Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Mummsy is a Computer Hog

SPAL: Hello, nice people. I apologize for not posting this sooner. But I've been left to type this post on the iPhone. Imagine how difficult that is when you have no thumbs. I'm pooped.

HB: Yeah. Mummsy is a computer hog this week. And it's not fair because I wanted to award some more cute pictures of myself to our favorite bloggers.

SPAL: She's been busy writing posts for Arlee Bird's April A to Z Challenge for her Secondhand Shoes blog. Hopefully, we'll be back to normal next week.

HB: I hate it when my routine gets messed up.

Lots of licks!
Sir Poops and Hair Ball

Saturday, March 22, 2014

klahanie: Blog Fests And More Jests!

klahanie: Blog Fests And More Jests! Hair Ball and I highly suggest that all of you nice people join this wonderful blog hop ... Or was it a smell fest that Gary and Penny have put together.

I, Sir Poops, love anything stinky, smelly, rank, or a good stench!

Lots of licks!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hair Ball is in A Giving Mood Today

SPAL: Hello, nice people. Today, we're hanging out on the couch until our Mummsy goes to work.

HB: Yeah. Yesterday, when Mummsy got home from work she sneezed and sneezed.

SPAL: Yes. She did. And this morning she woke up with a fever, chills, and body aches.

HB: Yeah. We missed our morning walk because of it. And it looks like we'll be drinking tea with lemon and honey and Paranormal reruns until she has to go to work.

SPAL: It's a good thing she gets to rest a little though. She doesn't look so good. Her nose  is all red.

HB: Yeah. Poor, poor Mummsy. We'll take care of her and while we do that, I want to give another award away.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes*** Not another picture of yourself?!

HB: Why not? I'm cute. And Sir Wills liked his. Today, I'm picking The Hamish and Watson and their Mummsy, the angry parsnip-but she's really a nice lady. There's nothing angry about her. You can find their blog here: HERE

SPAL: My favorite day is Woof It Friday.

HB: Mine, too. And she takes lots of pretty pictures and shares collections of things from Japan and her art and stories  about her son in Japan and foodie recipes. The blog is fun.

SPAL: Yes. It is. We hope all you nice people go visit.

HB: Yeah. And tell them Sir Poops and Hair Ball sent you.

Lots of licks, everyone!
Sir Poops and Hair Ball

Friday, March 14, 2014

klahanie: Penny's Pawsitive Pawlitics.

klahanie: Penny's Pawsitive Pawlitics.

Sir Poops and Hair Ball are supporting Penny for Paw Minister. They hope all you nice people will too.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lookie, Lookie! Here's the Award I Made

Hello nice people!

I think Mummsy has fixed our computer problem. Here's the award I made for Sir Wills.

Lots of Licks to you Sir Wills!

Hair Ball

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Giving Away an Award or More Today

SPAL: Hi, nice people. I'm snoozing while I post today. ***yawns*** I can't seem to keep my eyes open.

HB: Yeah. Hi. I have a surprise for everyone. Well, almost everyone. And it was my idea, too.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes*** Oh brother.

HB: I made something special for some very good bloggers. My idea is to give away an award to a blogger every week No strings attached.

SPAL: ***chuckles*** He's got a picture of himself.

(We've been having technical difficulties downloading the award to this post. Sorry! HB made it all by himself. We're hoping to have it up soon.)

HB: Yeah. Because I'm so cute. Ask Mummsy. She tells me all the time. Who wouldn't want a cute picture of me hanging around?

SPAL: It doesn't mean someone wants to hang your face on their blogs.

HB: Yes. They will.

SPAL: We'll see about that, stupid.

HB: Yeah. Whatever.  Pansy boy.

HB: So today I pick Sir Wills a/k/a William Kendall. He's funny and fur-less. He writes the famous posts, A Day in the Life of a Dog and A Day in the Life of a Cat. He also picks on some really stupid two legged peeps on his blog. You can find his blog at Speak of the Devil HERE

SPAL: He also writes great movie reviews.

HB: Yeah. And he hates the Oscars.

SPAL: But he makes Mummsy laugh.

HB: Yeah. He's a very, very good blogger.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: ISWG-Sir Poops Says a Creative Mind Needs Sleep

Hello, Nice People!

It's just me today. Yeah. I'm in the bed where it smells like my Mummsy and Daddy-o. My stupid brother is roaming the house with his Pumpkin and Ball. He seems to be grumbling about  no one being here to play with him. Our parents are away at work.

I try to occupy my time with naps while they're away. Sleep is good for you. Especially for writers and artists, like myself.

Did you know that German scientists did a study? 'Its the first hard evidence supporting the common sense notion that creativity and problem solving appear to be directly linked to adequate sleep'. You can read the entire article here, by William McCall, at the Associated Press.

Sleep also helps to keep our immune systems healthy. While in dreamland, our bodies make something called Cytokines. When we're sick it helps us fight infections. You can find the article HERE from the Mayo Clinic .

Want to lose weight? Sleep. Want to keep the blues away? Sleep. Having writer's block? Sleep. I'm sure I could scour the internet for this information. ***yawns*** But I'm getting tried again.

I hope this encouraged all my writer buddies to take a nap if you need to. There are plenty of benefits from getting enough of them. So don't feel guilty. I sure don't. In fact, a nap sounds really good right about now.

Today's post was brought to you, by Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Group. We're a group that help to encourage writers on their writing journey. Click on the link and join. We'd love to have you. Also, you can find us on Facebook.

Lots of Licks!
Sir Poops

PS I posted early since Mummsy's been having some issues with her internet.