Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball Interview Watson and the Hammish

IMG_0248 SPAL: Hello, nice people. Hair Ball and I are hanging out in our favorite spot today while we interview some really good boys like ourselves.

HB: Yeah. Watson and the Hammish.100_3057

SPAL: What kind of fur peeps are the two of you?

HB and SPAL jump off their couch to greet them.

HB: Well, I know they’re not girls. ***frowns*** Let me smell their butts to make sure they’re okay. ***He sniffs around them*** they sniff back***

SPAL: Just make sure you don’t bite them, stupid.

HB: I’m not going to bite them, pansy.

SPAL: You bit Phil down the street.

HB: Phil’s a Roth something or other. He can take it. Besides, he slapped my head.

Wat: We are the famous two headed dogs of Tucson, Arizona where we moved
from Laguna Beach, California.

Ham: Watson is a 15 year old Brindle Scottie.

Wat: And Hamish or as we call him \thehamish, is a 9 year old Westie/Scottie mix.

SPAL: Nice to meet the two of you. ***they all gather round and sniff at each other***

HB: So who do you live with? We live with our Mummsy and Daddy-O. And we used to sleep with our sister, No-No-O, but she up and left us for a Yakov.

Ham: We live with our Mum, nice tall person who feeds us.

HB: Our Mummsy feeds us, too. But I miss the buffet that once use to be in No-No-O’s bedroom. It was 24 hours a day with lots of great smelling piles to lay in.

SPAL: Yup. Did you know our Mummsy writes novels and stories? And I love to hang with her in my own chair and sometimes in her lap. Do you guys like hanging out with your Mum while she works on her projects?


Watson: When Mum works we sleep under her work table. We like to
keep her company. But if she gets up we will follow her where ever she
goes. Always hoping for some chicken strips.


HAM: Here’s some of Mum’s work. Chikkin?




Ham: yert !

HB: We like chicken. Can you share some?

Watson: We would be willing to share our treats but as we are on
very special diets (diabetic and kidney failure) we don't eat any store
bought treats. Mums makes us baked cookies, sweet potato/yam or chicken
jerky. I especially love pancakes.


Ham: yummmmm yert ! chkikin'

SPAL: Mmmm. Chicken and sweet potatoes. We like the real stuff, too.

They all begin to chase each other.

SPAL: Who’s your Mum and what does she do again?


Wartson: Our Mum’s name is Gayle Bower. She designs cards and writes limited editions of hand made books of haiku. Several of her haiku have been published in Scotland.


Ham: She also has a rough draft of a book about her first Scotty, Kirby and
her adventures. Everyone can find us and our Mum @

SPAL: Thanks for coming. It was fun.

SPAL and HB watch the Hammish and Watson run off.

HB: Yeah. *** he elbows SPAL*** They seemed like pansies to me.

SPAL: Better to be a pansy than stupid, stupid.


Lots of lick to all the nice people!


  1. Oh my gosh, Watson and Hammish are adorable! And what great names, love them. You guys do a great interview SP and HB! :)

    1. Good morning, Julie. We needs to interview your pup.

  2. I knew if these four ever got together, it would be fun!

    Looking forward to reading Kirby's story!

  3. I dig their names! Now get those boys some pancakes.

  4. So cute--The white fluffy ones and the black fluffy ones.. Too cute!! I say and tall persons all so talented and smart!! Great interview!

  5. What a fun get together!

    Sniffing each other to no end....

  6. Oh my goodness.... Great Interview.
    I just read this post at 10:30pm and trying not to laugh. Been at the oral surgeons for several days and my mouth hurts way too much to laugh ! But I am laughing.
    The gud White Dugs are perfect match for the gud Two Little Black Square Ones.

    cheers, parsnip
    p.s. HB The Square Ones have doubled teamed a Coyote so I would be careful about calling them pansies. They don't back down.

    1. Hair Ball is the naughty one....he's a little stupid, you know.

  7. They are adorable! It really does look like two heads on one dog in that photo.

    1. Yes. Watson and the Hammish are adorable.

  8. Those Scotties are gorgeous! It's such a classy, old-fashioned breed. I always picture them with people wearing monocles - though I don't see Gayle wearing one! :-)


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