Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Begging for Nosh from E.J. Wesley

IMG_0428SPAL: Hey yo! It’s Sir Poops and my brother Hair Ball again.

HB: We’re back to helpIMG_0421 cool dude, E.J. Wesley today. Last week he did a Call To Arms. He’s about ready to expose the cover to his debut novel, too. And we’re hoping to get some really good foodies out of the deal.

SPAL: So put on your shades and chill out for this interview because we’re going to do this one a little different since E.J. is bringing along his fur peeps. He’s also quite a verbose dude.

HB: Is one of them a girl? I’d like a girlfriend to share my foodie with.

SPAL: I think I all of them coming. ***he looks over the top of HB’s head*** Yep. Here they come. Everyone please give E.J. Wesley a warm welcome. ***SPAL and HB clap their hands**


E.J. - Hey guys! Thanks so much for having me over for What’s Your Nosh Tuesday. My dogs are super-jealous you have your own blog feature, by the way. See, don’t they look jealous? (Pictures attached. Alex is the bigger black & white Beagle mix; Eddy is the little white Chihuahua mix.)



HB: Alex sure is purdy. Can I be her boyfriend?

SPAL: Just stop! This is a hump-free-zone. Don’t embarrass me. ***he elbows HB*** You’re so stupid. This is an interview not, stupid.

HB: Ow! Pansy!

SPAL: ***looks toward E.J.***  So Mr. Cool-Dude-E.J. what is your favorite nosh when writing? Please tell us why. Is it crunchy or soft? Salty or sweet? Does it get your creative juices flowing?

EJ:  First off, I’m not a big fan of sweets. The most sugary thing you’d likely find on or around my writing desk would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe a Reece’s Cup if I’m filling naughty. Yeah, it depresses Eddy and Alex, too.

HB: ***smiles*** Reese’s Cup? Chocolate and peanut butter. Mm…

SPAL: Let the cool dude finish.

E.J.: Now, salty and crunchy things are an entirely different story. I love nuts. Pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnuts—you name it. Plus, I’ll take them roasted, raw, spiced, boiled—basically any way they come. Alex said to mention she is a BIG fan of peanuts, too. Just in case you were starting your Christmas lists early.

HB: I love all nuts. Daddy-O does, too. Especially pistachios. ***swoons at Alex*** I think Alex and I are made for each other.

SPAL: Get over yourself, stupid. Let him finish.

E.J.: I love chips, as well, but try to limit them to only a few w.ith my typical lunchtime turkey or chicken sandwich. Okay, okay… Eddy says he prefers ham. Smoked or maple-cured is fine. Sheesh! Whose interview is this, anyway?

SPAL: Turkey? Chicken? Ham? Awe. Now that sounds good. Go on.

E.J.: I don’t eat for the sake of creativity, but if I’m well fed it definitely helps keep my b.i.c. (butt-in-chair).

SPAL: Hair Ball and me lay around or sit beside Mummsy when she writes. It helps to relax. Have you published any books? Is so, what are they? Where can we find them?

E.J. – Very timely question! You can probably find my non-pen name and nonfiction all over Washington D.C., as I worked as a grant writer for several years before relocating to Texas. That being said, my fiction writing has been something of an evolution.

I’ve got a handful of unpublished YA and middle grade manuscripts I’ve worked on over the last couple of years, but decided to switch gears last year. My first “adult” story will be published next month.

It’s the first in a series of novelettes (like a novella) I’ve been hard at work on, and I’m beyond excited to finally be releasing it.

In fact, I’m in the process of organizing a cover reveal over at my blog, The Open Vein Feel free to pop over and sign up. I’m giving away some Amazon to random participants, and I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Here’s an exclusive (this is the first place it has appeared publicly) blurb for the story:

Some folks treated the past like an old friend. The memories warmed them with fondness for what was, and hope for what was to come. Not me. When I thought of long ago, my insides curdled, and I was left feeling sour and wasted.”

Jenny Schmidt is a young woman with old heartaches. A small town Texas girl with big city attitude, she just doesn’t fit in… not that she has ever tried. Life has pummeled her heart into one big, lonely callus. She has no siblings, both parents were dead by sixteen, and her last grandparent—and caretaker—was in the ground before she turned twenty-one. She’s the last living member of her immediate family. Or so she thinks…

“We found my ‘grandfather’ sitting at his dining room table. An entire scorched pot of coffee dangled from his shaky hand. His skin was the ashen gray shade of thunderclouds, not the rich mocha from the photo I’d seen. There were dark blue circles under each swollen red eye. A halo of white hair skirted his bald head, a crown of tangles and mats. Corpses had more life in them.”

Suddenly, instead of burying it with the dead, Jenny is forced to confront the past. Armed only with an ancient family journal, her rifle, and an Apache tomahawk, she must save her grandfather’s life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it.

BLOOD FUGUE, by E.J. Wesley, is the first of the MOONSONGS books, a series of paranormal-action novelettes. At fewer than 13k words, BLOOD FUGUE is the perfect snack for adventurous readers who aren’t afraid of stories with bite.

Anyway, I’m very excited to introduce Jenny to the world. She’s a tough Texas girl with attitude to spare. I think BLOOD FUGUE is a fun, and very fast paced, read that I hope folks will enjoy. Stop by my blog for all the details to come, and look for it wherever fine eBooks are sold next month. J

Thanks again for having me over—wait a sec… Eddy says I should have said “us”, and that we need to arrange a play date. Alex says she’ll provide the squeaky toys, and that I shouldn’t mention she doesn’t share well.

SPAL: That’s okay. Hair Ball doesn’t share well either. Maybe they are made for each other.

HB: See. I knew it. She’s the one.


  1. Thanks again for having me, HB, SPAL and Shelly! Eddy and Alex had a lot of fun doing the interview. They're noshing on their morning bones at this moment, in fact. :)

  2. Love the blurb. I've left a lot of technical documentation behind me. Too bad no one reads technical docs. Oh well.

    1. Thanks for coming by today, Tonja.

      Sir Poops and Hair Ball

  3. Alex and Eddy are adorable and the snippet sounds amazing E.J. Congratulations on your upcoming release of Blood Fugue.

    1. Evie:

      Do you think Alex would be a good girlfriend for me?

      Hair Ball

    2. You go Hairball. Fiona's got her eyes on Eddy!

    3. Fiona and Eddy would be cute together.

      Hair Ball

  4. I looved this interview!it was great getting to know more about EJ.


  5. Very cute interview! We are currently "dog-shopping" - i.e waiting for the perfect pound puppy to come in. We want a puppy so that the boys can experience the joy and hard work of an "infant" in some sort of lab mix mutt type creature. The Engineer and I both grew up with those types of dogs. Meanwhile, we do a LOT of dog-sitting ;-)
    I'll head on over to E.J's and check his place out. Paranormal is not my usual thing...but you never know ;-)
    Thanks for visiting me today! With all the road-tripping with the A-Z, I haven't met all my new followers yet, so very nice to meet you!
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Good luck looking for the right puppy. They are the best family member ever.

  6. Oh, nice interview, guys! Great blurb, too. Good luck, E.J.!

    1. Thank you, Lorelei.

      Sir Poops and Hair Ball

  7. EJ, looking forward to the cover reveal! Great interview, guys!

  8. I enjoyed the blurb!
    "Jenny, a tough Texas girl with attitude to spare..."
    Wow, I love the sound of that... nothing beats a tough, no-nonsense woman!


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