Friday, August 31, 2012

Brain Fog, Rolaids, LEGO Snot-Boogers, Hair Trivia, and Another FREE Book

Like a MORON, I forgot my brother, Scott’s birthday the other day. The summer has flown by. The months, days,and weeks have bled together into one mass clump of ‘where the hell did it go to”. I didn’t even go to the different card stores to search for the perfect birthday card.

You see, every year my brother and I search for the funniest card ever for each others’ birthday. And well…I don’t know what happened this year…Fatigue? Menopause? Camp NaNo? Countdown to unleashing Secondhand Shoes?

Anyway, he was my most favorite little brother ever. But then again, he’s the only brother I’ve got. And today, I’d love to share some little brother stories.

“Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,” my brother would sing. Yup. He sang this every time he sat on the potty. He sang this every time we went on long car trips. And he sang this after he got tucked into bed before he fell asleep for the night.

“How do you spell relief?” he said one night at the dinner table. At three-years-old, they were the first words he spoke ever in his life. “R-O-L-A-I-D-S.” My step dad dropped his fork. So did mom. And I believe my sister and I busted out laughing.

Since my bother was a head-banging-tantrum-thrower, he wore a football helmet everywhere. When he was a tot, he sported a blue and white football helmet everywhere. Even in pictures.

My brother always played Barbie dolls with my sister and me. He always brought his G.I. Joes to play. Our Ken dolls had plenty of competition when he brought them over.

One day, my brother decided to show what a true clown he was. While playing with LEGOS, he decided to dangle several of the linkies from his nose. You know, LEGO snot-boogers. Well, he sucked back. To this day, the LEGO snot-boogers are stuck somewhere in his head.

When my sister was the last one to have Aunt Rose to come to visit her, my brother curled up in fetal position and cried, “I don’t want my period to come. I don’t want one. I’m afraid.” He was a eleven at the time.

For eleven years, his BFF was his thumb. I was surprised it never melted  in his mouth or got sucked off.

My brother was always a gentleman, too. He held the doors open for my sister and me. And he never called us names. Nor did he hit us. Later in life when he got married, he was the best husband ever. He worked, cooked, cleaned, cared for the yard and cars, and took a major part in rearing his kids. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law didn’t appreciate what she had and left after sixteen years. Thankfully, she walked away from my niece and nephew. They are great kids. Well adjusted and drug free. My brother did a great job raising them.

Happy Forty-Two Years, little brother!

Love your brain-fogged sister,



Here’s some HAIR TRIVIA

Three thousand B.C. years ago how did the Egyptian men and women really wear their hair?

I’ll share the answer on Monday.


Here’s another FREE download for the Labor Day Weekend

Cynthia Bagley has a FREE book to download. Go check her info on how to get it at Scrambled Sage


Sword of Time by A.M. Sawyer is FREE, too. 

sword of time


In a world of science, Magic would have free reign. Modern man has inadvertently unlocked the timeless prison of a madman, and must now face a wrath that has been festering for millions of years. To save the world, a warrior must be found, one who can face this master of magic. That responsibility has fallen to four teenagers lost on a trip in the outback. Guided by protectors of an ancient weapon, they must destroy the evil sage once and for all, and save the billions of lives lost to his will. Will these four friends rise to accept the impossible challenges that they must face, or will our history end with the current generations? For there to be any hope of a future, the battle must be fought in both the present and the past. Prepare for a War the likes of which you’ve never seen. Fight for victory with the “Sword of Time”

Hugs and chocolate to all!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays, Author Eve Gaal

IMG_0429SPAL: Tuesdays sure do come around here fast.

HB: They sure do. 

SPAL: Yep. Its time to introduce and support another author. 

HB: And share their work for some really good nosh.110702_003

SPAL: Today we have Eve Gaal but she’s real humble and didn’t share her published works with us because she said she wasn’t an Indie. But we’ll give you the link to Kidnapped Writer . She also has some short stories published in anthology books. Mummsy has them on her Kindle.

HB: Why not?

SPAL: ***shrugs*** That’s how she is. You know how sweet and all she is.

HB: Yeah. Her fur-daughter, Fiona sure is purdy. I want a play date.

SPAL: You wanted a play date with E.J.’s fur-daughter, Alex. Besides, Fiona is a child. You’re much to old for her. You’re a senior now.

HB: ***he frowns*** You’re never any fun. You’re such a pansy.

SPAL: Well. you’re stupid. You keep going after children and you’ll end up on Anyway, here comes Miss Eve now.

SPAL & HB: ***run up to Eve**** We’re so happy to see you. ***they  wag their tales***

HB: Yeah. What’s your nosh when you’re working on your writing?

Eve: Sometimes I like Planter's peanuts because they are a healthy snack that doesn't mess up my computer keyboard too much.

HB: We like peanuts. The ones in the shells. You got any for us? They’re nice and crunchy and salty. Mm…mm…mm…good.

SPAL: ***swats at his brother*** What did I tell you about begging? ***he looks at Eve*** Does it get your creative juices flowing?

Eve: I can't eat when the creative juices are flowing.

