Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Healthy BlogHop: Sir Poops and Hair Ball Give Advice


SPAL: Hello, nice people.



HB: Yeah. Hi! Nice people. Got any treats for me.


SPAL: We’re not here for treats, stupid.


HB: We’re not?


SPAL: We’re here to give some good healthy advice.

HB: Like drink plenty of water and eat your kibble.


SPAL: And get your exercise.

HB: Even if its playing ball by yourself or chasing yourself in a circle.



SPAL: Yes. All of this makes nice poops.

HB: And get lots of rest.


SPAL: Oh and don’t forget to give your family lovie-loves. Hugs and kisses are good. Even from my stupid brother.


HB: And give to people in need. That always makes me feel better. I share my bones and ball with the Glowstick.


SPAL: Yup. And here’s worthy cause to give to: Authors for Oklahoma are looking for book donations. Click Here to Find Out More

Lots of Licks!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Authors for Oklahoma: Open Invitation to All My Blog Buddies

My friends and authors, Norma Beishir, William Kendall, and I have created a group on Facebook. Authors for Oklahoma. CLICK HERE to LIKE and check us out.

We’re looking to raise money for the families victimized by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. Whatever is raised will go to The American Red Cross.

So I’m extending an invitation to all of you out in the blogosphere. Click on the icon above. I hope to see you all there.

Hugs and chocolate,


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Interview with Zoe and Schroder on Dognapped

IMG_0485 SPAL: We have Schroeder and Zoe with us today.

HB: Yeah. Charmaine Clancy it their mom.

SPAL: And the author to My Zombie Dog.

HB: Yeah. And today her fur-peeps want to share her newest book, Dognapped.

SPAL: I’m definitely reading this one.

HB: But you haven’t read Zombie Dog yet, pansy boy.

SPAL: My reading pile is high, stupid. You think you can do any better?

HB: ***he waves his paw in the space between them***Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.

SPAL: Enough. We’d like to welcome Zoe and Schroder. Hey! What kind of fur-peeps are you?

HB: ***runs about sniffing his guests***

Schr: I'm Schroeder and I'm a miniature schnauzer, just like the main character in Dognapped?

dogs schroeder lap

Zoe: The main character in Dognapped? is Kitty, and she's a human girl.

Schr: Well, yeah, sure, she features more, but the story is really about how fantastic miniature schnauzers are. They just make out it's about humans... it's all politics you know.

Zoe: I think you're the one who doesn't know.

Schr: Someone's jealous because the border collie only has a small part in the book!


Zoe: At least Molly, the border collie, was brave.

Schr: Yeah? Well... well... MUMMY! Zoe's pickin' on me!

Zoe: Sook.

Charmaine: Are you two fighting for attention again? Don't make me come in there!

SPAL: It doesn’t help that Hair Ball is up their bums.

HB: ***his nose is at the back of Zoe*** She smells like musky flowers.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes at Hair Ball*** Who’s your Mummsy?

Schr: Charmaine is the one who brings home the animals, so I guess she's our Mummy.

Zoe: Although I really belong more to the little one. She sneaks me food.

Schr: Yeah, you are Matilda's girl aren't you?

SPAL: We used to have a No-No-O. But she lives with a Yakov, in Israel now. ***he frowns*** Her bedroom was the eternal buffet. But no more. ***he shrugs*** So what does your Mummsy write, draw, or paint? 

Zoe: Matilda is an amazing artist for a pup, I mean child. She also writes great stories and reads them to me.

Schr: Charmaine writes too, Dognapped? is her second book for kids. She likes to draw too, but doesn't think she's very good at it.

Zoe: Maybe we should mention Emily?

Schr: The other kid? She's got the cat.

Zoe: That's a cat?! Looks more like a rat. 

*both dogs snicker

SPAL: I love cats. I miss mine.

HB: ***Lifts his head from Zoe’s bum*** What’s a cat?

SPAL:***he glances at HB*** I’ll tell you later, stupid.***he looks to Soe and Schr*** Anyway, Do you two like hanging out with your Mummsy while she worke on her projects?

Schr: Of course! I help Mummy when she's typing.

Zoe: You mean sit on her lap and get in the way?

Schr: I help.

Zoe: Yeah, I like to help Matilda when she's reading.

