Friday, December 30, 2011

Who’s the Hot Guy of Hot Men of Blogs This Month?



Harry Potter hot men of blogs

This guys written words are totally magical. I think I’m in love.

Sometimes he writes beautiful moments about his wife and how he met her. He’s even a Harry Potter fan and so is his wife. It was Harry Potter that brought them together. In fact, their first date was to the first film or was it he proposed on that particular night. I’ve got information overload going on and going through the change as well. It all gets jumbled in my brain.

So does anyone know who I’m speaking of? I give you three seconds to mull it over.




E.J. Wesley is the hot man for this month’s Hot Men of Blogs. You can find his blog here @The Open Vein. He’s even romantic when he’s giving a written lesson on self-publishing or how to pimp your blog. ***swoon***swoon*** I know I’m doe-eyed by now just thinking about him. ***sigh***sigh***

That’s all for now folks!

Oops! Wait a minute! For next month think the Cowardly Lion. Not that this hottie is a coward or anything. He looks a little like the lion from the Wizzard of Oz, and if I ever meet him in person I won’t be able to resist pinching his cheeks.

Now, that’s all folks!

I’ll be posting something for your viewing or reading pleasure on Sunday. Not unless Hair Ball successfully got his butt typing done. I caught him last night pawing on the keyboards and then he sat on them when he figured out I was watching. Crazy little, fur person.

See you all later in the ink,


P.S. Happy New Years! I hope all our writely dreams come true.

New Year pic


  1. Happy New Year, Shelly!

    Hair Ball types with his butt???

  2. Shelly, you're too much! lol Thanks so much for the honor, even if I'm not sure I live up to its lofty standards. :)

    Hope you have the best New Year and much success and happiness for all the years to come.


  3. Impressive, E.J. -- very cool award! What can we expect from you in 2012? As you say, lofty standards...

  4. I LOVE E.J. and his blog. You just reminded me that a visit is long overdue.

    Have a blessed 2012!

  5. @Norma: Yes. It looks like Hair Ball types with his butt.

    @E.J.: You're like one of my first favorite bloggers.

    @Julia: Thanks for stopping by.

    @Misha: He's wonderful.

  6. You make me laugh, Shelly. Have a great New Year.

  7. I totally agree that E.J is Hot! Fireball Hot and you have to read his blog to find out just how freakin' hot he really is! Hairball is cute too!

  8. Good choice!

    And Happy New Year, Shelly!

  9. Happy New Year Shelley! I've never heard of E.J. Wesley..I'll have to check out his blog now..all the best to you!

  10. I'm not at all surprised. I did say that E.J. was hot. And usually those that are really sensitive, and romantic (like my husband) are hot.

    Happy New Year, Shelly!

    Oh, and I have an award for you. I will be posting this soon, so come check out Muse later on...(^;

  11. I may not have known who you were talking about this month, but I know who next months is...*wink*

    Happy New Year, Shelly!!!

  12. So you got a crush on E.J. too? Happy New year Shelly, hope it is a great one!

  13. Is HB up to his crazy antics?

    Hope you have a GREAT New Year, Shelly! See you in 2012.

  14. I like this segment that you do on hott male bloggers. I always check out what suggestions you give on great blogs and what not. You have a great eye.

    I am hoping that your new year is incredible. May you writing continue to flourish. I always love returning to your blog each week.

  15. To everyone: Thanks for coming by. And yes, I've got a crush on E.J. Oh my...And MISH Hair Ball is always up to something. And Lorelei, I'll be stopping by this evening. Hair loppings, curling, and coloring pees today for their parties.

  16. Excellent choice, Shelly. Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year, Shelly! Here's hoping your 2012 voyage is rewarding and fulfilling. May the winds be forever at your back, and may your sails be filled with the breaths of your muses.


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