HB: Oh. Mummsy eats carrots, celery, and sometimes gluten free pretzels when she writes.

SPAL: Yeah. But Mummsy has to in order to keep her blood sugar normal. Do you have published books besides Kidnapped Writer and some anthologies?

Eve: No. But here's an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Penniless Hearts-my manuscript.

The Excerpt

    Penny hated flying. Looking out over the wing of the jet, she wondered about the gloomy fog silently blanketing the entire airport. How did the pilot navigate his way through the murky chowder to get up above the clouds? As the engines rattled the plane, undesirable thoughts filled her head, creating doubt, where minutes ago she had been oozing confidence.

     She calmed herself by thinking about the last few days. Thinking became rationalization and soon, she realized the past needed to stay in the past. After all, going to Hawaii is a dream and the thought of fun lured her into a semi-relaxed zone aboard the plane. Time to forget the stress related to worrying about her father or that lionized bitch Tina at work and even her darling John who kept trying to please her while annoying the crap out of her. Inhaling deeply, she decided to meditate and soon felt better about leaving everything behind. Why would she owe anyone an explanation? It’s not like she’s married. This week, she’d be busy snorkeling with a cute guy, watching tropical sunsets, drinking fabulously wonderful fruity cocktails, hiking volcanoes and possibly kissing until sunrise. This week, home would be down below--35,000 feet below in the past.

SPAL: Oh Miss Evie, thank you for sharing with us today.

HB: But where are the peanuts?

SPAL: ***elbows his brother*** Say good-bye to Miss Evie, stupid. And stop your begging.

HB: But aren’t you sick of carrots and celery?

SPAL: Say good-bye to Miss Evie.

HB: Bye, by Miss Evie. Next time you come, can you bring us peanuts? The ones in the shell. Daddy-o lets us.

Monday, August 27, 2012

E.J. Wesley’s Cover Reveal Party, Devon Cooper’s Free Book, and Other Things Today


Blood Fugue, Moonsongs Book 1 by E.J. Wesley Cover Reveal Party

Author E.J. Wesley is throwing a blog party to celebrate the release of his new book cover and wants you to join in the fun. Jump over to his blog to learn about how you can win some awesome prizes, including $50 toward a cover of your own and advance reader copies of Blood Fugue.

The Rocking Cover!

  blood fugue cover



Cover work by Sketcher Girl, LLC -

What's the Story About?

Some folks treated the past like an old friend. The memories warmed them with fondness for what was, and hope for what was to come. Not me. When I thought of long ago, my insides curdled, and I was left feeling sour and wasted.”

Jenny Schmidt is a young woman with old heartaches. A small town Texas girl with big city attitude, she just doesn’t fit in. Not that she has ever tried. She wears loneliness like a comfy sweatshirt. By the age of twenty-one, she was the last living member of her immediate family. Or so she thought…

“We found my ‘grandfather’ sitting at his dining room table. An entire scorched pot of coffee dangled from his shaky hand. His skin was the ashen gray shade of thunderclouds, not the rich mocha from the photo I’d seen. There were dark blue circles under each swollen red eye. A halo of white hair skirted his bald head, a crown of tangles and mats. Corpses had more life in them.”

Suddenly, instead of burying her history with the dead, Jenny is forced to confront the past. Armed only with an ancient family journal, her rifle, and an Apache tomahawk, she must save her grandfather’s life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it.

BLOOD FUGUE by E.J. Wesley, is the first of the MOONSONGS books, a series of paranormal-action novelettes. At fewer than 13k words, BLOOD FUGUE is the perfect snack for adventurous readers who aren’t afraid of stories with bite. Available wherever fine eBooks are sold September 2012. 

Join the Party!

The Open Vein, E.J.'s blog -

E.J. Wesley on the Twitter -


Free book download:

Devon Cooper is offering her book, Bad Day, today for FREE.

bad day

Click here to download


Have you ever had a day that, no matter what you do, nothing seems to turn out right? In fact, a bad day would be an understatement? Angela works at a consulting firm in a high rise building downtown. Frank, a construction worker, is working on the top floor of the same building, and is deathly afraid of heights. Angie and Frank are strangers, who, under a different set of circumstances, would never speak to each other. When the fire alarm goes off, and the elevator they’re in gets stuck, their day takes a different turn. Sam is Frank’s friend and boss, and he has to make his way down the sixty flights of stairs when the fire alarm goes off. With an old sports injury, he’s not sure he’s going to be able to make it. He has no way of knowing where Frank is, and since he left his cell phone in his truck, he can’t even call his wife Joanne to let her know that he’s ok. Worry plagues Joanne when she can’t get a hold of Sam. When Joanne finds out that the high rise building has had a bomb threat called in to it, she freaks out with worry. Her life is Sam, and she has to find him. When the police check their list to see if he exited the building, his name isn’t there. Could their day get any worse?

And Nicole Pyles, has self-published her first short story,Underneath My Clothes, I Am Naked Too. You can download it for 1.99.

I am naked, Nicole Pyles

Click Here To Download the Story

Before I go, I ask that you all hop over to Siv’s blog, Been There, Done That. She’s been promoting a very cool blog and bookfest coming on Labor Day, Meylinda’s Labor Day Blogfest and Bookfest.

