Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays? Sir Poops and Hair Ball Introduce You to Missy Davis


IMG_0344 Sir Poops here. It’s another Tuesday. And its time for Hair Ball and me to introduce you to another new or Indie Author. What’s Your Nosh Tuesday is to help promote new and Indie Author books or excerpts from their MS.


It’s also about getting some new yummies for Sir Poops and me. We like treats because Mummsy doesn’t always come through with the good stuff. So maybe you nice people will share some of your good eats with us, too. You know, chocolate and Cheetos.


Today, we’d like to introduce you to Missy Davis. ***They both stand*** Let’s give Missy Davis a nice round of applause so she can feel the love. ***Sir Poops and Hair Ball clap their paws together and wag their tales***

Author_pics_027 nosh

SPAL: Okay. Shhh. ***he motions for everyone to settle down and then looks at Missy*** Thanks for coming today, nice lady. What do you like to nosh on when you write? And why?

MD:  I like to munch on popcorn and then follow it up with chocolate. 

HB: I want some popcorn with chocolate. *** he jumps up and down***

SPAL: Stop it, stupid. You’re messing up the interview. ***he shoves Hair Ball out of the way*** Sorry about that. Please go on and tell us why you like this nosh.

MD: I like to have that salty, sweet combination.  It keeps me from starving and gives me enough sugar high to keep moving on.

HB: I want a sugar high. Will it make me jump as high as the Skyway Bridge?

SPAL: Quiet, stupid.

HB: ***Sticks his tongue out at Sir Poops*** You know you want some.

SPAL: My apologies, nice lady. Hair Ball is a little immature at times. Please tell us if you like it crunchy or soft?

MD: I would say that it is a little of both, because the popcorn is crunchy and so is the chocolate.  But, sometimes if the chocolate is too close to the vents of my laptop, it gets a little melty.  That's the perfect combination.  Well, actually, the perfect combination would be dipping popcorn into a chocolate fountain, but that would be overkill.

HB: ***licks his lips****

SPAL: So you like it salty and sweet? Hair Ball and me like salty and sweet things, too.

MD: Oh definitley!

SPAL: You know, after I eat something delicious, it makes me do a happy dance. It gets me going. Does it get your creative juices flowing?

MD: If I eat enough sugar, sure! 

HB: I really want some sugar, it sounds like a miracle food or something.

SPAL: Quiet, stupid. You’re being impolite today. Apologies again, nice lady. ***he turns to face Missy*** Do you have any books published? If so, what are they? Where can we find them?

MD: I have recently published my first novel through World Castle Publishing.  In Flames, Destined Series Volume 1 is a steamy paranormal romance novel.  It can be found at and is available in print and ebook format.

         InFlames_(1)-nosh post

HB: Okay. Can we have some of your chocolate-covered popcorn now. PLEASE. ***he says this through smiling teeth***

SPAL: ***he taps Hair Ball’s nose*** Shh! ***he looks at Missy*** Thank you for sharing, nice lady. I’ll make sure Mummsy gets your book. Although, she may have it already. She’s got a like a hundred books on her Kindle as we speak. And please forgive my little brother. He’s stupid sometimes.

HB: Well, he’s a pansy.

MD: ***Pats Sir Poops and Hair Balls heads, smiles, and waves bye***

SPAL: When you come back, please bring us some of your chocolate and popcorn.

HB: Bring that sugar-stuff, too.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays? Today Patricia Herlevi Shares

IMG_0343 Psst! Over here. It’s me, Sir Poops. Me and Hair Ball are actually hosting ‘What’s Your Favorite Nosh Tuesdays?’ Sorry, but we had to disguise ourselves as Mummsy when we sent out e-mails last week. We’re looking for some treats. And it’s a way for Newbie and Indie authors to promote themselves and their books, too.

Yeah. We like treats.  We like to nosh on just about anything. So please come share with Sir Poops and me.  What are your books? Show us your excerpts. Or, just be an attention-hog like me. I love all the attention. But please don’t forget to leave us your favorite nosh before you go.


So we’d like you all to welcome Indie Author, Patricia Herlevi to show off her stuff and share her favorite nosh with us. Everyone stand-up and give her applause. ***they both clap their paws together***


patricia Herlevi

SPAL & HB: Thank you for stopping by. Do tell us what you like to nosh on, pretty lady, when you’re writing? Tell us why you like it. ***they both wag their tales***

PH: Preferably chocolate, but yogurt with nuts tossed in or with Vega protein powder gives me an extra boost. When I can afford it, I enjoy eating Coconut Bliss, the vanilla flavor.

SPAL & HB: She likes chocolate. ***they lick their lips*** We want some. Is it crunchy or soft?

PH: Definitely soft and creamy, but chocolate is hard and crunchy.

SPAL & HB: We like things we can chew on. Is it salty or sweet?

PH: Sweet.

SPAL & HB: We like sweet. Does it get your creative juices flowing? 

PH:The chocolate definitely does--fair trade, organic dark chocolate.

SPAL & HB: Mummsy eats oraganic foodies, too. Do you have any published books out there?  If so. what are they? Where can we find them?

