Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sundays with Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball: Conveyor Belts


110702_004_003Sir Poops-A-Lot



SPAL: Mummsy looks and acts like she’s real tired again.

HB: I know. (he frowns)

SPAL: I thought vacations were supposed to make you refreshed and rested.

HB: Hmmm…                                                 Hair Ball

SPAL: She’s dragging her feet around again.

HB: Yup. Her hands hurt.

110625_004SPAL: Her legs hurt, too.

HB: And she’s back to not sleeping all night through.

SPAL: What are we going to do?

HB shrugs.

SPAL: Sunday should be her rest day. Where we should all hang out in bed with mummsy while she reads novels and writes her great American one.

HB: That would be nice.          110709_005_001

SPAL: Yeah. It would be. But she works in Hair-Lopping-World and I think the Slavemaster isn’t nice. Mummsy says she feels like a conveyor belt.

HB: What’s that?

SPAL: I think it’s a flat thing that keeps moving. It never stops.

HB: But mummsy’s not flat.

SPAL: (he shrugs) I know but she does keep going.

HB: Poor mummsy. I wished she could stay home with us all day and write.

SPAL: And, rest. Oh and, market herself more and talk with her writing buddies more, too.

HB sighs.

SPAL: Well, I hope all her writer friends have a great restful day. Hope they get lots of reading and writing done.

HB: Yeah. Or hang out in bed all day!   110625_001


  1. Aw. Your guys luvs you. And we luvs you too!

    If I were queen of the world we would all have 3-day weekeneds . . . and no conveyor belts ... or nasty whip-snapping bosses...and everyone could write their novels and drink chi lates, or whatever and write to their hearts desires--w/o pain. and the sun will shine and butterflies will flutter and birds will sing, and puppies will wag tails etc.

    Have a restful day, Shelly (^:!

  2. Awww...I hope your mummsy gets a good day to rest, or write, or read...or whatever she wants. And soon too!

  3. Well, vacations are nice, but they can be tiring, especially when your mummsy went so far away. We're glad she's back, but she needs to rest instead of writing and reading...maybe hide her Kindle and computer on her...

  4. I feel your pain Sir Poopsie and Hairball. Mummsy should be there with you guys but this way you all appreciate her when she steps off the conveyor belt and comes home with treats!

  5. Too cute! Hope your mummsy has a restful day soon:).

  6. Hanging out in bed all day is a very good thing, lads.

  7. @ Sir Wills: Yeah. Hanging out in bed all day is the way to live. That's what we do while mummsy goes to work.

    @ Maria: One day.

    @Eve: She's home! She's home! She brought us yogurt.

    @Beth: Mummsy would be sad without her Kindle or computer.

    @Laura: We do, too.

    @Lorelei: Is that the same thing as being the president. If so, we'll vote for you.

  8. Vacations are restful at all. It's almost as if you need a vacation to recover. I would love to spend all day in bed writing with doggies. Sucks to have to come to work, but we all have to pay bill somehow. :)

  9. @Laila: I slept soooo good oversease. Now I'm back and sleeping like I usually do, in shifts. One day, I'll actually have a day where I can actually have off.

  10. I love these guys!

    Hey, Maria! Good to see you back! And thanks for the heads-up in your blog!

  11. I remember retail work days. On your feet for long hours, coming home hurting everywhere - working through breaks. I bet you hurt.

  12. @DM: Most days everything does hurt. Including my thumbs.


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