Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Fourth of July and Food for Thought

Hello, fellow bloggies. Thought I’d take a moment and wish you all a Happy and Safe Fourth of July. I hope you enjoy your families and really ponder this day.

On July 2, 1776, Congress voted for America to be independent of Great Britain.

Why? Because once upon a time people, no one had the opportunity to be whatever they wanted to be. No one could own land because only a few minority were rich enough to do so. No middle class existed. You were either poor or rich. If you were poor, you were allotted no advancement in anything, not even education. Not to mention, taxes were sky high on the impoverished to keep them down.

So our forefathers came up with the following major lines to the Declaration of Independence. It’s the meat of the whole thing.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

But yet, it seems our government has aligned itself with the old establishment of doing business. They’ve been busy fighting for control over other country’s oil and poppies, while depleting us of our ability to be employed.

When Clinton was in office, he signed us into the NAFTA  Agreement. The hand of that document has reached into the future ripping jobs out of this country and placing them in the hands of China and India.

Obama came promising change. I believe he was put in office to paint a blissful picture to the dumb-downed Americans as to why we should go along with any of the government’s hair brained schemes.

Little by little, we’ve been spoon fed a load of toxic crap-processed foods, chemically treated produce, and tap water, too-what a pun, huh? We’ve been too busy trying to survive and keep what little we’ve got.

No longer are we self-sufficient. We depend on grocery stores like Publix for food. We depend on doctors and pharmaceuticals to heal us. We depend on failing public schools to teach our kids while we slave away all day at a stressful job to keep the food on the table and the roofs over our heads.

Most of us have lost our health insurance and our 401-Ks. Our vacations and sick days are now  threatened. Employers expect more and pay less.

People are loosing their homes and living on the streets. The Liar Loans used into luring people into buying homes they couldn’t afford was a trick by the government to take over America’s land.

If we as a nation can’t stand up to the career politicians and take back the purpose of this country-freedom-one day our children will be enslaved. They will not have the creative ability to think and do for themselves.

Think about it! The future is looking bleak. Our children will live in poverty without a home, proper food for their families, and formal education could be limited to the wealthy only.

So bloggy friends I’ll end my soap box stance with a song from Muse and leave you with this question. What are we going to do about this?

Happy Fourth!


PS Didn’t mean to be so glum but….


  1. Hmmm, will I will leave a longer response on my blog as soon as I can. In short, I think we hang tight and it will get better.

    We need to do something about our politicians - a large pay decrease and cut in vacation time would help get rid of those who are politicians for the money.

    I don't think the future is bleak at all. Hard times make people do things to make things better. Hard times make us see that it's not about the money. I admit I'm not having that hard of a time right now, but I've seen that place and I haven't forgotten it. I am strong because of it.

    I promise to blog about the debt ceiling this week....

  2. Tonja that would be interesting. I'm just saying if we don't fix it now. Soon. We're going to be in a heep of trouble.

  3. Hi Shelly:

    Came across your site through Heather Henry, and am glad I did! Great site. I LOVE the header, being from Kansas myself.

    Interesting yet scary post. I worry about my 18-yr. old. I wonder what kind of shape the economy is really going to be in 10 yrs. from now. To me, it is coming down to a division between rich and poor. The middle class may be gone in a quarter-century or so. I pray I'm wrong.

  4. Wow - no wonder teens are favouring dystopian fiction, maybe they feel pessimistic about the future?
    No 4th of July here, but do have 2 weeks school holidays :)
    Let the holiday of writing begin (unfortunately also known as the holiday of home repair, gardening, entertaining children and visiting family).
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  5. @Bryce and Charmaine: I have five daughters ages 26 to 16. My older three had a great education. The younger two can't spell nor think for themselves. They're constantly plugged into all the gadgets and when they're not, they're in front of the television. Two of my daughters love reading and I'm waiting for No-No to finally pick up a pen and write her own novel. The girl has natural talent. But, yes I'm scared for my children and their future. None of get pregnant so that are children will live in hardship and poverty one day.

  6. Happy Independence Day to you too, Shelly!

  7. Shelly, Happy 4th to you too. I get what you're saying. We can't just pretend that everything's peachy and wait for the tower to fall. We need to take control and fix the world as we know it now. Evil prospers where good men do nothing.

