Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesday: Indie Author, Tom Conrad

IMG_0059Sir Poops: Oh my…Its ‘What’s Your Nosh Tuesday’ again. Where my brother and me help promote new and Indie authors and their books or excerpts from their MS.

Hair Ball: Yeah. But we do it for the foodie, too. 110624_004

SPAL: Sh! You don’t want to say that too loud. Today, Tom Conrad is coming by and I expect you to behave. Got it.

HB: ***Rolls his eyes***

SPAL: In fact, I hear him now. Everyone give him a hand.

SPAL & HB: ***both clap their paws together***

Tom conrad

SPAL: ***Extends his paw toward Mr. Conrad.*** We’re very glad that you came today to share with us. Do tell us what you like to nosh on when you're writing?

TC: Bourbons. I eat four... six... okay, eight a day. I drink, on average... 3 cups of tea. Since taking my writing seriously, my bottom has changed from a pert and hard natural wonder of the West to a - 'I wonder if that chap is eating too many bourbon biscuits' comment at bus stops.

HB: Bottom? I find them interesting. ***he sniffs the air***

SPAL: ***he elbows Hair Ball*** Bourbons sound interesting. Are they crunchy or soft?

TC: The biscuit is crunchy. My butt is soft.

HB: I wonder what a soft butt would mean? I know what a bad butt odor means.

SPAL: Please ignore my little brother. Is your nosh salty or sweet?

TC: It's a chocolate biscuit. No comment on the other. I apologize and regret mentioning my bottom now.

HB: Why does everyone get chocolate except us? And as for your bottom, in our world they’re a big deal in learning who your enemy is. My brother says it’s the answer to solving world peace. Isn’t that right? ***he looks up at SPAL**

SPAL: ***he returns HB look***Yes. But we’re here to talk nosh and books today. ***he glances back @ Tom***Chocolate biscuits sound good.Does it get your creative juices flowing?

TC: Drinking tea, dunking aforementioned biscuits has become part of my late night ritual. If I'm writing into the night and breaking through to dawn, I need the boost of caffeine to keep me going... but more it's the break of making the tea. The caffeine probably just makes me a bit jittery.

SPAL: Mummsy drinks tea when she writes,too. Sometimes she’ll have a dark chocolate square but she doesn’t dunk them. I think they melt in hot liquid.

HB: Its not fair that all the furless peeps get to eat chocolate.

SPAL: But  we’re here to get the scoop on good reads. Mr. Conrad, do you have any books published yet?

TC: I have two, they're published on Amazon. Risk Of Infection is my latest release - only short. Rich Pickings For Ravens is full length.  My page is here:

rich pickings

Risk of Infection is also out in paperback. Unfortunately, it's a bit pricey so I'm not promoting it atm, just for family and those who really want a copy:

risk of infection

My website:




SPAL: Mummsy doesn’t have your books yet. But I know she likes zombies. She dreams about them.

HB: Yeah. She’s silly. Anyway, do you think you could slip us some of those chocolate biscuits before you go?

SPAL: Miss Evie says chocolate is bad for us. And Mr. Tom needs to go. I’m sure he’s got lots of writing to do like Mummsy. ***SPAL extends his paw toward Tom*** Thank you for coming by and sharing with us today.

HB: Yeah. But I bet if he shared those chocolate biscuits it would solve world hunger like butt greetings would bring world peace.


  1. Good thing I'm here to congratulate the two of you on a wonderful interview and the willpower to avoid chocolate this time. Good boys!! Thanks for the mention and thanks for teaching me about Tom Conrad.

  2. Tom's a great writer...your mummsy would enjoy both of his books. And, stay away from the chocolate. Bad boys!

    Great interview.

    1. We did. We stayed away but....

      Sir Poops and Hair Ball

  3. Drinking tea is one of life's great pleasures, Tom. With as much sugar as possible!

  4. Wow, bourbon biscuits, chocolate and zombies. I don't know which I love more. :-)

  5. Me, I like my tea strong and black. Fun interview, guys!

    1. Mummsy likes stevia in her tea.

      Thank you,
      Sir Poops and Hair Ball


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