Click Here for more information.

Also, Martin T. Ingram, over at Three Cents Worth is collecting stories for a time travel anthology. Go check it out for more information! I may even try my hand at this.

Hugs and chocolate,


Friday, August 24, 2012

Worse and From the Heart Poems for Free





The Blub

Many believe that there are Beings walking among us, here to maintain the balance of good and evil. For Jacob Sturgen, A greedy estate mogul with a heart of darkness, they just might be his last hope to save his soul. However, is this Being here for the side of good, or for evil? It's time for Jacob to go through Hell, and all he can do to survive is hold on for dear life. Will he come out on top, or will his day go from bad to "Worse"

Here’s a collection of poems for FREE

Generating coupon code for From The Heart Poems

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Customers enter the code prior to completing their checkout. You can cancel this coupon at any time, or issue additional coupons, by returning to the Coupon Manager.

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: BA58A
Expires: September 22, 2012

Hugs and chocolate,


PS. I also posted over at Secondhand Shoes today. I shared diddy and a Labor Day event coming for bloggers.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free is Good

Today only, Norma Beishir offers another book for FREE. Click on the title below and get your copy today..


final hours

Final Hours

The Blurb

Could you live a lifetime in twenty-four hours?
Jamie Randall thought he had it all...until a close brush with death brought him face-to-face with the one thing that was missing from his life. Now, facing his own mortality once again, he will have to make a choice: one chance to live, or one chance to set things right in his troubled life....
Norma Beishir is the author of sixteen novels, many of which have been bestsellers. Check out her website at

Hugs and chocolate,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Books Today


Norma Bieshir is an author who once was published by the big boys. She has several titles that were on the NYC list. She’s in the process of re-launching one of her novels. Check out this article: The Return of the Unicorn's Daughter

Also today, Norma is offering another book for free, Chasing the Wind. Click on the link below to get your copy.

chasing the wind

Chasing the Wind


Who is Connor Mackenzie? Is he the result of an experiment that should never have been undertaken...or is he the prophet foretold by an ancient text discovered in the Sinai wilderness? Around the globe, children are abducted. All of them are between the ages of five and six, all conceived by in vitro fertilization, and all extraordinarily gifted. In the Sinai, archaeologist Lynne Raven searches for proof of the Exodus and finds a papyrus proclaiming the emergence of a prophet sent to defeat the darkness that threatens to consume the world. In London, a powerful cartel manipulates politicians and industrialists and controls a think tank with an unthinkable agenda. One thing connects them all: the truth about Connor Mackenzie...
Revised, updated edition of the 2008 novel, now in multiple first-person points-of-view.
Norma Beishir is the bestselling author of fourteen previous novels. Collin Beishir is the author of the upcoming novel E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event).

Here’s another free read:

This one is by Melanie Jones Surani, The Silent Treatment (Kat Shergill Mysteries). PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, the link would not copy for me. ***shrugs*** Sorry, guys.


The Silent Treatment

The Blurb:

While rebuilding her life after escaping an abusive boyfriend, twenty-five-year-old Kat Shergill doesn't expect to find a piece of forgotten movie history during a bout of retail therapy. But there it is: a coil of long-lost silent film tucked inside an antique from an estate sale. Unfortunately, Peter, the handsome host of the sale, disappears before Kat has a chance to return it to him.
Curious, Kat watches the strip and is shocked to witness the brutal murder of a famous 1920's star by a fellow actor. Against Kat's wishes, the head of the department leaks the story of her valuable discovery to the media. Although she has no way of contacting Peter, who she keeps thinking about, guilt at being unable to return the piece, and unwillingness to reveal her idol as a murderer gnaws at her.
After a news article cites Kat as the film's owner, she's followed by a strange white car, her apartment is broken into, and she learns why some mysteries should never be messed with.

Also, working on a new blog to promote Indies’ and new authors’ books. Sir Poops and Hair Ball’s idea. It should be up and running next month.

Hugs and chocolate to all,


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Free Read


Norma Beishir has her book, Angels at Midnight, for free.

new angel at midnight

Angels at Midnight

Book Description

Theirs was a union born of a quest for revenge.
Ashley Gordon was the toast of the art world. She had it all: beauty, talent, a devoted husband and a child she adored--until a cruel twist of fate took it all away.
Collin Deverell turned his back on the family business--until his devious brother put it at risk for a corporate takeover.
Together, they would take back what was theirs...even if it meant breaking the law....

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesday: Indie Author, Tom Conrad

IMG_0059Sir Poops: Oh my…Its ‘What’s Your Nosh Tuesday’ again. Where my brother and me help promote new and Indie authors and their books or excerpts from their MS.

Hair Ball: Yeah. But we do it for the foodie, too. 110624_004

SPAL: Sh! You don’t want to say that too loud. Today, Tom Conrad is coming by and I expect you to behave. Got it.

HB: ***Rolls his eyes***

SPAL: In fact, I hear him now. Everyone give him a hand.

SPAL & HB: ***both clap their paws together***

Tom conrad

SPAL: ***Extends his paw toward Mr. Conrad.*** We’re very glad that you came today to share with us. Do tell us what you like to nosh on when you're writing?

