Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hair Ball and Beanie-Bean: Quiet and Hanging Out

HB: Hello, nice people!

BB:Yeah! Hello! Is anyone going to give me a treat? Where ever I go now pepole give me treats and tell me I'm doing good.

BB: But I hate my Ninja costume. *frowns*

HB: I like it. It keeps your yapper shut.

BB: It's a good thing I like hanging out with you.

HB: I like you too. Especially when you're sleeping. Quiet is good when I hang out with you.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beanie-Bean and Hair Ball: What is a Bed Really For?

Hello, nice people!

My bossy sister has been tearing the stuffing out of her bed along with mine.

You're a bad Beanie! Mummsy needs to take you back to that fur-peep-prison. I can't belI've you've been eating and pulling the stuffing out of my bed!

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hello everyone! I know. I know. Me and that pip-squeak Hair Ball haven't been around. We've been busy...well I've been busy helping our Mummsy.

I've taken up washing dishes lately. It's theraputic and tasty.

Anyway, don't tell Mummsy. But I prayed real hard that she would never go back to that thing called work. Today, after 11 years and giving Daddy-o a haircut there, they let her go. They said she doesn't have full capacity of her arm. She can't do blow dries or cut layers into really long hair. Her arm won't stretch that far.

She's sad. Poor Mummsy! And she had a work-at-home job. But that boss told her to get surgery or no more work this past week. What is going on? That wasn't fair. Mummsy worked real hard researching things and making time lines for his trials. She finished all her work on time. Hope he pays her her last paycheck.

Mummsy's arm doesn't jiggle where it got broken. She can type and stuff. She does a lot of things. She says this is going to take time. Her shoulder is slightly frozen. Wished I could lick her all better.

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