip and her squeaker.

She obviously gave up even though, we her friends, were there for her. Well, except maybe Penquin Phil. He's about as an encouraging as a bed of nails.

Thankfully, all of you writers have Alex J. Cavanaugh who created the Insecure Writer's Group. 

I hope all of you do what you can to help your fellow writers not to lose their squeakers. 

Never give up. Especially your squeakers!

Silly Santa signing out!