Monday, May 12, 2014

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Hair Ball Brought a Girl Home...Oooo!

SPAL: How did you sneak her into the house without Mummsy seeing?

HB: Mummsy's busy in her garden.

SPAL: So what is your friend's name?

HB: Maisey. Her Mummsy stopped off at 7-11 for some coffee. And Maisey here got out of the car to stretch her legs. And before she knew it, her Mummsy drove off without her. I found her wandering our street this morning. ***he casts a gaze on Maisey*** Right?

M: Um... *lifts one corner of her mouth and winks*  Right. So, what's on the agenda for today, seeing as we're free--er, I mean that were here together and our mammas are busy?

SPAL: ***Shoots a look at Maisey*** You're a missing fur peep. We need to find your Mummsy. 

HB: I think we should keep her.

SPAL: Not a good idea. Our Mummsy would be upset.

HB:*** frowns***

SPAL: What does your Mummsy do Maisey?

M: My mamma's a nurse. She takes care of little babies at the hospital, and she writes books in her spare time. I've asked her to take me with her to the nursery--told her I'd curl up with those babies and keep them warm and safe--but she says she can't. So, I wait by the window with my chin on the sill, looking for her until she comes back home again. Then I curl up on a quilt by her bed while she sleeps.

SPAL: Our Mummsy writes books on the side, too. She writes paranormal adventures.

HB: Yeah. What kind of books does your Mummsy write?

M: She writes romance. The book she's working on now is something called a 'western historical,' whatever that is. All I know is there's a picture of humans playing kissy-face on the cover

HB: I'm real good at kissing and hugging legs.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes***Sorry. My brother is kind of stupid like that. ***he glances at HB***What happened to Penny the Jack Russell and Modest Internet Star.

HB: ***shrugs****So.

SPAL: Whatever. It's your love life.

HB: Hey, Maisey. Does your Mummsy  have any new books out?

M: Actually, she does! I almost forgot; today is the day her book gets published! I guess that means we'll be seeing the kissy-face humans all over the place. *narrows her eyes at Sir Poops & Hairball* Who's this 'Penny'? Does she have a brother?

HB: ***he looks from Maisey to Sir Poops***What? Is something wrong?

SPAL: Penny is famous. She's a politician of the furry kind. And yes, she has a brother. The two-legged kind. ***he elbows HB***As for my brother here, he's stupid. Don't pay too much attention to him.

HB: Kisses aren't stupid. Tell me about the kissing humans. I catch Mummsy and Daddy-o doing that all the time.

SPAL: And then you have to interrupt by hugging Mummsy's leg. ***he cocks a brow*** 

HB: Don't you like kissing, Maisey? I'd like to h----

SPAL: Please excuse him, Maisey.

HB: But don't you like kissing? I do.

M: Yeah, but they don't do it right. They go nose-to-nose, not nose to bu-- Never mind.

HB: Oh I'd be glad to. ***he nudges Maisey with his head***

SPAL: Maisey just ignore him. Tell us more about your Mummsy's new book.
M: *eases away from Hairball* My momma's book is about a young lady who gets left behind by a wagon train in 1850. Her name is Rebecca. She has to survive all by herself in the wilderness of New Mexico Territoryfor a whole year! 
HB: It sort of sounds like you. Your Mummsy left you behind.

M: A young man named Seth finds Rebecca and rescues her, then they fall in love. But there's a problem. She's already betrothed to someone else.

HB: And I'm the young man that found you.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes***

M: Here's the cover to my momma's book and other information:

 Sometimes a single choice alters the course of a person's life forever.

Book information:
Title: Come Back
Author: Melissa Maygrove
Genre: Western Historical Romance
Category: Adult / New Adult
Publisher: Truelove Press
Expected release: May 12, 2014

Cover credit:
Cover design by Carrie Butler, Forward Authority Design Services

The official back cover blurb:

Left behind by everyone she loves...
Rebecca Garvey had the promise of a California future dreams are made of, until the wagon train her family was traveling with left her behind. Now she’s slowly dying in the wilderness, abandoned and stripped of her self-worth. Once the shock of her desertion turns to embittered despair, she doesn’t want to be found. Then a handsome stranger challenges her convictions and changes her mind.

Headed for Texas, chased by the demons of his past...
Seth Emerson knows exactly what he wants. Working to save for a cattle ranch of his own keeps him busy and keeps his pain buried. Rescuing a stubborn woman from the hills of New Mexico Territory isn’t part of his plan—but she’s exactly what he needs.

Making greater sacrifices than either of them could foresee...
Seth and Rebecca set off on a risky journey and a quest for truth, each healing the other’s love-starved soul along the way. Will they give in to their growing attraction?  Or will they honor their commitments when Seth returns Rebecca to civilization... and her betrothed.

Author Bio
Native Texan Melissa Maygrove is a wife, mother, nurse, freelance editor, and romance writer. When she's not busy caring for her tiny nursery patients or shuttling teenagers back and forth to after-school activities, she's hunched over her laptop, complicating the lives of her imaginary friends and playing matchmaker. Melissa loves books with unpretentious characters and unforgettable romance, and she strives to create those same kinds of stories for her readers.

Website: www.melissamaygrove.comBlog:
Twitter @MelissaMaygrove:

Goodreads author page: 

Amazon author page:


  1. LOL This was so much fun.
    Thanks, Shelly. :D

    Hey! We need to invite Penny over! ;)

    1. You're right. She would make this complete.

    2. I nudged her daddy on Facebook. ;)

  2. Congratulations, Melissa!

    This was a whole lot of fun!

  3. Melissa, your pup's adorable - hope you come back for her.

    1. Thanks, Alex.
      I've already wrangled her little run-away butt back home. :P

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwww beyond awwwwwww what a cute gud dug. Except for the running away part.
    Congratulations on your book.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks, Parsnip.

      The funny thing is that she actually did get out just before she did the interview. I drove around, looking for her, to no avail. About 20 minutes after I gave up and came home, I heard a single bark from outside the front door. There she was on the porch, looking at me like I should have known she was there and why didn't I let her in sooner. :P

  5. This is so cute!

    Congratulations, Melissa!

  6. Awww, all the fur-peeps together in one place... and HB is quite the flirt...
    Congrats to Melissa!

    1. It was fun to get all the pups together. ;)
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    2. Michelle, he's a little Romeo.

  7. Maisey's beautiful!

    All the best, Melissa. :-)

  8. I love the title of this post! So cute. Your dog is so cute - it sounds like she got along great with Shelly's. :) Congrats on your book!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Okay, that's just too cute. She's a doll.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I wish I could have gotten her to smile for a picture. She looks so solemn! LOL

  11. Hi Sir Poops, Hair Ball, Maisey, humans, Melissa, Shelly and all my other adoring fans,

    Apawlogies for my late arrival. You know how it is. All this fame and constantly avoiding the "puparazzi" can be quite the tricky manoeuvre :)

    Of course, I love all my doggy friends. In pawticular, my lovable buddy, Hair Ball :) x

    Hey Maisey, your mummsy does such wonderful work. I'm also really pleased for her and the release. Yes, the release of her book. Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

    1. Thanks, Penny! So glad you could make it! :)

    2. Hiya, Penny! Hope you're not mad at me or anything.

      Lots of sniffs and licks,
      Hair Ball

    3. Hi Hair Ball,

      Penny's fictional human is commenting. Penny is never mad at you. Right now, she's sniffing about in the garden. Maybe she's practising for something....

      Melissa, Penny, despite her hectic schedule, was delighted to make it here :)

      Penny's fictional human,

      Gary :)


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