Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sundays with Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball: The Attack

110702_004_002Sir Poops-A-Lot

Hair Ball



HB: You’re such a pansy! I can’t believe you rolled over onto your back and basically played dead.

SPAL: It was the smart thing to do, stupid.

HB: We were minding our own business looking for a private spot to use the toilet with mummsy’s assistance.

SPAL: You mean toity.

HB: Whatever! Let me finish what I have to say.

SPAL: (He raises his brows) Go on then. We already know who the gentleman is around here anyway.

HB: So we find nice spot. Me in the grass. You in the gutter. (He shakes his head) Pansy. Afraid of getting your paws dirty.

SPAL: Are you going to get on with whatever it is you have to say? Do you have  a point to make here?

HB: (He smiles) You’re a yellow-belly. That’s what you are. A yellow-belly! You did nothing to protect mummsy that’s the whole point.

SPAL: What in the world do you mean?

HB: Well, when the black, Goliath fur-person charged toward us, mummsy screamed and you hid behind her before you slipped out of your collar.

SPAL: It’s a tactical tactic I always use and a brave one I might add.

HB: You ran at least three feet away from us while I valiantly stood in front of my mummsy and protected her. I told that beast to get away or else I’d bite him a good one.

SPAL: You looked stupid, stupid.

HB: Not as stupid as you, pansy-boy.

SPAL: But my tactic worked much better then yours.

HB: How’s that?

SPAL: I was a decoy. I lured him away from mummsy.

HB: Oh please.

SPAL: (He smirks) It worked, I detained him with my euphoric scent. Instead of him biting anybody, I offered him delightful and friendly scents from my bum and other places.

HB: (Crinkles up his nose)

SPAL: If you noticed, stupid, the giant fur-person’s daddy-o was able to capture him because of my wise move. Did you think for one moment what could’ve happened if you had bitten him? They would’ve taken you away in a squad car and put you in jail.

HB: Yeah. Right.

SPAL: Yeah. (He nods) Right. You know, on the cop shows, they always arrest the person who causes the injuries. Always.

HB: Oh.

SPAL: Yeah. I think you really need to follow my lead next time.


  1. *chuckle*. Always something happening with these two. I so miss our "Dorky" for all the silly things she did. What entertainment.

    Love this post, Shelly. Hope you are doing well today.

  2. HB and SPAL, you lead a much more exciting life that Dukie does!

  3. Dog or someone dressed up early for Halloween? I think maybe you need bigger dogs. Or a big dog to protect your little ones. :)

  4. Sir Poopsie saves the day!
    Hairball don't be jealous!

  5. "We already know who the gentleman is around here anyway."

    Too funny.

  6. Once again...I really love these guys!

    Always look forward to their adventures....

  7. Loved reading this post! :) These conversations are always so much fun.

  8. Well they say, "Fight or flight." What is it about the smells of the bum and dogs?


  9. Thanks so much for your kind words over at Lydia's blog. I'm a new follower.

  10. @Lorelei: I'm glad to make you chuckle. Yes, they are entertaining.

    @Laura: I don't know about that.

    @Tonja: I've got Hair Ball to protect me. He's the biggest bully I know.

    @Evie: That's right. I saved the day. Sir Poops-A-Lot.

    @Golden: Thank you.

    @Joyce: I'm just glad I don't have to smell bums.

    @Ciara: Thank you for stopping by and the follow.

  11. Oh my goodness. I'm glad he didn't bite anybody. Good thing those fuzzies are smart. I'm assuming it was a large dog involved and not a hairy guy. :)

  12. Liala: Yes. It was a Rotwieler.

  13. They are such a pair! Well done, dogs!

  14. I love SPAL's acronym name. It's hilarious. Almost more funny than his real name!

  15. Sounds like an interesting day at the park!

  16. Come on you guys....stop the bickering. Now, HB, you were very brave...but if the other is bigger than you, then sometimes it's ok to cower....however, SPAL, you should still protect your mummsy...LOL

  17. Sir Poops a Lot always makes me laugh out loud! awesome post as usual.


  18. Sir Wills: I , Sir Poops-A-Lot, did a good job not Hair Ball.

    HB: Nah-uh. Don't listen to him. He took the pansy's way out.

    @Lydia: Thank you.

    @Shannon: It's always interesting with these two. SPAL is still fighting for HB's bed. Caught him this afternoon.

    @Beth: I was protecting mummsy. SPAL

    @Nut: Why am I funny? I'm serious. I was using a tactical decoy move. SPAL


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