Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heart Worms and Fleas

When Sir Poops had his third emergency visit to the vet, his breath was short and shallow. I stayed up with him all night thinking his time had come. He made it through so I rushed him to the vet early in the morning.

During that visit, I learned that he had an enlarged heart and water on his lungs.

"Is he on heart worm preventative?" the vet asked.

"Not the conventional kind," I said. "I use Diatomaceous Earth."

"That doesn't work. I'm going to check him for heart worms. That's why his heart is enlarged. I'm sure of it."

I let him run the test knowing my fur-baby had no such thing. Holistic means do work if properly kept up with.

Hair Ball and Sir Poops never had a problem with flea infestations either. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in their water bowl kept those critters away plus a bath every other week. One cup of Dawn and one cup of vinegar mixed with equal parts water washed any intruders down the drain. The biggest flea count the two ever had was ONE each.

Anyway, when the vet came back with the heart worm test, he hesitantly announced, "You're lucky. He doesn't have any. But still you should put him on a heart worm preventative."

I shot him a look, and said, "Would you spray your food with Raid?"

"Oh! You're one of them!"

Yeah. I was and still am. My pets deserve the best.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beanie-Bean: I Am Woman, Watch Me Win

Hello, humans:

I love my new home. Mummsy is great. Daddy-o is a two-legged with fur. He is an anomoly. And Hair Ball ... he's a small creature who thinks he's in charge. He also thinks everything is his like his special spot on the sofa.

Ha! If he only knew. If I wanted that spot, it would be totally mine. Little squirt! He thinks he's going to take my beds from me. I don't think so! Watch this, everbody.

He thinks he is winning.


I win!

The bed is mine, twirp!

All mine!

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hair Ball: Beanie-Bean the Bed Hog

Hello, nice people,

Guess who's hogging MY bed plus hers?

Can you beleive she actually dragged mine on top of hers?

This is war!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hair Ball: I Am the Master

Hello, nice people!

I love it when Mummsy goes to PetsMart. She always brings back good foodies, treats, and toys.

BUT now I have share with my new sister, Beanie-Bean (I still think her name is stupid).

Anyway, Mummsy brought home two stuffed toys. Frankenstein and Pumpkinhead.

Thanks to Beanie-Bean, Pumpkinhead was annilated immediately so I have no proof that she even existed.

Frankenstein is my toy. Mummsy handed it to me. But Beanie-Bean keeps taking him away from me.

But I whisked it away. I am the master.

And I'm still maintaining my position on the couch.

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