Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturdays With Sir Poops: Welcoming Glowstick

IMG_0059SPAL: Hi, nice people. I was suppose to deliver the Sunshine Award and answer questions today but me and Hair Ball’s life has changed.

HB: Yeah. That’s right. It’s changed all right. IMG_0063

SPAL: The change happened this past Monday. Something arrived.

HB: Yeah. It smelled like poop. And it was wearing  diaper like pansy-boy.

SPAL: No-No says his smell makes her want to throw up. But I think he smells beautiful. Daddy-o and Mummsy think so, too. They call it a baby smell.

HB: You would. You’re a poop-eater. Everyone knows that about you, pansy-boy.

SPAL: Well, you’re stupid and made him make this terrible, loud noise…WAAAAAAAA-WAAAAAA… because all you did the first night was bark at him. That wasn’t nice.

HB: Well, you danced around him like a sissy-pansy-boy.

SPAL: It’s my special greeting.

HB: At least you did the dance without peeing on him like you do everyone else.

SPAL: I can’t help I have little control over my whizzer. Blame it on old age. You’re right behind me, stupid. Anyway, we like this thing…little person.

HB: Yeah. He’s pretty cool but wears his fur?

IMG_0188 SPAL: I don’t know. He looks like Mummsy and Daddy-o. Furless people. But it’s fun to play with him.

HB: Yeah.


SPAL: I love to kiss him. He’s so cute. And he’s our size.

HB: And I’ve got a new job to protect him, too. I make sure no one steals his food when Mummsy feeds him. He eats some really weird looking stuff, too. Mummsy let me taste it. I don’t know why he likes it. There’s no taste to it.



SPAL: Yup. And he doesn’t take up a lot of room on our couch either. He likes to sit with Daddy-o at night and watch our favorite shows. Last night we ate fruit popsicles and watched Fringed.


HB: I have a question. Why does Mummsy call Daddy-o Grampy now?

SPAL: I’m not real sure. Maybe it’s a pecking-order-thing. ***he shrugs***

HB: Oh.

SPAL: Anyway, Mummsy and all of us are hoping to get back to normal soon but life has been unpredictable. Plus, she’s been doing the A to Z Challenge over at her other blog Secondhand Shoes, A Novel .

HB: Yeah. And  Mummsy’s editor died.

SPAL: Yup. Poor Mummsy.

HB: Yeah. Poor Mummsy.

SPAL: Her health, and my health. And now this little person she calls Glowstick. He’ll be here a while.


HB: I hope he stays a while.

SPAL: Me, too.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sir Poops is Pooped Out

IMG_0094Hey everyone! I know I was supposed to name the nice people to receive the Sunshine Award and answer ten questions today but I’m going back to bed. Trying to keep up with Mummsy this week has worn me out. That A to Z Challenge has us up early and to bed late. Plus, she worked an extra shift this week. It’s reminded us all why Mummsy had to cut back. She’s pooped out, too. I’ll be glad when things get back to normal around here..


So, if you nice people don’t mind, I’m going back to bed now while Mummsy gets ready for another day of work. And I’ll see you nice people next week.

Oh and, do you think you can bring some nice treats with you because Mummsy hasn’t been given me any since I’ve been on my special diet.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Message from Sir Poops and The Sunshine Award



Hello Everyone:

I wanted to thank you for coming to visit me, E.J., Allison, and Melissa. And anyone else that has visited here quietly (just to let you know,I don’t  bite  or bark.Promise.)

Mummsy’s been busy doing the A to Z Challenge over at her other blog Secondhand Shoes, A Novel. She’s visited 113 new blogs so far and is trying to keep up with the ones she already follows.

When she comes back after April, she’ll have a couple book reviews for you  and guest bloggers on her Tuesdays. And I think she’s going to have me hosting this blog here…well, most of the time…since she plans to blog at least once a week over at the other blog.

As for me, I’m still getting home cooked meals and my poops are better. Mummsy’s been putting a little kibble in with it now but she still has to puree what I eat. She also bought an aloe vera supplement she sneaks in it---she thinks I don’t know but I do. And I sleep a lot, too.

Mummsy went down to 3 1/2 days at work. So she’s feeling a little better. And she’s been taking something called Virasyl. But the other day we both went for a 2 block walk and thought we were going to pass out. ****shrugs***

Hair Ball is still a little pain like he always is but he’s been helping me plan our future posts.

Also, I wanted to thank Melissa Kline for the Sunshine Award.


She’s a really sweet lady. She writes YA books. Mummsy and me are waiting for her sequel to My Beginning. You can find her at Melissa Kline . You all should visit.

Anyway, I’ll have some questions to answer and then I have to pass this on to ten others. I’ll do this next Sunday. I just wanted to touch base with everyone.

I’m going back to the couch now to watch some of my favorite news shows.

Happy Sunday!

Sir Poops