Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Review of Shelly’s Past Week and Future Week

Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball: They’re taking a break this weekend from blogging. Sir Poops has worn himself out by trying to walk distances that he can’t actually handle. I’ve even caught him in a hobble-run, repeating,”I’m the stinky cheese man, catch me if you can.” His left side still collapses underneath him after only a couple feet.

Also, he’s due for a bath since he now whizzes on his leg. I can only hope it doesn’t stay eternally yellow.

Rumors: Actually, this has nothing to do with the writing world.

Since I left the salon I was at, it’s been spreading that I have my own salon and am stealing clients.

One, I don’t have my own salon and not even crazy enough to own one. Only the certifiably insane want to be managers and owners of such places. My health is way more important than being some business owner. My dream is to be a published author not some famous hairdresser.

And two, I don’t steal. If you do hair for a living, you know, peeps will hand you their phone number and/or e-mail because they want only you to do their hair. No matter where you go they’ll follow you. 

On the downside of that, I’ve lost most of that info anyway. I stuff things in strange places.

And three, my hubby and I have been thinking eventually I may not be able to do hair due to my allergy issues. Every year they get worse. Plastic bags give me itchy hives. Most hair sprays make me wheez. Hair gels are known to make palms itch and swell. And, I have an allergy to latex. Last night, I touched hair bleach and the side of my finger swelled up. It looked like a red pickle.

We’re thinking an opthamalic technician is what I should be, eventually. I also think he just wants to hang out with me all day. If he could, he’d be attached to my hip 24/7. ***rolling me eyes*** (But If I become an overnight success with my book….I won’t have to do this.)

Reason for leaving: My health and sanity.

Hot Men of Blogs: It’s coming November 30, 2011. Know any? Leave their link in the comment box. Also, this will be a monthly feature on my blog.

My writing: I’ve rewritten chapters 50 through 54 to Secondhand Shoes within the last two weeks.

During my rewriting process, I stare and walk a lot. I also talk out loud to my characters. Sir Poops and Hair Ball are always by my side, pricking up their ears, tilting their heads from side to side.

My deadline to finish is December 30th. Then it will go to a couple beta readers. It really needs to be read in one straight shot not a chapter here and another chapter there. People forget what they read when there’s too much spacing between chapters, you know.

Sorry for rambling.

See you all later in the ink,



  1. Wow, SPAL is the Cheeseman??? I didn't know that! LOL

    Hope you're feeling better...I know what it's like to not be happy with your job...

    Glad you're coming along with SS...can't wait to read it!

  2. Good updates, Shelly.

    I don't know any hot men anything--except for the pics I've posted. That's it. (^;

    Talking to yourself (or characters), is a good way to think out loud. Your fans will never know (except us *snicker*), how you arrived at such a great ending or any of your other OMG moments.

    Good luck!

  3. The dogs are thinking of when their next snacktime comes up, not wondering why you're talking to yourself!

  4. Poor SPAL. Wonderful that you've got some momentum going with your writing. I'm allergic to everything too.

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon! Good luck with everything! ((Hugs!!))

  6. @Beth: SPAL gets a really funny look on his face when he tries to run and keeps going when I tell him to stop.

    @Lorelei: Thanks for the encouragement.

    @Sir Wills: They understand everything I say. Especially SPAL.

  7. @Tonja: He's better than he was a couple weeks ago.

    @Eve: Thank you.

  8. Thanks for the update on your dog. You've done the right thing by quitting. Rumors will fly. Seems no way to stop them.

  9. @DM: That's one of the biggest reasons I left. The gossip and the exaggerations. As soon as I'd walk into that place it was always an explosion of negative energy. Plus, you can't corporatize hair.

  10. I bet they keep coming up with more and more products that are allergy producing. Good luck with that.


  11. I have no opinion on your hair cutting skills as I don't live in your area, but I wish you the best. As for your writing, I completely agree with the absolute necessity of betas that read the entire manuscript in one read. I have mine out with betas now and the feedback is both humbling and uplifting.

    Glad to find your blog.

  12. @Joyce: This week I'll have to purchase non-latex gloves.

    WRW: Thank you for stopping by. Yeah. Going to critique groups are great but when you're only allowed to turn in ten to twenty pages a month...well, it doesn't work out right.

  13. Staring is an important part of rewriting ;)

  14. Wow, lots going on! I hope the best for your awesome cat. Best of luck with the writing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  15. I do agree that people forget what they read with a few chapters at a time. I had no clue you do hair. I cut my hub's hair. I'm glad my allergies aren't as bad as yours..working on weaning myself off all allergies. Also, the pooper isn't moving as he should...poor baby. Take care. :)

  16. @Lynda: Was that supposed to be funny b/c it made me laugh.

    @Sarah: Yup. Lot's of stuff. And my cat is a dog who thinks he's a cat.

    Laila: Nope. The pooper isn't walking right but at least he's not depressed like he was.

  17. Amazing, the rumors that will be spread when you quit a job, no matter how you leave! Good luck with figuring out where to go from here. Those allergies and reactions sound very nasty, and not worth it!

  18. I'm amazed that you actually continue in the hair industry in spite of your allergies to products... I suppose it's your job and helps to put food on the table...

    And people will talk no matter what... that's part of the human condition... and by the following week you become the-week-before's-news and there's something fresh to talk about... and so the cycle continues...I've learned (rather late in life) that what others say about me is NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

    Sounds like SPAL is ALMOST his old self again :)

  19. Shannon and MISH: Trying to figure it all out...And yes, SPAL is doing much better but I'll have to get him a stoller. I also carry him up and down the stairs.

    Thanks for reading my rambling. I needed to do that. Gossip upsets me even when it's about someone else.


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