Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesday, Author Lucy Pireel


IMG_0485 SPAL: Hey, nice people. Shhh! Hair Ball is asleep. And today is the day we promote new and Indie authors for nosh. I’m going to try to get through as quietly as possible without my stupid brother’s input.


Today we have Lucy Pireel.


Hello, nice lady. I’m so glad to meet you. What do you like to snack on when you’re writing? Tell me why you like it.

LP: Chocolate, rich, dark and yummmm chocolate, with coffee. Or crisps with wine, followed by chocolate with coffee. Or a cereal bar with coffee and chocolate.

SPAL: That’s a lot of coffee. Don’t you think? Are you addicted?

LP: What do you mean I'm a coffee and chocolate addict?

SPAL: Shh! Nice lady. Apologies. I don’t want to wake up Hair Ball. Anyway is your treat crunchy or soft?

LP: First it's crunchy but when it melts in your mouth it gets deliciously soft.

SPAL: That sounds nice. Mummsy mixes soft food in with my kibble. Is yours salty or sweet?

LP: The crisps are salted, or rather salt and vinegared, but the chocolate is supposed to be bittersweet. You know that 82% chocolate bars are heaven!

HB: ***snores***

SPAL: Shh. ***he points to HB*** You don’t want to wake him. Anyway, Mummsy says the same thing. She loves chocolate. The darker the better. Does it get your creative juices flowing?

LP: It does get me going, that's for sure. Give me a piece of chocolate and I can go on for hours on end. Just don't forget to keep my coffee refills coming too.

SPAL: Too much coffee is bad for you. That’s what Mummsy says. Don’t you have a fur or feathered peep to help you?

LP: Nope, not anymore, alas.

SPAL: That’s too bad.

LP: She used to be my sweetie, but at least I still have the pics to look at and help me remind myself of her funny ways.

SPAL: Awe… Do you have any published books out there?

LP: Poopsie, I thought you'd never ask! Hahaha, of course I have, silly.

There's Red Gone Bad, that small collection of twisted fairy tales.


Available on Amazon (all over the globe and in the universe surrounding us.)




JA (japan, how funny is that?)

As well as on Smashwords in any other format

The iTunes Store


SPAL: Could you please share an excerpt from your work in progress.

LP: And Yes! I have a work in progress about to be published.

It will be an erotica BDSM novella called Bound.

An excerpt, mmm, must find a part that's suitable for all to read then, because it's really PG-rated.

Right, I think this might give an idea, but contains nothing which isn't suitable for all eyes to see.

He spread his hands across her desk. Long, strong fingers drew her eyes. What those hands could do under the right circumstances. His voice startled her from her thoughts.

“It’s just that Carrie never asked us about details like that. She’d just put something down and if we didn’t like it? She’d change it.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” Exasperated, she sighed. “I could have done that. We would have been done by now and free to get physical.” She blushed as his eyes widened. For the first time in four months, he saw her for the woman she was! Her heart skipped a beat. Finally! Now she’d only need to get him to play with her.

“Physical? You mean you want to go running? Like now?” He blinked slowly, while his nostrils widened.

“Perhaps.” Amelia leaned back and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. “Unless ...” she purred, “you have another idea?”

His eyes locked onto her mouth, then on her taut nipples pressing against the fabric of her silk blouse. He swallowed and breathed out. “I’ve got some ideas, but I think you won’t like them.”

“Try me,” she said, voice husky.

“Can you say please?” His eyes darkened.

“Please,” Amelia whispered while she lowered her eyes. She let a small smile play across her lips and placed her hands on her lap.

He rose and walked around the desk. Stood beside her, he turned her chair until she sat opposite him, knees touching his legs. He bent, tugged her forward a bit and spread her legs wide, crouching between them. When his eyes were level with hers, he put a finger under her chin, took a deep breath and said, “Do you really want to play? I mean ...” His hand trailed up until his fingers all but touched the apex of her thighs. “Are you ready to obey?"

“Yes, sir,” she said, eyes cast down. She remained perfectly still, breathing calmly even though her heart beat a tattoo. Finally! She’d been right all along. Now she’d have something to tell her friend Anna about that most wanted bachelor.

“No matter what is demanded of you?”

“No matter what.”

“Hmm.” Raphael rose. “I’m not sure it would be appropriate.”

“Oh, come on! As if you’ve ever cared about what’s appropriate?” She shut her mouth.

His expression turned from playful to serious. “Your reaction is exactly the reason why it might not be wise for us to play games. We need to be able to continue working together.” Then he left without looking back.

“Dammit,” she muttered under her breath. Why couldn’t she keep her mouth shut? How would she ever get him in this mood again?


SPAL: Thank you for stopping by, Lucy. And I’m glad we made it peacefully through this without Hair Ball begging and whining. I hope everyone gets the book.


Next Tuesday, Hair Ball and I will be interviewing Mummsy.

SAVE THE DATE: February 19, 20, and 21st. I’ll be having a Spread the News and Cheer on the Run Away Bride Giveaway. I’ll be drawing 2 winners for a 15 dollar Amazon card and 2 winners for autographed copies of Secondhand Shoes.

And everyone gets a FREE ebook on those three days, too.


The Glowstick


The Ho-Ho


Boy, they’re getting really big. Hair Ball and I have to hide from them now.

Going to take a nap myself now.


Lots of licks,

Sir Poops


  1. I love twisted fairy tales. And chocolate. But not coffee so much. Best of luck to you, Lucy!

    1. Thanks MJ, Bound is available now too, so if you like to read you might like to pick up either of the two, or both? Yes, always ready to pimp out my books. Whoop!

  2. Thanks, Sir Poops for being the wonderful creature you are. And for having me over, you asked me some great questions and I had fun answering them. Stop by my blog for a chat, when you have the time! :-)

    1. Your welcome. I'd be glad to chat but Mummsy must get ready for work now. She turns off the computer before she leaves. She worries that Hair Ball or I could end up in a bad chat room, you know. Fur-nappers.

      Lots of licks,
      Sir Poops

  3. And Hairball slept through the whole thing!

  4. The day has finally come for the dogs to interview Mummsy?! Should be very interesting. :-)

  5. Coffee first, chocolate much later. Coffee next. Best of luck with the novel, Lucy. Nosh did very well by his lonesome.

    1. Chocolate comes first for Mummsy. No coffee unless its decaf.

  6. I need a nap myself. Better wait though--otherwise I'll wake up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't it be great to sleep like a dog? or a cat?

  7. Glowstick and Ho Ho have really grown! Such adorable faces Shelly!

    Good luck to Lucy! I also drink far too much coffee... *sighs* But I'm not a chocolatey person... I prefer my savoury snacks... like cashew nuts... yummy!

    1. Michelle,

      They're getting so big. They're walking and grunting. Although, I'm the only one who listens to either one. They are saying words stringing small sentences together.

      Thanks for coming by.

      Hugs and chocolate!

  8. Wow, I think some little doggy is planning a solo career. Great interview!

  9. Excellent excerpt, Lucy!

    I can understand the chocolate addiction... but not the coffee addiction!

  10. Yeah for Lucy but milk chocolate is the only way to go. Cute photos of Glowstick and Ho Ho.

    1. Thank you, Evie. They're really growing fast.

  11. Replies
    1. Only if the caffeine has an adverse affect on you.

  12. Love the pictures. :) Cuteness.


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