TC: Bourbons. I eat four... six... okay, eight a day. I drink, on average... 3 cups of tea. Since taking my writing seriously, my bottom has changed from a pert and hard natural wonder of the West to a - 'I wonder if that chap is eating too many bourbon biscuits' comment at bus stops.

HB: Bottom? I find them interesting. ***he sniffs the air***

SPAL: ***he elbows Hair Ball*** Bourbons sound interesting. Are they crunchy or soft?

TC: The biscuit is crunchy. My butt is soft.

HB: I wonder what a soft butt would mean? I know what a bad butt odor means.

SPAL: Please ignore my little brother. Is your nosh salty or sweet?

TC: It's a chocolate biscuit. No comment on the other. I apologize and regret mentioning my bottom now.

HB: Why does everyone get chocolate except us? And as for your bottom, in our world they’re a big deal in learning who your enemy is. My brother says it’s the answer to solving world peace. Isn’t that right? ***he looks up at SPAL**

SPAL: ***he returns HB look***Yes. But we’re here to talk nosh and books today. ***he glances back @ Tom***Chocolate biscuits sound good.Does it get your creative juices flowing?

TC: Drinking tea, dunking aforementioned biscuits has become part of my late night ritual. If I'm writing into the night and breaking through to dawn, I need the boost of caffeine to keep me going... but more it's the break of making the tea. The caffeine probably just makes me a bit jittery.

SPAL: Mummsy drinks tea when she writes,too. Sometimes she’ll have a dark chocolate square but she doesn’t dunk them. I think they melt in hot liquid.

HB: Its not fair that all the furless peeps get to eat chocolate.

SPAL: But  we’re here to get the scoop on good reads. Mr. Conrad, do you have any books published yet?

TC: I have two, they're published on Amazon. Risk Of Infection is my latest release - only short. Rich Pickings For Ravens is full length.  My page is here:

rich pickings

Risk of Infection is also out in paperback. Unfortunately, it's a bit pricey so I'm not promoting it atm, just for family and those who really want a copy:

risk of infection

My website:




SPAL: Mummsy doesn’t have your books yet. But I know she likes zombies. She dreams about them.

HB: Yeah. She’s silly. Anyway, do you think you could slip us some of those chocolate biscuits before you go?

SPAL: Miss Evie says chocolate is bad for us. And Mr. Tom needs to go. I’m sure he’s got lots of writing to do like Mummsy. ***SPAL extends his paw toward Tom*** Thank you for coming by and sharing with us today.

HB: Yeah. But I bet if he shared those chocolate biscuits it would solve world hunger like butt greetings would bring world peace.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Winner, Winner, Winner

Yesterday, I meant to post who the winner was from the peeps who participated in my little grammar contest.

And the winner is…Joyce Lansky over at Catch My Words.

I meant to do this yesterday. But for some reason I couldn’t find my notes on what all I wanted to post. I swear menopause equals The Twilight Zone, and I was in it yesterday.

I’m also at 29,535 words at Camp NaNo Wri Mo. I love this concept of sitting and typing like a mad woman. For me, it’s a great way to pump out a draft of another book. And it doesn’t matter how horrid your writing may be. You just write your story.

Also, this morning I’ll be attending another Florida Writer’s mini conference. I’ll share later on it.

And this afternoon, I’ll be with my grandsons, Glowstick and Ho-Ho.

Hugs and chocolate,


Friday, August 17, 2012

Spammer-Scammers and Blog Thieves


“Your site is very nice and has good content. I am impressed with your site as it is helping people in taking their financial decision.So, I would like to send an article for a guest post in your site.”

The above was from a MS PPI. It was left on my Secondhand Shoes Novel blog. I clicked on this person’s name and was directly taken to PPI Claims. It’s some kind of service to get people money back. And my post last week had nothing to do with anyone making financial decisions. Clearly, this person is foreign, has no grammatical skills, and doesn’t understand English. A spammer-scammer.

Right before that comment, I also had a really perverted one. So much so, its not copy and pastable for our eyes to see. Anyway, I clicked on their name which took me to some Aisian porn site that was really a computer virus. WTF! All I can say is, “STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY BLOGS, YOU MORONS!”

Also, my friend, Norma Beishir, had a couple blogs on Blogspot that she deserted to go to Wordpress. Well, her unused blogs here have been hi-jacked by a blogsquatter named Desi Judmaiti or Dedi something or other. When I clicked on her name to read her profile, the page showed she owned a significant amount of other blogs. And the content on these blogs are always on insurance or finances. They also have a tendency to pop up in my reader one right after the other. 

Norma posted a blog about it at Bieshir Books. She’s become rather knowledgeable about what to do and hopefully stop these morons. You all should go visit her blog.

So bloggers beware. We’ve got a blog thief on our hands.

Hugs and chocolate to all,


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Begging for Nosh from E.J. Wesley

IMG_0428SPAL: Hey yo! It’s Sir Poops and my brother Hair Ball again.

