Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sundays With Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball: Invasion of the Pod People

110702_004_001_001Sir Poops-A-Lot

Hair Ball110603_003_001


HB: Mummsy’s been hanging out a lot on our favorite giant-squishy-chair lately.

SPAL: You mean the sofa? Where you’re always on top and I’m on the bottom.


HB: Is that what it’s called? For real?

SPAL: Yes, stupid. (He rolls his eyes.)

HB: Whatever, pansy!

SPAL: Anyway, I like it when she’s on the sofa with us but not like Monday. All day.

HB: Yup. That’s strange for mummsy Because Tuesday after work she did the same thing. She didn’t even go to her writing room.

SPAL: I know. And, Wednesday she went to see the screaming thing, she calls Baby Ho-Ho.


HB: Yeah. That thing moves funny and smells funny. Kind of like---

SPAL: Nothing you can eat because mummsy loves it. I caught her talking to it and hugging it.

HB: Oh.

SPAL: Thursday mummsy resorted to the sofa all morning before she went to her hair lopping job.

HB: Yeah. Friday she did the same thing. You know, maybe she should take time out to smell the insides of shoes instead of hampers. Your post last week didn’t seem to work. She ended up taking everything out of the hamper and putting it all into the Great White Noisy Abyss.

110703_001_001 SPAL: You mean the washer, stupid.

HB: You think you’re soooo smart. Don’t you, pansy-boy?

SPAL: Anyway, I’m worried about mummsy.

HB: Well, what do you think’s wrong with her?

SPAL: I heard daddy-o call it the funk.

HB: The funk? (He scratches his head.)

SPAL: Yup. The funk. Today she got up, cleaned downstairs, and got dressed up real fancy. She even put on heels.

HB: Oooo. She did. Very weird.


SPAL: Said she was going to a bridal tea party where she had to dress like My Fair Lady or Alice in Wonderland.

HB: What’s a bridal tea party?

SPAL: I think that’s where they drink tea, eat treats, and play fetch.

HB: Oh. How come she didn’t take us? I like to play fetch.

SPAL: Did you forget she dropped us off at Dominatrix Lisa’s place of many White Watery Abysses of Torture for almost the entire day? Don’t you remember her asking if we wanted to “Go to Puppy Parlor” in her funny voice. The one she uses  when Baby Ho-Ho is around.

HB: Awww…she tricked us. Is that what the funk does? Makes you, not be you?

SPAL: Maybe it’s something else?

HB: Like what?

SPAL: I saw this program on television with daddy-o one evening about Pod People. They come from outer space and take over the people you love.

HB: Ohhhh. You think maybe that screaming-smelly thing is a Pod People and it took over mummsy.

SPAL: I think you could actually be right.


HB: Yeah. It sounds like one, too.


  1. Super cute baby! I hope the funk is all gone.

  2. The thing on the chair is pretty cute.


  3. Good luck with everything. The boys need some of your quality time. LOL!

  4. Baby Ho Ho is beautiful, and I agree with Evie...the boys need some time with you and maybe you should take their suggestion and smell the shoes instead of the hamper...Oh, and nice hat, Shell...

    I hope you're feeling better soon...

  5. OMGosh, I just love the conversations between these two. The baby is adorable.

  6. Hello everyone:

    Baby Ho Ho is adorable. I try to see him every week adn yes, he does fuss alot. I'll try harder to take my little fur balls' suggestions. Right now, I'm trying to get back on track with blog reading, writing, and reading. And, Writers of Mass Distraction.


  7. Love the pics, but that movie was creepy!

  8. lol, thanks again for the smiles :)

  9. @Donna: I loved that movie. Love creepy.

    @Lynda: Always happy to make someone laugh.

  10. Great White Noisy Abyss

    Love it! And love your posts!

  11. Okay, as much as I love the wit and wisdom of these two, I wouldn't go sniffing the insides of shoes. Relax, try not to be so hard on yourself, and at the risk of sounding cliche, this too shall pass.

  12. SPAL and HB, go snuggle with your Mummsy. That'll make her feel a lot better! I get into those funks too. Hate them with a passion...

  13. Allison: Smiles to you! And, thank you.

    Norma: Thanks.

    Kelley: Thanks for the follow and the visit.

    LAura: We're trying really hard. We've been trying to share our already chewed up bones with her.

  14. the Great White Noisy Abyss... well, that's what they would call it.

    Boys? come close, I've got something to say to you two little fur people. We all expect you to do your best to cheer up Mummsy. That means no chewing of slippers. Unless the slippers belong to the crazy guy down the street.

  15. Sir Wills: We found a pair of flips flops in our neighborhood gutter. Do those count for chewing?

    Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball

  16. Too cute! perceptive little guys.


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