  8. Hey Shelly! I remember when NAFTA was being introduced..most Canadians were against it too.
    I am on a crusade against processed absolutely is toxic crap! Some of the s**t they sell in grocery stores is barely eatable and I think it's the big reason most of the population is fat,sick and lethargic, and it's happened so fast! When I was in high school (in the '70's), it was unusual to see a really overweight it's the norm.
    I like to think that the future is not that bleak, but sometimes it's hard to hold out any hope..

  9. Hi, Shelly. Great post, and a lot of food for thought--literally and figuratively.

    Agree with all of the above. Eve is right. My husband and I remember that there were hardly many over-weight people when we were in school.
    The government allowed farmers to grow corn that was turned into corn syrup--do you know that it takes a chemistry LAB to make high corn frutcose? A LAB! If you don't read the lables you are just going to keep on eating crap. Corn syrup can not be turned into anything in the human body but FAT! When it came out about it, the government tried to go after those who were talking about it. But finally the truth came out. A film was made. Wow. I think I need to rant over on my blog.

    So, thanks Shelly for this post. Happy 4th everyone!
    ~Lorelei of Lorelei's Muse

  10. @Laila: Yup. You've written a truth. We need to take a stand and not for any political pary but ourselves. We the people...

    @Eve: I remember activley fighting against the NAFTA Agreement. It certainly helped no one.

    @Lorelei: There's so many different toxi things the government allows for human consumption. The list goes on forever. Not to mention, the cleaning products and toiletries we use. It's all meant to keep food corporations, doctors, pharmaeceuticals, and lawyers in business while they kill off the brainwashed population.

    We've got a fight on our hands.

  11. My idea:
    1. Pray
    2. Educate
    Repeat step one.

  12. Shelly, this might sound slightly offensive, but people in the U.S. have it better than you think.

    I mean, in my country, I'm watching the constitution being threatened and people being killed (genocide style) on the basis of their skin color. All while the people who can do something about it, don't because a) they're not paying attention and b) because it isn't on their political agenda.

    Still, I do agree with you. There has to be a point where someone says STOP. And I'm proud of you for standing up and saying it.

  13. Great, thought provoking post. We all need to do better at being aware, I think, of what our government is doing, and make our own decisions and stand up for what we want. And not just follow along with whatever the feds are telling us.

    And I love the Muse song :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  14. We have so much compared to what we used to have. It reminds me of when those very first disposable diapers came out. Compared to the engineered ones we have now, they were pathetic. If someone tried to sell us one of those old diapers now, we'd scorn them.

    We had a debate in my family yesterday about the powers being used to protect us from terrorism and who should win out. Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security and those who aren't. It was animated. =D

  15. Deep thoughts, Shelly. We are in a mess right now but I don't know what we are going to do about it. This is an excellent 'Independence Day' post.

  16. @Desert Rocks: Yes. Pray. Definitley. And know your history, religions, and governement. Know who the New WOrld Order is and their agenda.

    @MIShA: Yes. Today we have more than other countries but we are very close to loosing everything we ever worked for. Big corporations are moving their biz's to other countries for cheaper labor taking our jobs away and turning neighborhoods into ghost towns. College students graduating in this country can't find jobs they were degreed for. People are loosing their homes and living in streets and tents.Employers, including mine, are cutting peoples' hours. Hospitals are turning away people who don't have health insurance this includes doctor offices as well. The line of demarcation is being drawn here. If you're at the top of your game. If you're a dog that will eat another dog, you will survive. It's scary in this country right now. My Sweetman sits on the edge of his seat every night glued to the evening news.

    @Donna: Terrorism is always an animated subject.

    @Langley: Thanks for the compliment.

  17. Amen Shelly! I completely agree with you on all counts. I read through all of the comments too and they're all great too. It's sad to see that we are becoming the very thing we fought so hard against. I dislike that all of "representatives" don't have a clue what it's like to live like the majority of us. How can you represent someone, when you can't even relate to them? It's all very frustrating. I agree, we need to take a stand, before we lose everything.

  18. Heather: That's exactly it! They haven't a clue how you and I struggle. In fact, I don't think they care. No to mention, when they pass a law it's to look down their noses at us as if we're unintelligible animals.


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