HB: We’re back to helpIMG_0421 cool dude, E.J. Wesley today. Last week he did a Call To Arms. He’s about ready to expose the cover to his debut novel, too. And we’re hoping to get some really good foodies out of the deal.

SPAL: So put on your shades and chill out for this interview because we’re going to do this one a little different since E.J. is bringing along his fur peeps. He’s also quite a verbose dude.

HB: Is one of them a girl? I’d like a girlfriend to share my foodie with.

SPAL: I think I all of them coming. ***he looks over the top of HB’s head*** Yep. Here they come. Everyone please give E.J. Wesley a warm welcome. ***SPAL and HB clap their hands**


E.J. - Hey guys! Thanks so much for having me over for What’s Your Nosh Tuesday. My dogs are super-jealous you have your own blog feature, by the way. See, don’t they look jealous? (Pictures attached. Alex is the bigger black & white Beagle mix; Eddy is the little white Chihuahua mix.)



HB: Alex sure is purdy. Can I be her boyfriend?

SPAL: Just stop! This is a hump-free-zone. Don’t embarrass me. ***he elbows HB*** You’re so stupid. This is an interview not, stupid.

HB: Ow! Pansy!

SPAL: ***looks toward E.J.***  So Mr. Cool-Dude-E.J. what is your favorite nosh when writing? Please tell us why. Is it crunchy or soft? Salty or sweet? Does it get your creative juices flowing?

EJ:  First off, I’m not a big fan of sweets. The most sugary thing you’d likely find on or around my writing desk would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe a Reece’s Cup if I’m filling naughty. Yeah, it depresses Eddy and Alex, too.

HB: ***smiles*** Reese’s Cup? Chocolate and peanut butter. Mm…

SPAL: Let the cool dude finish.

E.J.: Now, salty and crunchy things are an entirely different story. I love nuts. Pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnuts—you name it. Plus, I’ll take them roasted, raw, spiced, boiled—basically any way they come. Alex said to mention she is a BIG fan of peanuts, too. Just in case you were starting your Christmas lists early.

HB: I love all nuts. Daddy-O does, too. Especially pistachios. ***swoons at Alex*** I think Alex and I are made for each other.

SPAL: Get over yourself, stupid. Let him finish.

E.J.: I love chips, as well, but try to limit them to only a few w.ith my typical lunchtime turkey or chicken sandwich. Okay, okay… Eddy says he prefers ham. Smoked or maple-cured is fine. Sheesh! Whose interview is this, anyway?

SPAL: Turkey? Chicken? Ham? Awe. Now that sounds good. Go on.

E.J.: I don’t eat for the sake of creativity, but if I’m well fed it definitely helps keep my b.i.c. (butt-in-chair).

SPAL: Hair Ball and me lay around or sit beside Mummsy when she writes. It helps to relax. Have you published any books? Is so, what are they? Where can we find them?

E.J. – Very timely question! You can probably find my non-pen name and nonfiction all over Washington D.C., as I worked as a grant writer for several years before relocating to Texas. That being said, my fiction writing has been something of an evolution.

I’ve got a handful of unpublished YA and middle grade manuscripts I’ve worked on over the last couple of years, but decided to switch gears last year. My first “adult” story will be published next month.

It’s the first in a series of novelettes (like a novella) I’ve been hard at work on, and I’m beyond excited to finally be releasing it.

In fact, I’m in the process of organizing a cover reveal over at my blog, The Open Vein Feel free to pop over and sign up. I’m giving away some Amazon to random participants, and I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Here’s an exclusive (this is the first place it has appeared publicly) blurb for the story:

Some folks treated the past like an old friend. The memories warmed them with fondness for what was, and hope for what was to come. Not me. When I thought of long ago, my insides curdled, and I was left feeling sour and wasted.”

Jenny Schmidt is a young woman with old heartaches. A small town Texas girl with big city attitude, she just doesn’t fit in… not that she has ever tried. Life has pummeled her heart into one big, lonely callus. She has no siblings, both parents were dead by sixteen, and her last grandparent—and caretaker—was in the ground before she turned twenty-one. She’s the last living member of her immediate family. Or so she thinks…

“We found my ‘grandfather’ sitting at his dining room table. An entire scorched pot of coffee dangled from his shaky hand. His skin was the ashen gray shade of thunderclouds, not the rich mocha from the photo I’d seen. There were dark blue circles under each swollen red eye. A halo of white hair skirted his bald head, a crown of tangles and mats. Corpses had more life in them.”

Suddenly, instead of burying it with the dead, Jenny is forced to confront the past. Armed only with an ancient family journal, her rifle, and an Apache tomahawk, she must save her grandfather’s life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it.

BLOOD FUGUE, by E.J. Wesley, is the first of the MOONSONGS books, a series of paranormal-action novelettes. At fewer than 13k words, BLOOD FUGUE is the perfect snack for adventurous readers who aren’t afraid of stories with bite.

Anyway, I’m very excited to introduce Jenny to the world. She’s a tough Texas girl with attitude to spare. I think BLOOD FUGUE is a fun, and very fast paced, read that I hope folks will enjoy. Stop by my blog for all the details to come, and look for it wherever fine eBooks are sold next month. J

Thanks again for having me over—wait a sec… Eddy says I should have said “us”, and that we need to arrange a play date. Alex says she’ll provide the squeaky toys, and that I shouldn’t mention she doesn’t share well.

