Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde Affects Me



Okay. I know, you are scratching your heads now.

The other day I received a letter on a short story I wrote and edited myself. For some reason, I have massive issues checking my own work. To be honest, I suck at it. Can’t see through the forest kind of suck at it.

It embarrassed me to read that I didn’t know the difference between a proper noun and a plain ole noun. My insides cried out, “But I do. I really do. Gee. I’m sorry.” Clunk me in my forehead. Dufus.

Issues in my writing do exist, I still can’t figure out when to capitalize ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. The rule boggles my brains.

Repeating words is another problem.

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between telling and showing in my stuff. Pop me in the forehead, again.

There are days I wonder why I can’t just write the story and let the powers that be figure out all the nitty-gritty stuff that makes my eye-brains cross. I’m a STORY WRITER.That’s all. I’m no genius and right now I can’t blame this on the Wicked Witch of the West or her Flying Monkeys. It’s Mercury in retrograde.

And everybody asked, “What the hell is that, Shelly?”

For one, Mercury is a planet in the Solar System-in case you didn’t know.

Retrograde is where the planet has the illusion or actually is orbiting backwards. When this happens, it affects all written and verbal communications. More accidents and arguments happen. Any contract signed, will not stand the test of time. Appliances, computers and cars break down. It can cause real havoc in any ones’ life, like mine.

But, it can also be a time to re-do and edit anything we’ve written. It gives us a chance to fix the piece of doo-doo we may have created, like me. The retro started on December 10th and will last until December 30th, plus five days after.

Mercury goes retro three to four times a year.

Mercury retrogrades for 2011:

March 30 – April 23

August 2 -  August 26

November 24 – December 13

Now that you’ve been warned, I’ll be able to sleep without tossing and turning tonight.


  1. Just what I needed-another excuse. Thanks Shelly!:)

  2. Shelly - You go gal - I like your writing style. It just rolls along comfortably.
    Rod Kent

  3. Ahh so I see you have met that nasty inner pessimist that rears it ugly head from time to time. It's seems all us writers are plagued with doubts from time to time. My inner pessimist has a nasty habit of visiting for weeks at a time, relegating me to a crumbling pile of useless words. Just ignore it, write another story you love, and all will fall into to place.

  4. Eve:

    I have to make myself feel better somehow but I do believe the Mercury in Retrograde stuff. It's proven itself time and time again. One time, I went without a computer for three weeks during one.

  5. Trish:

    Yup. I get that horrid voice in my head. It echoes a voice from the past telling me "no one's going to publish your stuff. What makes youthink you're so special". Yup. It's in the noggin.

    But, I'll take your good advice and keep writing. Got that voice in my head, too.

  6. I've heard the term Mercury in Retrograde but never knew what it meant so I learnt something new today. Thanks and keep writing!

  7. I'm a pretty decent proofreader...if you ever need someone to look over your work, let me know!

  8. I'd just blame the Flying Monkeys on principle.

    Barring that, blame the zombie plot bunnies.

  9. Becky:

    Thank you soooo...much. How's your arm?


  10. William:

    Well...maybe the Flying Monkeys had something to do with it. They are out to sabotage me every chance they get.



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