Schr: You do know she can't read through that big head of yours?

Zoe: She needs me to lick her face when we get to a scary bit.

SPAL: I know what you mean.

HB: Yeah.

SPAL: I like to sit in my Mummsy’s lap or bedside her when she works.

HB: I like her feet. They taste good.

SPAL: Where do you two like to sit? On her lap? At her feet? Or on her keyboards or crayons?

Schr: I'm definitely a lap dog. But if no one's around, I like to hop up on the couch...

Charmaine: Schroeder! Get off the couch!

Schr: Never mind.

Zoe: I prefer the feet. I like to lick them.

HB: I’m in love.

Schr: You become a lap dog as soon as there's the first sign of thunder!

Zoe: Shhh, don't tell them that.

HB: Zoe can come to my house during a storm. I’ll protect her. ***he puffs out his chest*** I’ll even share my treats with you. What do you and they like to nosh on? And would you be willing to share them with me and pansy boy?

Zoe: My favourite treat is fish oil capsules. Mummy says they're good for us, but they can't be, they taste too good. I also like to drink from the cat's bowl, just to show I'm not scared of her.

Schr: Look out, here she comes!

Zoe: What?! Where?! Oh.

Schr: Hmm, food... I like it all.

Zoe: Literally. He'll eat anything: Lettuce, banana, chilli, socks...

SPAL: Love bananas. But socks are like pantyhose. I got really sick after I swallowed a pair.

Schr: I'm happy to share.

Zoe: Only because no one else wants the crud you eat.

Schr. Crud good.

HB: Crud? Out Mummsy says that about what’s in the garbage can. Crud is pretty tasty.

CH:Thanks Shelly for having Zoe and Schroeder on your blog today, I hope they didn't misbehave too much.

My newest release is Dognapped? A Dog Show Detective Mystery, it's available from Amazon:

dognapped-cover-webuse-lge (1)

and will be FREE just for May 22nd and 23rd

My first book was My Zombie Dog and is also available from Amazon in Kindle format and paperback:


I love to connect with readers and writers, and can be found at:



and my blog is: dream... write... publish

SPAL: We loved having all of you today.

HB: I hope Zoe comes back so I can smell her beautiful scent. Hey! Wanna be my girlfriend?

SPAL: We’ll see you all next week. Lots of licks.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

At My Other Blog Today

My heartfelt prayers go out to Oklahoma today and their families. I posted over at Secondhand Shoes, A Novel Blog today. I made a few announcements there if you’re interested.

Hugs and chocolate,


Friday, May 17, 2013

Coming Soon and Volunteers Needed


I’ve been working on getting three short stories ready for ebook reading pleasure for this summer. They will be released one at a time. The Partner’s Progeny will be the first one.

I’m so excited! The cover was approved yesterday. YAY!! And its really hard for me to keep it under wraps.

I’m pushing for the week of June 3rd to reveal it. The names of volunteers will be put in a drawing to win a 10 dollar Amazon card.

Also, I need at least 10 peeps who would like to read the ARC for reviews. Its no longer than 5 thousand words.

Here’s the blurb:

Bullies rule…or do they?

Victoria Sheek has been the paralegal supervisor for the law firm of Pereene, Carr, and Sevino for seventeen years. Rumors portray her as a bully. She maintains confident that she will never be replaced since her father; Mr. Carr, is one of the founding partners.

Until one day Monica Bowman is hired by Mr. Pereene, the head partner, and is apparently smitten with her resemblance to his deceased granddaughter, Melissa, and his memories of her.

Who will end up staying? Monica or Victoria. One will stay, but not without a surprising twist.

So let me know if you want to help reveal the cover down in the comment box.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Sweetman and I are looking forward to the chemo-free days ahead. He’s finished with it. Over the next several months he’ll be scanned and prodded to make sure all is good.

Thank all of you for your prayers, well-wishes, and good vibes.

Hugs and chocolate,


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Sharing Nosh with Fiona

SPAL: Hi, nice people. IMG_0298

HB: Yeah. Hi. Got some treats? ***he jumps up and down***

SPAL: ***his head bobs up and down, watching HB***That’s not nice. ***he looks out at the nice people*** Today, we have our first interview with a fur-peep, named Fiona.