PH: Yes.  "Go Lucy" on Create Space and Amazon,

Blue Agnes et Yves

and my personal favorite "Agnes et Yves" also on Create Space/Amazon and now on Kindle too.

go Lucy

SPAL & HB: Thank you for sharing your treats with us. And for  sharing your books with us, too. Mummsy read Agnes et Yves and really liked it. And to everyone else please help support your Newbie and Indie authors. Buy and read their books. Patricia Herlevi writes humor in her books.

HB: We hope to see you again.

SPAL: Yes. And we’ll make sure Mummsy gets Go Lucy. And also, please bring some of that organic chocolate with you when you come back.

HB: Yeah. Make sure it’s the crunchy kind. And don’t tell our Mummsy either.

SPAL & HB: Bye. ***they wave their paws and their tales as they watch Patricia walk away***

HB: She was a nice lady.

SPAL: Yes. Nice lady who likes organic chocolate. I hope she brings us some.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I’m Doing a Threesome Today

FOOLED YAs! NOT REALLY! But I got your attention. Right? Today, I’m doing three mini book reviews. I intended to do these a while ago but it was around the time Glowstick came to live with me. Well, to let you know, he’s back with my daughter and she’s still doing outpatient rehab. Things aren’t exactly the way I want them, judges look at grandparents like they’ve got ten heads, and DCF... well…whatever. That’s all I have to say about that.

So on with the book reviews…

I heart me this first book --- like twenty-five hearts. It’s the second book in the Sabrina Strong Series.This book is soooo hot it sizzles. Lorelei introduces us to more hotties.

vampires trill

Sabrina’s got herself some problems. Men. Vampire, werewolves, an incubus, and a Nephillim. Like they say, you can’t live with them or without them. But here, I think she could dump a few and would probably like to. Some want her dead. Some want her in their bed. Some want to marry her and get her pregnant with some super-hybrid-baby. But her heart belongs to one person. A shape-shifter but he died. Oh my…

You can find Lorelei’s book at Amazon .


Paperback sells for $16.95

Kindle Edition sells for $6.95

Second Book

This one get’s Shelly’s TFF Award --- what does TFF stand for? That’s my secret but I’m sure you can figure it out. It’s hilarious, delightful, and original.

Agnes et Yves

The story Patricia created revolves around three characters. Agnes, Yves, and Ann Marie.

Agnes is an art journalist for a mainstream art magazine in L.A. She’s got serious issues with her newest assignment. French artist. French men. French anything. Her published piece and odd behavior gets her fired. After, she sells everything and hops a plane to Spain. Those were intentions anyway.

Yves is a French artist living in Paris, France but his inspiration has dried up. And his live-in lover/muse is driving him crazy. Ann Marie. He’d love to dump her. And she’s doing everything to make him settle down and conform to her standards. This does not include painting.

Strange and unforeseen events bring these three together into a hilarious love triangle.

You can find Patricia Herlevi’s book at Amazon .


Paperback sells for $10.80

Kindle Edition sells for $9.99

The third book

This one gets TWENTY-FIVE SHINY SHELLY STARS. Why give five when you can give more. Right?

bad day

Devon Cooper did a genius job creating Bad Day. Who’d ever thought one could find love and lust being stuck in an elevator because of a bomb threat? This story will not only get you laughing but crying. As funny as it is, it’s also sensitive. I highly recommend this book, too.

You can find Devon Cooper’s book at Amazon .


Paperback sells for $14.99

Kindle Edition sells for $3.09

Ooooo! And starting Tuesdays, I’ll be doing ‘What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays’. It’s to help promote the new and Indie author’s books or, a piece you’re working on. So a lot of you will be getting an e-mail from me with interview questions.

That’s all for today folks.

Later in the ink all,


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Trap

Today, I’m posting my late cousin, George C. Hull’s silent movie, The Trap. So when you all have time, please watch it. Just click on the link below that says The Trap. This should take you to the movie. It’s about 45 minutes long.

This morning I had a dentist appointment. I need like three fillings and a mouth guard for TMJ. Yikes! And I have to get ready for work.

You all have a great day and weekend!


The Trap

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It’s Insecure Writer’s Group Today: Platform

InsecureWritersSupportGroup Today is Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Group where we writer’s share our own insecurities and offer support to other writers. This a great idea really because I feel like a dork most times about what I post on my blog.

So many writers out there exude confidence, and their blogs look professional. They even know what their platform is.

To be honest, I’m not sure what mine is. I’m known to have scattered energy. I blame it on my Gemini Rising and a moon in Sagittarius. While I’m able to focus to write a complete novel, I’m not real sure about my focus for a platform.

My deceased editor once told me I was a prolific writer. But how can that be good for a platform? Maybe someone can tell me because I really don’t know.

I mean I could write a ‘how to’ blog on writing but there are so many writers already doing that along with author interviews, and book reviews. I want to be original. That’s all really.

Before I wrap this post up, I’m leaving you this quote:

“Dare to create unique and unoriginal work.Don’t worry about retracing the path of ten thousand other creators. Make the journey your own with your honest, authentic thoughts and feelings. No one can accurately duplicate that.”

Mark Dykeman

So what do you all think?