SPAL: That’s okay. Hair Ball doesn’t share well either. Maybe they are made for each other.

HB: See. I knew it. She’s the one.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays with Author, William Kendall

IMG_0344 SPAL: Yup. It’s that time once again.Time to share your favorite nosh, and we’ll share your book or excerpt from your manuscript.

HB: Yeah. We’re looking for some really good foodies. I hope there’s no Java Monsters this week.IMG_0371 I want some good stuff like Twizzlers or ice cream. What about chocolate? I want some chocolate.

SPAL: Well, today we have Sir Wills, a/k/a, William Kendall.

HB: His debut novel, Heaven and Hell, is about to be released. And I hope he’s got some good nosh like our Daddy-O.

SPAL: So ladies and gentlemen please give Sir Wills a hand. ***claps his paws together*** Make sure you behave today.

HB: ***claps his paws together and sticks out his tongue at SPAL***

SPAL: ***he shakes hands with William*** Welcome good sir. We’re honored to have you.

HB: ***jumps up and down**** Yay! Yeah we are.

SPAL: Please do tell us, what do you like to snack on when you’re writing? Tell me why you like it.

WK: In a word, chocolate. I admittedly have a sweet tooth, so chocolate very nicely does the trick in satisfying it. Particularly anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter into one scrumptious bit of deliciousness.

HB: Oh my goodness. He loves chocolate and peanut butter. I love peanut butter. It’s good.

SPAL: ***looks at HB*** Don’t start. I love peanut butter, too. ***he faces William again*** So nice sir, can you describe it for us? Is it crunchy or soft?

WK:Usually crunchy, depending on the type of chocolate I’ve got close at hand.

HB: Oh crunchy is nice on the teeth. Crunch peanut butter, too. Mm…

SPAL: ***taps HB on the head*** Shh! Nice sir, is it salty or sweet?

WK: It has to be sweet! I don’t care for salty stuff to begin with- potato chips, for instance.

HB: I’ll take your potato chips. They’re good.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes*** I apologize for my little brother. He doesn’t always behave well around people and food. Anyway, does your nosh get your creative juices flowing?

WK: It does give me a sugar rush... I don’t know if that sparks the creative impulse though. Just tastes really good.

HB: ***he opens his mouth wide*** I want a sugar rush. I know I asked for that a couple posts ago. No one seems to think its good for me.

SPAL: ***shakes his head***Do you have any published books out there?

WK: Not yet, but I’m close. My solo novel Heaven & Hell is going through beta reading and edits, and should be out soon, and under my alter ego James Morgan, I’m co-writing Same Time Tomorrow. We’re getting towards the end of the writing process.

SPAL: Oh please do share an excerpt from your work in progress.

WK: Certainly!

This is a passage early on in Heaven & Hell, between my two main characters.

“So, there you are.” It was Devon’s voice, behind him.

“Yes, I managed to find a suit,” he replied with a smile.

He turned, and was impressed. Devon was, to put it mildly, simply stunning. She was wearing a silver cocktail dress that was sexy and elegant, in perfect keeping with her sense of style. She gave him an appraisal. “You look like an undertaker.”

He smirked. “And you look beautiful.” That was enough to fluster her.

“Damn you, Stryker, complimenting me after what I just said to you.”

“I like seeing you flustered,” Stryker remarked. “You do look beautiful.”

She stepped a bit closer, avoiding his eyes. “Your tie needs adjusting.” Devon moved her hands up to his throat, and he felt her tighten the tie. “Don’t worry,” she assured him, smirking a bit herself. “I won’t strangle you. At least not tonight.”

“Oh, that’s good to know,” Stryker said, and Devon stepped back.


WK:Thank you very much for hosting me today!

SPAL: Thank you for coming.

HB: Yeah. Chocolate and peanut butter sound really good together.

SPAL: Please come back and see us. I know Mummsy was one of your beta-readers. She really liked it. She’s excited for you.

WK: ***waves bye***

HB: Please bring us some of your chocolate and peanut butter next time.

SPAL and HB: *** both wave bye***

SPAL: You really need to stop begging. People are going to think all we want is their food.

HB: But this was supposed to help us get some good foodies.

SPAL: You better not act that way tomorrow. E.J. Wesley is coming over with his fur peeps.

SPAL & HB: Mummsy’s hair lopping today from 9 to 5 so we’ll be back later to answer any comments.

HB: Bring us some chocolate, too.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Want to Win Either a Starbuck’s or Amazon Gift Card…

Yesterday, I posted over at April Monroe's Blog. However, there are a few mistakes. Find them. Post them here along with what gift card you’d like. And I’ll put your name in a bowl and draw a name.

Hugs and chocolate,


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesday

IMG_0298 Hey! It’s us again. Sir Poops and Hair Ball. Today is What’s Your Nosh Tuesday in support of new and Indie authors’ books or works from their current MS. It’s also about getting us some really good treats to eat, too.