HB: Isn’t that Shreck’s girlfriend? She’s an ogre, right?

SPAL: Well, lets ask her since she doesn’t look like either on of us. She’s definitely not a Malti-poo, like you, or a Chinese Crested, like myself. ***He looks at Fiona*** So what breed your are?


F: My name is Fiona and I’m a Chihuahua. I also hang out with my older stepsister Pinky. She’s not blood relation but we kind of look alike don’t you think? She is so smart! I think she’s half Chihuahua and half golden retriever but that sounds like a stretch. Pinky has taught me all kinds of cool naughty things. She’s great at dumpster diving, shredding toilet paper and she even told me I don’t need puppy pads anymore! Freedom!*does a specialized happy dance which involves two 360 turns and a little leap in the air.*Anyway, I love being mischievous, don’t you?

HB:***waggles his brows*** I’d love to get mischievous with you. Come here let me smell*** he chases Fiona in a circle***

SPAL: ***puts up his paws*** No butt huffing! Absolutely not! This is an interview. And I’m all about keeping it clean.

HB: ***stops*** You’re no fun.

SPAL: I’m an adult. We’re not supposed to fun. That’s what Mummsy used to say to our sisters. ***he glances at Fiona*** Who is your proud adult parent?

F: Don’t you boys know our Pop and Eve? Pop thinks we’re stinky. He thinks we’re two of the stupidest dogs that ever lived but Mom says we’re also the cutest. She likes to get us nice toys and she lets us snuggle on her lap when we’re watching Wheel of Fortune. It’s funny how human peeps yell at the television just like they yell at us when we do something disobedient. All that fuss over vowels and consonants. Sheesh. Anyway, I think yelling at the idiot box is stupid. Did you hear that Pops? I just took a leak on the carpet because Pops said my nose looks like a piglet. I don’t think he’s too proud of me but I still love him. When he comes home I’m always happy.

HB: You whiz on the carpet? That’s as bad as pansy boy here pooping on the bathroom floor upstairs.

SPAL: Yeah. Well…you…you…whiz on peoples’ feet.

HB: I can’t help I get excited. But why do you poop on the bathroom floor? I know its premeditated.

SPAL: ***ignores HB*** Hey, Fiona. What does your parent write, draw, or paint? My Mummsy writes.

F: Mom is a writer but we think she’s just sitting at the computer so we can’t jump on her lap.

HB: Really? My Mummsy lets me in her lap when she’s at her computer. Do you like hanging out with your mom at all while she works on their projects?

F: Are you kidding me little man? I’d grow old waiting for her to finish what she’s doing. I’m very independent and prefer looking out the sliding glass window. Pinky is older and much bigger--*whispers* (She’s 20 pounds!) and keeps her eyes on my mom at all times. It’s so weird—she acts like a freakin’ baby!

Pinky and Fiona 001

HB: Oh.

SPAL: Hmmm… Well, where do you like to sit? On their lap? At their feet? Or on their keyboards or crayons?

F: I might be independent but when it’s cold, my favorite is being zipped into Mom’s hoodie. With summer coming, I don’t think she’ll be doing that anymore. When I’m all comfy in her robe or hoodie, she has her hands free to write and I can watch and make sure she doesn’t make any typos. This blissful feeling doesn’t last long though because I get restless or one of us has to pee. Maybe someday I’ll get a hoodie too. One of those Ninja hoodies so I can go undercover and show you boys how you should never mess with female pups because we are super tough! *growls*


HB: Well…I’m Wolverine. ***growls back at Fiona***

SPAL: ***he puts his paws on his hips*** Stop it, you two. Or no treats.

HB: Speaking of treats, what do you and your mom like to nosh on? And would you be willing to share?

F: We’re not allowed to have any people food but Mom sneaks all kinds of small snacks our way. Our new favorite is peanut butter--that stuff is divine. Pops says I’m greedy, so I guess I’m not that great at sharing. Sorry. Our new pooch food is IAMS and I eat it all day. Do you think I’ll get fat like Pinky? 

HB: Fat? ***he studies Fiona*** As long as you keep running in circles, I don’t think so. I’d be happy to chase you so I can smell your…***he waggles his brows***

SPAL: What did I tell you two? Such behavior is not allowed in an interview.

