Monday, March 4, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: What’s Your Nosh Tuesday, Debra Ann Gray-Elliot


IMG_0485SPAL: Today is Tuesday! Oh my…I can’t believe it! Its time again to share another author with you and their work.

HB: Yeah. For nosh. Foodie. Treats. Cookies.


SPAL: ***he shakes his head***Nice people, he still doesn’t get that this is not for or about him. Anyway, today we have Author Debra Ann Gray-Elliot. But for some reason I couldn’t get her picture to post. Hmmm…. Apologies, nice lady.

HB: Maybe her picture is shy.

SPAL: Shy?

HB: Yeah. Shy.

SPAL: Please share with us what you like to snack on when you’re writing? And why you like it, nice lady?

DE: I snack on a candy bar and caffeine. They give me energy.

HB: How come no one never shares their candy and caffeine with me?

SPAL: Because stupid, you would never stop running around or jumping or hugging legs. That’s why.

HB: But hugs are good, pansy boy.

SPAL: But not legs.

HB: ***frowns***

SPAL: Nice lady, is your candy crunchy  or soft?

DE: Soft.

HB: ***whispers in SPAL’s ear***Not only is her picture shy, but she is, too. She’s not saying very much.

SPAL: ***glances at HB*** SH…***he looks back at Debra*** Is your candy salty or sweet?

DE: Sweet.

HB: ***elbows SPAL and whispers***She doesn’t say a whole lot. I’m telling you, she’s shy.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes at HB and then looks back at Debra*** Does candy get your creative juices flowing?

DE: Sometimes.

HB:***shrugs and whispers again***She doesn’t say much does she?

SPAL: ***puts his paw over HB’s mouth and pastes on a smile*** Nice lady, do you have any fur or feathered-peeps you like to share your nosh with?


SPAL: Oh no! I can’t get the picture of your little fur peep and kitty up, either. All I get is an x in a box.

HB: They must be shy, too. Pets are a lot like their owners, you know. That’s what the experts say anyway.


SPAL: ***shoos at HB*** Nice lady, do they help you write like we help our Mummsy write? She says we’re her muses.

DE: Yes they do!

HB: Is that all she’s gonna say? Where’s the nosh? Where are the works of verbal art?

SPAL:***squints his eyes at HB and whispers***That is just being rude.

HB: ***shoulders slump****

SPAL: This nice lady’s written words can be found at Apologies, nice lady. My brother is stupid sometimes.

DE: No problem.

HB: You’re a pansy. ***he sticks out his tongue***


SPAL: Anyway, nice people, Mummsy’s working a 9 to 4 shift today. So we’ll be around later. That’s why we posted this early. She hides the password. She even hides the car keys from Hair Ball.

Lots of licks,

Sir Poops and Hair Ball


  1. Aw, the licks the candy and the cute poses just kill me. I love Debra's posts and follow them too.

  2. The photos today are so cute especially the last one.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thank you. I couldn't resist taking it. Hair Ball was eating peanut butter in that picture. He licked and licked...

  3. rofl Your cute little doggies (and their tails . . .ur, tales) just make me smile.

    1. They are funny. You should live with them.

  4. Pets are like their owners ... hmmm. I think that makes me a little too nervous! :-)

  5. I've been following Debra for awhile, and she's always insightful!


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