Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Guardian of the Garden

Hi, nice people. It's me, Hair Ball. My old pansy brother is snoozing again.

That's all he seems to do anymore. Sleep and sleep and sleep.

Anyway, Blogger is being a Blooger again so I'm typing on the iPhone. This is very   difficult and hard on my paws, you know.

It also upsets me that I can't give another cute picture of myself to another blogger. Google Chrome and Blogger aren't in sync today I guess.

But I'd like to show you something.

That's Mummsy's patio garden.

And I'm the Guardian of it. I get to yell at squirrels and raccoons. Yep. I sure do.

Okay. I'm gonna go now. I know a lot of you like Mummsy have been doing Arlee Bird's April A to Z Blog Challenge.

Me and Sir Poops will see you, nice people, next week. Hopefully, my pansy brother will stay awake long enough to say 'hi' to everyone. 

I'm also hoping Blogger and Google Chrome will get it together by then.

Lots of licks and belly rubs, everyone!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

SPAL: Good morning, nice people! Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

HB: Yeah. I want a chocolate bunny. I would give him a leg hug and a kiss and some licks and some raspberries and a belly rub. And then I'd nibble on his ears.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes*** Anyway, Mummsy says this whole week...since she and Daddy-o practice Passover and a lot of nice people celebrate Easter...well, it's about how God always makes a way to deliver people out of bondage.

HB: And get chocolate.

Have a day full of licks and belly rubs with your families, nice people!

Lots of licks!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Take Some Time and Giving Out an Award

SPAL: Good morning, nice people. Mummsy is still doing Arlee Bird's April A to Z Blog Challenge over at her Secondhand Shoes, A Novel blog.

Thank God we have a working computer again.
HB: Yeah. Last week when Mummsy was trying to fix her connection issues, she wiped out all of her important software. But everything is good now.
SPAL: Yes. It is. So from here I'm going to let my brother take over. He has things to share and say while I get ready for another nap. ***yawns***
HB: Oh goodie! Who wants to play chase the pumpkin with me?
You can't be all work and no play. It'll gel keep your butt from getting numb and your eyes crossing from all those blogs you're reading.

Come on! I'll show you how to do it!
Nomnomnomnom! Grrrrr!


I love this game! I'm your fawther littel-pumpkin-Skywalker!
Wasn't that fun?

Oh and before I we go today, I'm awarding this cute picture of myself.

To Eve Gaal at The Desert Rocks and amp; Intangible Hearts. She's been teaching everyone Hawiaan over at her blog during the A to Z Challenge. She's funny and writes great poetry, too. And when I searched for her link today, it denied me access. Blogger is being a Blooger again!

So Miss Evie, if you get this message come pick up my cute photo. And make sure you give Fiona a nice leg hug for me. She's a cutie. But Penny the Jack Russel and Internet superstar has my heart. I hope Fiona doesn't take it personally.

Until next week.

Lots of licks and belly rubs for everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Technical Difficulties

I sorry. I really wanted to award another cute photo of myself today. But Blogger is being a Blooger. Mummsy is frustrated, too.

She's been doing that Arlee Bird's April A to Z Blog Challenge. Talk about a challenge. She has to resort to using her iPhone to read and comment on blogs. 

Blogger won't let her pull up her reading list. I can't even download my award from my computer.

Blooger, blooger Blogger.

I'll see all you, nice people next week.

Lots of licks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: ISWG

SPAL: Hello, nice people. It's another first Wednesday of the month which means its time for Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Group. ***yawns*** And the second day for many in the Arlee Bird's A to Z April Challenge. ***yawns again*** I need a nap. Where's Hair Ball?
HB: I'm here!
SPAL: Good. Do you have any words of encouragement for the nice people today? A lot of them are doing that crazy blog challenge. ***yawns***

HB: Of course I do. Make sure you have plenty of water, kibble, and treats. It will help get you through it when you lose your energy. 
HB: Exercise when you can't think what to say in the comment boxes and what kind of post you're going to come up with. They say it clears the mind.


HB: Make sure you take a whiz break, too. The peep's in your house may get upset if you make a stinky, wet mess on their floor or in the chair. No one should ever be that tied to their computer.
HB: I hope these tips help get you through. And too, I want to award Gary and Penny an award. Check out their blog here along with Penny's Alphabark challenge

Gary and Penny, come grab your award. I love you, Penny!

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes***

HB: Gary and Penny are the coolest. Sir Poops and I love this fun blog. We especially love it when Penny writes her mind. She's a really hot Jack Russel. Mmmm...mmmm...I'd like to...

SPAL: This is a G-rated blog.

HB: What? All I want to do is hug her leg.

SPAL: ***face palm***

HB: In fact, I want to hug everyone's leg. Hugs are good.

SPAL: I apologize for my brother's stupid comment today. Hope everyone makes it through all their challenges today and this month.

Lots of licks!