Today, we’ll introduce you to Joann Buchanan.

HB: Didn’t Mummsy do The Kiss Blog Tour for her last week?

SPAL: Yeah. Why?

HB: Then why are we doing her stuff then?

SPAL: Because I’m bigger and the boss of this blog today. And I say we’re doing it.

HB: Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you’re the boss, pansy boy.

SPAL: Maybe not. But it makes me wiser, stupid. Anyway, we need to get on with the interview. And don’t embarrass me this time. And make sure you don’t whiz or jump on the nice lady. ***He looks around and clears his throat***

HB: I’m not the whizzer. You are.

SPAL: ***lifts his snout in the air*** I apologize once again for my brother’s poor behavior. And I want to thank Joann Buchanan for stopping by to see us. You look like a really nice lady. I bet you have some really good nosh to share.

HB: Yeah. ***he licks his lips***

SPAL:What do you like to nosh on when you write? Tell me why.

JB: I like to drink Java Monsters. They are yummy and I can't focus on what I'm doing and have my drink.

HB: Oooo…that sounds scary. Java Monster. ***he scratches his head***

SPAL: ***elbows  Hair Ball and smiles at Joann*** Is it crucncy or soft?

JB: It's cold

HB: A cold monster? ***he swallows a lump and shudders***

SPAL: ****looks down at Hair Ball**** Shh! ***he looks back at Joann*** Is it something salty or sweet?

JB: Sweet.

HB: How can a monster be sweet?

SPAL: ***grits his teeth*** Would you stop! You’re ruining the interview again. ***he smiles at Joann*** So nice lady, does it get your creative juices flowing?

JB: No, I use music to get my juices flowing. I love picking song lists and getting lost in the worlds I create when I listen to them.

HB: But that’s not food. Where’s the foodie?

SPAL:***steps on Hair Balls foot***

HB: Ow!

SPAL: I love music, too. In fact, last night while I was helping mummsy write her words for Camp NaNo Wri Mo, we were listening to Pure Moods and Sarah Brightman. Its so beautiful and romantic even though mummsy doesn't write stories of that nature. Do you have any books published yet? If so, what are they? Where can we find them?

JB: I have three and one on the way.


“You can’t fight who you really are, Jonah . . .you are wolf.”
When Jonah unknowingly creates an unnatural creature, he is thrust upon a path of unremitting shadows and unrelenting torment from the creature he becomes connected to. In stark contrast, seven teens, the youngling pack from the tribe of Tibolt, join forces with Jonah, their newest member. Together, they must stop the “unnatural,” who brings horror wherever he travels. As the murderous creature makes his way east to Tennessee, it becomes a race against time to save a small child of destiny known as the Dream Maker. Will Jonah reach her before the creature is able to turn her for his evil purposes?

Souless Light

Soulless Light
A young love destroyed, an entire village murdered. The year, 1363-the plagued ravaged the land in every corner of Great Britain accept one lonely isle called The Isle of Ely. The bishop, sure the village had consorted with the devil sent his Templar Knights to investigate. Their hearts thirsted for blood. They killed every living person in the village.
Julia's soul, so angered by the actions of the knights, is given a power in death she did not posses in life. She must decide if revenge is worth the price she will pay.

SPAL: And last week was your debut for The Kiss.

the kiss

JB: ***nods*** Soon to come is  book 2 of my wolf series.

SPAL: I know mummsy has Soulless Light on her Kindle. And I think she has I Am Wolf, too. She has so many I can’t keep count.

HB: Okay. But where’s the treats, the nosh…the foodies you were supposed to share? I don’t like monsters. ***he pouts***

SPAL: ***he ignores Hair Ball*** Thank you for sharing with us today, Joann. We hope to see you again.

JB: ***she pets Sir Poops and Hair Ball’s heads***

SPAL & HB: Bye, nice lady. ***they both wag their tales***

JB: ***walks away and waves***

HB: Who in the world would want a monster for a treat? I was looking forward to something good to eat.

SPAL: A Java Monster is a coffee drink, stupid.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What I’m Excited About, A Mini Book Review, and Hot Man of Blogs

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt for The Kiss Blog Tour. I used Blogger instead of my LiveWire which I usually post from. What a mess! That’s all I can say about that.

Besides all that, I’m really excited about the following up and coming book, Heaven and Hell, by William Kendall.


I’ve been beta-reading for Sir Wills and have one more chapter to go. This is an excellent read. I love all the characters, including the bad guys. The plot and action is fabulous. His descriptions of Israel are right on. And the country’s history and complexities are well researched. Chocolate chip cookies to you, my friend!

This book has all the elements to become a big success. And the other really cool thing about it is, it will be in the Indie market. In the near future, I will be posting my book review. Look for it.

Another Shelly-mini book review

Wildflower by Beth Muscat


Sandy is a forty-seven year old woman. Mother of two grown kids and wife to a manwhore. After she and her kids take his ass to the cleaners, she goes about her life.

Nick is a twenty-seven  year old who owns his own gym where Sandy frequents. He can’t keep his eyes or thoughts off of her. One night on the beach finds them both love, but will one of Sandy’s children get between them? Find out.

