Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: An Interview With Rocko and Spunky


IMG_0279SPAL: Good morning, nice people! We’re back and moving slow.

HB: Yeah. Mummsy’s work schedule has been really crazy.

SPAL: Yup. It has me confused. I can barely tell what day it is.

HB: Me, too.IMG_0272

SPAL: Even thought its crazy, she still finds time to write.

HB: Amazing, huh?

SPAL: I’m in awe. Anyway, we have a treat today. We are being visited by two Kitties today.

HB: What? Kitties? Do they have breeds, too? ***he sniffs around the two while they slink around him****

Rocko: We’re black cats. Mom calls us her little black rats.

Rocko on chair

Spunky: We were strays and have no idea what breed we are. Unless “stray cat” is a breed?


HB: ****still sniffing the two kitties*** Mummsy says that about me and pansy-boy here when she dowses us in the Great White Watery Abyss of Torture.

SPAL: Yes. She does. Who is your Mummsy?

Spunky: Speaker and author L. Diane Wolfe. She’s also known as “Spunk On A Stick.”

HB: Spunk on a Stick? Is that the same thing as meat on a stick?

SPAL: Boy. You’re stupid, stupid. That’s their Mummsy’s other name. ***he glances at Rocko and Spunky***Ignore him. Does your Mummsy write, draw, or paint?

Rocko: She writes. She also speaks. We hear her practice sometimes.

SPAL: My Mummsy reads her dialogue in some pretty strange voices when she writes.

HB: Yeah. She does.

Spunky: Mom also takes a lot of pictures. I try to hide but that doesn’t stop her.

HB: Our Mummsy takes lots of pictures, too. Especially of us. Do you like hanging out with her while she works on her projects?

Rocko: Oh yes! We like curling up in her lap. Sometimes she won’t let us because she’s really busy, so we either stare out the window by her computer or stare at her in hopes she changes her mind.

SPAL: I love my Mummy’s lap and stupid likes to be at her feet. Where do you like to sit? On their lap? At their feet? Or on their keyboards or crayons?

Rocko: We prefer her lap. If she’s not there, I’ll curl up on her chair. The keyboard is too hard for me.

Spunky: It looks like we lay on the keyboard though. It’s always covered in cat fur.

SPAL: You mean, you’re not hypoallergenic?!

HB: That means we don’t shed and Mummsy can keep us forever and ever. Hey you two, what do you and your Mummsy like to nosh on? And do you share?

Rocko: We like cat treats, especially the Party Mix brand!

Spunky: We’d share, but you might not like them.Rocko

SPAL: Stupid might. He likes everything.

Rocko: Spunky also likes ice cubes. He doesn’t eat them, he just licks them.

HB: Hey! I can show you where to get some of them from. I know how to pop the button on our fridge to get some.

SPAL: No. You’re not. We’re going to share links now.


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SPAL: This wraps up this weeks interview. Thanks for coming by Spunky and Rocko.

HB: Hey! ***he looks around*** Where did they go?

IMG_0267SPAL: Well, they did move like slinkies. We’ll be back next week. Now its time for another nap.

Lots of licks!

Sir Poops and Hair Ball


  1. I know that author!
    And I'd rather lick an ice cube than eat a cat treat.

  2. I don't know if Stray Cats is a breed but I remember it being a rock band.

  3. Your spunky little dogs like cat treats? Euwwwwww, says Fiona.

  4. Replies
    1. Sir Poops eats cat chocolates, too.

  5. Great to see kitties here! Another fun interview. :)

  6. Dogs and cats now!

    You've got me falling about laughing...

    1. I, Sir Poops, was raised by cats.

  7. Sir Poops and Hair Ball,

    Rocko and Spunky, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, just read this um 'pawsting' to me.

    And wow, cats and dogs actually getting along together. Excellent stuff and I know of the human, Diane, who you kindly allow to live with you :)

    Penny's alleged human,


  8. Dear Fiona, cat food always tastes better than dog food !
    but The Square Ones love their chicken strips the best !
    Great post as always !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Love that picture of Spunky.

    My dogs love ice cubes and cat treats. And cat food. And other cat things...

  10. Shelly, thank you! Sorry I was out of town for the past two days and couldn't get online.

  11. An interview with dogs and cats in the same room! This was so much fun to read.

  12. Fun interview!
    I'm busy reading Diane's book... and will probably turn to it over and over again... it needs time to digest all that wonderful info...
    Hope you're well, Shelly!
    When you have a moment, please pop over to my place, I have something for you! Mwah!
    Writer In Transit

    1. Hey, Michelle:

      Sorry. Haven't had much time. Got my grandson again.

  13. The thing about Mums is that they'll take pics of you whether you want them to or not!


  14. Michelle, I'm pleased you're getting so much out of it.

    Thanks again, Shelly.

  15. Does Spunky ever get his / her tongue stuck on an ice cube? And yes, stray is indeed a breed.

  16. My cats like to help me work, too. Most helpful, they are.

  17. Your cats are beautiful Diane! What a fun interview even though I did see a bit of fur fly~

  18. Lol, I love reading these. Diane's book looks like a book I need to get. :)

    1. Her book is easy to follow. The best I've read out there on how to publish.

  19. Did you know cats are really aliens who are present to defend earth against greblings which are invisible to humans.


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