HB and Fiona ignore SPAL. They sniff and chase each other, all the while giggling.

Fiona and I

Eve Gaal’s newly published book is Penniless Hearts. It’s about that feeling you get when all your human peeps leave you alone and you wonder when or if they’re coming back. The reviews are good and we liked it because there’s a small dog in the story. Her name is Lulu. You can find it here:


penniless hearts bookcover

SPAL: Mummsy says Ms. Evie’s books is one the most funniest books she’s read in a long time. She loved it. You can find her review on the book over at Amazon and Goodreads.

Lots of licks,

Sir Poops and Hair Ball

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Dog Eat, Dog World

IMG_0194SPAL: Hi, nice people. Hope everyone is having a great week. Everything is great when my tummy’s getting rubbed.

HB: Yeah. Life is great when there’s plenty of nosh and belly rubs and the back of a sofa to lay on.IMG_0193

SPAL: The last time we posted, someone left us a compliment.

HB: Yeah. But didn’t she refer to us as dogs.

SPAL: She did. But it was a nice compliment.

HB: Wasn’t it Joyce Lansky over at Catch My Words?

SPAL: Yeah. She can’t understand why we feel dog is a bad word.

HB: Well, why do we?

SPAL: There’s a quote people like to say: It’s a dog eat, dog world.

HB: So.

SPAL: It doesn’t sound nice. According to Mummsy it’s the two-legged peeps that practice this in business.

HB: Then how come peeps don’t say: It’s a two-legged eat, two-legged world.

SPAL: Because according to Mummsy, most two-legged peeps don’t like to take responsibility for their negative ways.

HB: Oh.

SPAL: The two-legged peeps would be so much happier if they were like us fur-peeps who just want to love and be loved.

HB: Yeah.

SPAL: Here’s a quote for everyone to remember. “Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.” Groucho Marx

HB: We’re like books? ***scratches his head***

SPAL: I guess. If you think about it, Mummsy usually has a book, or one of us in her lap or her lap desk to work on her MS.

HB: Yeah. She does.***rolls over onto his back*** Hey! Isn’t this the last week Daddy-O has chemo.

SPAL: Thank God, yes.

HB: And didn’t Mummsy’s novel, Secondhand Shoes, get chosen to be in the The eFestival of Words Nomination Awards?

SPAL: Yes. It did. Peeps can click this link to go see.

HB: And isn’t Mummsy getting ready to release two of her short stories?

SPAL: Yup. The Partner’s Progeny and Samah Ronit. The cover is almost tweaked for one. She’ll be doing a cover reveal soon.

HB: What about Mummy’s next novel, Killer Stilettos?

SPAL: It should be completely drafted by June 1st.

HB: I’m so excited. ***he rolls over and gets on all fours***

SPAL: Just make sure you don’t whiz on me. Anyway, nice people remember to get you bellies rubbed and to love everybody.

HB: Yeah.

Lots of licks,

Sir Poops and Hair Ball

PS We’re looking for fur or feathered peeps to interview. If interested, leave a message saying so in the comment boxes.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: Crazy


The first Wednesday of the month has come and I almost forgot that today is Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer’s Support Group where we tell our insecurities or offer encouragement to one another.

My work schedule is one that changes from week to week. It kind of makes me crazy. This week I’m one day ahead of myself in my mind. Yesterday, I showed up for a chiropractic visit that was for today.

I like how the company refers to it as a flexible schedule. Like it’s a wonderful benefit or something.

But then…to some extent it is, I get to request the days off I want and most times I work a 1 to 9 shift, which leaves the mornings to write. And too, its been helpful because on the Sweetman’s chemo week, I only work the day shifts.

And speaking of Sweetman, he’s got one more chemo treatment. That begins next Monday. This Friday, he’s going for a blood transfusion. The chemo kills everything good, too. So his red blood cells are way too low.

And I want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and good vibes. If anything we should all wish and pray the best for our bloggy buddies out there.

I’ve read some heart wrenching things out there about what some of you are going through. You have my prayers, good vibes, and thoughts. Heck, I’ll even cry with you.

So I don’t feel insecure, I feel crazy. And I think about all of you through out my day.

Hugs and chocolate,


PS I won’t be around today or tomorrow so I’ll have to play catch on Friday and Sunday.