This is a sweet love story about an older woman and a younger man without all the erotica crap. Beth is a tasteful writer and she leaves enough to get your imagination going without making you to blush.

I give this book Twenty-five Shiny-Shelly-Stars. Why give five when you can give more.

You can click on her name and title above. It will take you to Amazon where you’ll find her book either for Kindle or paperback.

Naming the Hot Man of Blogs

I know I haven’t done one of these in a while but its time. And today I’m naming two Hot Men. One is a total marketing guru. When I grow up in my marketing quest, I hope I’m pretty close to being like him. Do you know who it is yet? Well, I’ll tell you in a few.

The second guy is like the Santa Claus of the blogosphere. A gentleman even. He goes around spreading good will and cheer to almost all the bloggers. There is no way he sleeps. Do you know who he is?

The two Hot Man of Blogs are Arlee Bird and Alex J. Cavanaugh. You can click on their names to go visit their blogs.

One Last Thing,

If you notice to the right of your screen, I’ve been adding Indie and new authors’ books little by little. Check them out.

Also, I’m doing What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays to help promote new and Indie authors’ books and even excerpts on anything they may be working on. If you’re interested, leave me your e-mail or blog address.

That’s all for now folks!

Hugs and chocolate,


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Kiss Tour

Today, I’m participating in Indie author, Joann Buchanan’s The Kiss Blog Tour. This is soooo exciting folks! She’s also doing a give-a-way. Grab the code below. I sure hope I did it right.
Below is an excerpt from her book. Twilight slashed the horizon like a blade, reaping the magnificent, radiant day. Darkness bled, seeping, sharing the true abyss hidden by the light. Time—past, present, and future—all converged at this moment. Twilight—not dark, not light, but shades of grey that exist in all. Twilight—the reaper of dusk and dawn. Blood and water, myth and legend—clich├ęs full of stories that back the very nature of life. It was in this moment where Cleo found herself. This was her own twilight—the stripping of the past and embracing of the future. Whatever that held. Pinned, thick hair, lined with smooth edges, moved like a single entity in the breeze, not allowing a single strand to waver out of place. Her skin, fragile and delicate like that of a china doll, rippled with goose bumps on her taut body. Heart pounding, palms sweating, and a small brain worm wriggled its way through her mind. What if I don’t want to be chosen? Like a veritable prism of color, silent, reverent, stiff robed Elders stood eyes closed, at each of the four corners of the sand garden containing three boulders and two smaller ones centered within the perfect proportionally-raked lines. Palms flat against one another and their elbows straight, the Elders took on a statuesque sight. A gong sounded. It echoed like the past, bouncing off the present surrounding hills. Just behind the Elders, the rest of the already chosen took their place. They were the Shakya Clan. The defenders of justice. Completing the scene was the rest of the villagers. Those not chosen, who were merely witnesses to the grandiose ceremony, lined the outer edges of the courtyard. The gong sounded again. A line of possible chosen moved in a steady rhythmic cadence. Step together, pause together, step together, pause together, they walked. Each member took their position between the already chosen Shakya and the Elders. Another gong and they disrobed, allowing the delicate clothes to drop to the ground. “Isn’t this exciting?” Joy whispered to Cleo. “Shh…not really. I’m cold,” Cleo whispered back. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insecure Writer’s Group: Don’t Take Anything Personally



It’s that time again. Alex J. Cavanaugh's group. Where writer’s blot each other’s tears and kiss each others’ boo-boos….I think. It’s time to express what bothers us and/or to help encourage other writers.

I’m hoping my posts in this group don’t  get too depressing, but I just had to share this bit of info.

Two weeks ago I attended a mini conference. A real book editor from a a local newspaper was the speaker. While I learned some excellent things, I also learned that her paper will not do Indie book reviews. The excuse:

“There are over 750,000 self-published books for one. The other, our attorneys feel that we are unable to prove Indies do their research for their non-fiction, and fear libel when it comes to the fiction books. We fear a lawsuit.”

And last week, I thought, jee, wouldn’t it be nice to exploit my book and be a part of a local reading festival until I read the following:

PLEASE NOTE that only published works/authors are eligible to be featured at the festival. Authors of self-published works are invited and encouraged to participate in OUR book market. A self-published book is one that has not gone through the vetting process at a publishing house and has been issued at the expense of the author rather than a publisher.

Basically, I’m a MORON for being an Indie author and not one of the CHOSEN from the elite publishing houses. Well, just swipe my forehead with poop then. Make sure I’m set apart from THE CHOSEN GROUP then.

This totally infuriated me. But then I remembered James Frey and his book, “A Million Little Pieces.”   Click HERE to read all about it. He was interviewed by Oprah more than once and made a lot of headlines. He’s an author who went through the PROPER VETTING PROCEDURE but in the end they found him not to be so truthful. WHATEVER!

My mantra today is, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. I’m trying really hard not to.

How about any of you?

Hugs and chocolate,


P.S. I’ll be around later this afternoon since the SALON called me in to work the morning shift.

And also, I’ve started something new. What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays? To help promote new and Indie authors’ works. So if you’re interested leave me your e-mail.