Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ninja Tinkle

Hello, nice people!

This week has been special. My new sister, Beanie-Bean is a secret Ninja. Yeah. Food disappears. Toys are disappearing. Wet spots are appearing everywhere, too. And none of it is my fault. I'm a good boy.

Beanie-Bean might look sweet and innocent. But don't let that fool you. I'm not. Besides, what kind of name is Beanie-Bean.

At least I got my spot back on the couch.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hair Ball: I Have a Sister

Hello, nice people!

As you can see my new sister is a hog. She has claimed my spot on the couch. Her name is Beanie-Bean.

Mummsy and I went to the SPCA yesterday. It was love at first sight.

When we got to the community gate, her ears pricked up and she looked around at all the houses in my neighborhood. She kept saying, "Cool" from that point until we pulled into the garage.

And then she asked over and over, "Where are we?"

I told her, "Get a grip and don't whiz in my house."

"I don't whiz. I tinkle."


"That's what girls do."

"Whatever. Just know it's my house and my stuff and that Mummsy was mine first."

After, I gave her a quick run down on my house rules, Mummsy let us both out of the car.

Once inside, Beanie-Bean froze in front of the door. "WOW!" She smiled the biggest smile I ever saw. Bigger than the ones Sir Poops used to give.

"Yeah. Just remember this is my house and my Mummsy with my toys and my food."

She ignored me and ran around my dining table and then up my stairs. "I have a home!" She dashed through each room glancing at every wall and piece of furniture. "This is AWESOME!" Beanie-Bean was in awe.

"Make sure you don't tinkle on any parts of my rug!"

"I won't. I love Mummsy for bringing me here. She gave a home and a family. I'M SO HAPPY!"

Anyway, so much for anything being just mine anymore.

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