Friday, June 28, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: An Interview with Clancy

IMG_0262SPAL: Hi, nice people. Today, stupid and I have another great guest.

HB: Yeah. Pansy and I sure do. His name is Clancy and here he is now. ***he runs to greet their guest and sniffs and latches onto his hind leg*** IMG_0264

SPAL: What did I tell you about hugging legs. I think he’s a boy anyway.

HB: But he smells good…like a chewey-chew.

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes*** I’m not so sure his Mummsy would approve.

HB: I get in trouble when I bite Phil down the street, and I get into trouble when I hug legs. What’s the deal?

SPAL: ***shake his head and looks to Clancy*** Please forgive my stupid brother. Anyway, what kind of fur-peep are you?

C: I’m a mutt. I’m part French poodle and part cocker spaniel and maybe part something else but I really don’t know. P1010038***he sniffs at Hair Ball***

HB: I’m part poodle. ***he circles around Clancey*** You sure don’t look like one.So who’s is your proud parent?

C: My mom is Julie Flanders.

SPAL: Does your she write, draw, or paint?  Our Mummsy writes.

C: She writes. Good thing she doesn’t even try to draw or paint because she is the world’s worst at both. She wrote a novel called Polar Night that was published this year and is currently working on another novel called The Ghosts of Aquinnah. PN Cover

HB: Our Mummsy doesn’t draw, either. She doodles.

SPAL: Yeah. She doodles flowers, hearts, and arrows when she gets stuck on a story. Hey! Do you like hanging out with her while she works on her projects?

C: I do. If I had my way, my mom wouldn’t go to her day job because I just like when we are home together. She also always wants me to go for walks with her but honestly I hate that. I’m a couch potato and don’t see the point of walking around in circles at the park.

SPAL: We don’t like it when Mummsy goes to work either. We love to be with her. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing walking, sitting, typing…

HB: We really love it when she cooks. So when she’s working on her stuff where do you like to sit? I like being at her feet. They’re quite tasty, you know.

C: I sit on the top of the couch, which is something I learned from my cat brother, Nate. I’m including a picture of myself hanging out in my favorite spot. Clancycouch

SPAL: We like the couch, too. Especially the pillows. They’re the best.

HB: Yeah. Especially when Daddy-o sits with us and we eat Twizzlers and pretzels. What do you to nosh on with your Mummsy? And would you be willing to share?

C: My mom and I both love cheese and we could live on it. If I hear the word cheese I come running and I don’t care what kind of cheese it is, it’s all good. I don’t share my cheese with anyone, especially not Nate.

HB: Well, that’s not very nice.

SPAL: Well, you’re one to speak. ***he looks to Clancy*** Where can we find your Mummsy’s book?

C: You can find them at:  Polar Night, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & SmashwordsAnd you can find my mom at: Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest

SPAL: Thanks for coming today, Clancy.

HB: Yeah. Even though you don’t share.

SPAL: Before you go, please go visit Writers of Mass Distraction. Authors for Oklahoma have started their giveaway for 10 dollar donations to The American Red Cross.

Lots of licks, to all you nice people!


  1. Quite an interview!

    Clancy's a handsome fellow... I had a dog when I was a kid who was part cocker spaniel, part daschie.

  2. Cheese. I know what I'm getting both Julie and Clancy for Christmas.

  3. Thanks for having us here Shelly! And thanks too to SPAL and HB of course. :D

    @Misha, Clancy says thanks!

    @William, aww, I bet your dog was a doll. I love daschies.

    @Alex, we will both love you forever LOL.

  4. Patches (Boston terrier)loves cheese, when ever we want her attention or to get her tome come right in we just have to say the word! She's funny.

    Clancy is adorable!

    1. That's cute. Mine come if you say cookie, ball, treat, and chew.

  5. awwwwwwwww, great interview !
    Clancy is a charming fellow.
    The Book cover looks wonderful must look this book up.

    My Scottie Kirby use to sit on the top of the sofa too, it was not against the wall, so she balanced and never once fell off.

    The Square one send woofs
    cheers, parsnip

  6. Greetings Sir Poops, Hair Ball and Clancy,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar is having yet another well deserved nap. She told me what to type after she read this and then fell asleep.

    Clancy, you are wonderful and Penny likes you as much as those other two fellow canines. She also told me to share this pawsting, oops, posting, because she knows your Mummsy, Julie is well neat.

    A good weekend to one and all.

    Penny's human,


  7. A dog that doesn't like to go for walks? Sure that other part isn't cat?

    We had a dog that was part poodle and cocker - a cockapoo - only she wasn't quite as pretty as Clancy.

  8. Clancy is so cute. Are you named after Tom Clancy?

  9. What a fun interview! My dog loves cheese, too; it's easily her favorite food. I'd hate to see what would happen if she and Clancy were ever alone together with some cheese around to fight over! XD

  10. @Yolanda, that's just how Clancy is. Say cheese and he's there in front of you in a flash. Patches sounds so cute!

    @Parsnip, aww, I love Scotties, how cute. Thank you!

    @Gary and Penny, thank you so much. Clancy and I are thrilled that you like us. :D

    @Diane, LOL, he might be. He's the only dog I've ever known that hates walks.

    @DesertRocks, thanks! I'm not named after Tom, no, my mom just liked the name.

    @Norma, thanks!

    @Ghadeer, thank you!

    @Heather, it would probably be a fight to the death LOL. Thanks!


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