Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Blogger Day: Eve Gaal

Today, I’m letting this sweetie have the stage. She’s spunky and cute. Warm and fuzzy-the good kind. I also believe she’s more angel than human sent from heaven to spread goodwill and humor.

When you’re done being entertained by her here, you should go visit her over at The Desert Rocks . She’ll entertain you with the occasional limerick, a few recipes, and little stories. Lately, she’s been giving dating advice.***giggle-giggle***

Okay. Before I get carried away here, I give Eve Gaal my blog. Here she is, folks.

Thanks for having me on your blog Shelly. I love the picture you have of the Emerald City which always makes me think of discovering new worlds…. There’s a new world out there we need to discover immediately and I thought I’d share some of my initial research.

Have you seen Pinterest? I’m not sure how it works, but I’m seeing some nice photography and gorgeous shots of delectable treats.I’m scanning the mountains, lakes the tree houses and book covers while my friends tell me they’re looking at the “Hunk” page. Okay, I’m in. It’s a nice page, and maybe I’ve been married too long, but the cupcakes are seriously more engaging. Pure dope. For one thing, the cupcakes go on and on for several pages and you can narrow down your search or expand it, depending on the flavor you’re looking for. Besides, I saw Brad on a magazine at the dentist. Old news and Angelina has her nails…well forgetaboutit.

Anyway, I was considering lemon cupcakes, and got sidetracked by a filled gingerbread and some sort of banana Nutella creation. Of course, by the time I finished my drooling, it was too late to start baking. OMG, there’s a recipe in there for a cookie/brownie bar with a layer of crushed Oreos and well it looked amazing, in fact it kind of gave me a hot flash. treats Eve

Occasionally, I click through to see the blog attached to the photos and sometimes I get an “oops” type remark that the picture is no longer connected to what I’m looking for. This is extremely frustrating when you feel that you absolutely have to read or see a certain recipe, but otherwise I think it’s a cool place to hang out. I’ve made a few comments but I don’t really understand the “Pinning” process for those who have their own page full of favorites. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to go back to figure it out. I’m stubborn that way, and I love a challenge.

The most disturbing photos were on the book pages where people are actually making furniture out of books. Sorry, but even though I love the idea of recycling, I know those who won’t even turn down a page to harm a book. Eve chair

I’ll go as far as writing in a margin, but Sacre Bleu, these people are making countertops and sofas out of them! What’s next, a home built from books?   eve playhouse

Anyway, check it out and hopefully you’ll have fun browsing all the cool stuff without getting distracted by…Brad.

Hey Eve! Who’s Brad? 

Anyway, thanks for dropping in today, Eve. I’ll see you around in the blog field and Facebook.

And to everyone else have a great day!

Later in the ink all,



  1. I too get lost amongst the pages of delicious treats featured on Pinterest. I saw these peanut butter brownie things this one time and it made me so sad that I don't bake.

    I hadn't seen those oreo cookie brownie bar things but I think they've just become my new obsession.

  2. Now I find myself ravenously hungry.

    And that's not the sort of thing one does to books!

  3. I'm signed up at Pinterest but have never posted anything....

  4. Wow Shelly, thanks for the kind reception. I think you are super sweet too and I think we angels have to stick together.
    Stick as in Caramel-Oreo-Brownie Fantasy! Love you lots!

  5. Shelly, great interview! I always enjoy Eve's blogs. She knows how to make us smile and brightens our days! And I like the pic of the house made out of books! LOL Take care!

  6. I've signed up but I have yet to post anything, and to be frank, I haven't been to the site in a very, very, very long time. It just doesn't seem to have the appeal that facebook has, yet, everyone is there. There are some rather lovely pictures there, but if it means spending money I don't have, then I think I'll stick with facebook. Plus, I get to "like" you on facebook...and I do!!! :o)

  7. Okay, I couldn't get through this post because of the oreo-brownie thing. You made me hungry!

    Excellent post. I am on Pinterest, but I dn't have time for it, realy. just like I don't have time for twitter. *sigh*

  8. Well said, Eve / The Desert Rocks / Anonymous!
    And well done, Shelly! Thanks for having Eve swing round.

  9. Fun blog - and Brad does nothing for me, personally. Actually, Pinterest is such a rapidly growing phenomenon that it's crazy not to take advantage of the possibilities. You are your brand, and Pinterest provides a quick fun way to let people get to know you. I especially had fun creating a storyboard for my book, with pictures I clipped for my characters, the town, the dogs, ...

    We look at it and say, "not another damn social networking site!" This one is definitely worth your time. Plus - your Facebook friends with Pinterest accounts follow you over, so you're not starting from scratch.

  10. Wow! Evie....see peeps love angels and everything heavenly. You're an absolute hit.

    As for Pintinterest, my time has been consumed with other things. I just don't have the time. Especially now.


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