Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesdays, Author Eve Gaal

IMG_0429SPAL: Tuesdays sure do come around here fast.

HB: They sure do. 

SPAL: Yep. Its time to introduce and support another author. 

HB: And share their work for some really good nosh.110702_003

SPAL: Today we have Eve Gaal but she’s real humble and didn’t share her published works with us because she said she wasn’t an Indie. But we’ll give you the link to Kidnapped Writer . She also has some short stories published in anthology books. Mummsy has them on her Kindle.

HB: Why not?

SPAL: ***shrugs*** That’s how she is. You know how sweet and all she is.

HB: Yeah. Her fur-daughter, Fiona sure is purdy. I want a play date.

SPAL: You wanted a play date with E.J.’s fur-daughter, Alex. Besides, Fiona is a child. You’re much to old for her. You’re a senior now.

HB: ***he frowns*** You’re never any fun. You’re such a pansy.

SPAL: Well. you’re stupid. You keep going after children and you’ll end up on Anyway, here comes Miss Eve now.

SPAL & HB: ***run up to Eve**** We’re so happy to see you. ***they  wag their tales***

HB: Yeah. What’s your nosh when you’re working on your writing?

Eve: Sometimes I like Planter's peanuts because they are a healthy snack that doesn't mess up my computer keyboard too much.

HB: We like peanuts. The ones in the shells. You got any for us? They’re nice and crunchy and salty. Mm…mm…mm…good.

SPAL: ***swats at his brother*** What did I tell you about begging? ***he looks at Eve*** Does it get your creative juices flowing?

Eve: I can't eat when the creative juices are flowing.

HB: Oh. Mummsy eats carrots, celery, and sometimes gluten free pretzels when she writes.

SPAL: Yeah. But Mummsy has to in order to keep her blood sugar normal. Do you have published books besides Kidnapped Writer and some anthologies?

Eve: No. But here's an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Penniless Hearts-my manuscript.

The Excerpt

    Penny hated flying. Looking out over the wing of the jet, she wondered about the gloomy fog silently blanketing the entire airport. How did the pilot navigate his way through the murky chowder to get up above the clouds? As the engines rattled the plane, undesirable thoughts filled her head, creating doubt, where minutes ago she had been oozing confidence.

     She calmed herself by thinking about the last few days. Thinking became rationalization and soon, she realized the past needed to stay in the past. After all, going to Hawaii is a dream and the thought of fun lured her into a semi-relaxed zone aboard the plane. Time to forget the stress related to worrying about her father or that lionized bitch Tina at work and even her darling John who kept trying to please her while annoying the crap out of her. Inhaling deeply, she decided to meditate and soon felt better about leaving everything behind. Why would she owe anyone an explanation? It’s not like she’s married. This week, she’d be busy snorkeling with a cute guy, watching tropical sunsets, drinking fabulously wonderful fruity cocktails, hiking volcanoes and possibly kissing until sunrise. This week, home would be down below--35,000 feet below in the past.

SPAL: Oh Miss Evie, thank you for sharing with us today.

HB: But where are the peanuts?

SPAL: ***elbows his brother*** Say good-bye to Miss Evie, stupid. And stop your begging.

HB: But aren’t you sick of carrots and celery?

SPAL: Say good-bye to Miss Evie.

HB: Bye, by Miss Evie. Next time you come, can you bring us peanuts? The ones in the shell. Daddy-o lets us.


  1. Food in the keyboard is never good. Good luck with your story, and thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the last line from that excerpt! Nice! Also, wish I was on a plane to Hawaii!

    1. Mummsy would love to go back to Hawaii. She had lots of fun there.

  3. Another great by the fur pups HB and SPAL. Definitely will check out this book. Thanks for sharing another great!

  4. Shelly and Eve, thanks for another great interview with HB and SPAL! I really enjoyed the excerpt and look forward to the book! I thoroughly enjoyed Kidnapped Writer:).

    Hmmm...all of a sudden, I'm in the mood for some Planters's Peanuts...

  5. Yes to Hawaii and the excerpt!

    And to HB and SPAL, too! :-)

  6. Love their food based outlook on everything. So funny and yet so true !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. These two always give me a good chuckle!
    I loved the comment - hilarious!
    Kidnapped Writer sounds interesting, I'm going to check out the link.

  8. Wow Hairball and Sir Poopsie,
    Thanks so much for having me and of course you can have one peanut each. I don't want you getting tummy aches. Mummsy would be mad at me. Fiona sends her kisses over too and she told me she likes older men. Yikes! Thank your Mummsy for sharing my story and the excerpt. That first photo is too cute--what's going on--is that a SPAL sandwich?

    1. You're welcome, Miss Evie.

      We like peanuts. Hair Ball sends Fiona kisses back. And yes I made SPAL into a sandwhich.

  9. What an interview! Good choice for the excerpt, Eve., huh?

    1. Sir Wills,

      One day Hair Ball is going to get into trouble. He's stupid you know.

      Sir Poops

  10. Funny!
    How do you feel about Hot Tamales?

  11. Watch out, Hair Ball, or you'll have Chris Hansen from Dateline: Predator at your door!

    Shelly, you should do something on WHERE we write....

    1. But Fiona wouldn't press charges--just lips!

    2. Norma:

      That sounds like a good idea.


      Well, Hair Ball likes trying to give anyone the tongue.

  12. Sir Poops A Lot I've missed you! And now you have HB!

    I'd forgotten how much you make me smile, Shelly. So glad to be back.

  13. Enjoyed the excerpt!

    Great interview.


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