Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who’s the Hot Man for Hot Men of Blogs This Month



Today is the day I name the hottie for this month. But first, I must build to the pivotal moment.

In my last blog, I know I wrote this particular hottie has an altar ego. Edward Cullen. Hmmm….Who could it be?


Bella and ed snow

Well, I think he likes snow or hates it. I’ve never quite understood the banter between him and other blogger buddies about paying a cuss jar when it comes to the white stuff.

edward snow

My suggestion: MOVE TO FLORIDA WHERE SUN AND BLUE SKIES CAP THE TREES! You never have to worry about it or loosing your coins. I don’t anyway. But then again, his secret might get out. He’d sparkle in the sunlight. Right?


He refers to himself as a ROGUE. Does he mean ROGUE VAMPIRE? Hmmm…. I can’t picture that. He’s too much of a gentleman despite what he says even if he pretends to be a sparkle-a-phobe.

 rogue vampire

He still sparkles to me. ***pretty sparkles*** I love a man who can make his written words sparkle. ***sparkly words make me tingle***

sparkle vampire

This hottie has a way with political wit, satire, and reviews that would make any smile sparkle. Go visit Speak of the Devil. He’s working on a novel, Heaven and Hell, too, where he shares a snippet here and there.

He’s also got a writing partner (I believe they’re the perfect match). They make each other sparkle. Go visit Basking in the Afterglow. It’s sure to make any female sparkle with delight.

He’s also one of the founding members of Writers of Mass Distraction. Just click on the pretty blue words and check us out. Okay?

So who is this months Hot Man of Blogs? William Kendall

PSST! I hope he still likes me after this post. I don’t think he likes Edward all that much.


  1. I checked out Writers of Mass Distraction. I like Edward more than Jacob, but I really don't like Edward that much - too much brooding.

  2. I don't like Edward all that much either. I'm part of the group who thinks real vampires don't sparkle. =)

    Headed out to check out the Writers of Mass Destruction now...

  3. Good choice. He's a great guy.

  4. You are my sparkly friend of choice. Men or vampires should not sparkle. Thanks, cuteness overload here....

  5. I didn't quite know the ending was coming! I knew the blog was coming, but not quite like that! Thanks Shelly! I shall overlook the multiple sparkly fellow pics and grin regardless!

  6. You are sooo right, Shelly!

    There are certain people he no longer likes, but you're not one of them. He just likes to have fun with the sparkly vampire fans....

  7. To everyone: Thanks for coming by. And, really hope you all check out Sir Will's blogs and Writers of Mass Distraction.

    Wonder who will be the next Hottie of Hot Men of Blogs. Someone magical. Hmmm....who could that be.

  8. Ah, good choice, Shelly.
    Next someone magical?? No idea.

  9. Very nicely done, Shelly!!!! I love Edward (cuss jar) and I love how he sparkles (cuss jar)...but, I love William even more...!!!

    Of course, William does like snow and that's a bad thing. He ordered some of it to fall today and I wasn't impressed. Shame on you, William...shame...

    LOL Love all of you...but, especially Edward (cuss jar)

  10. @Christina: Yes. Magical. I fell in love or crush with the next Hottie I present.

    @Beth: Thank you. Sir Wills rocks. Yes he does. I also think he's ordered snow over Florida as of late last night. This morning I'm freezing my arse off. Yesterday, the sky looked like snow. Sir Wills what did you do? I like the cold but not snow.

  11. Sparkly vampires aside (no cuss jar required here...), I'll check out the blogs, thanks!

  12. I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile. Each week I return to your blog and i am always left feeling better. Thank you also for being a great blogging friend. I am grateful for you!

  13. Oooh, links! I'm clicking and following, thank you -- and what a great way to present them!

  14. @Shannon: You'll enjoy William's humor. He's funny.

    @Russo: I feel the same about your blogs. They lift me up.

    Amie: Smiles to you!

  15. I'll check out the blogs. This hot men thing rocks. And I do enjoy the glittery vampire. :)

  16. Hey Laila: You'll enjoy Sir Will's wit.

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