Friday, September 23, 2011

Travel Tales: Day 5- Israeli Spy Pigeons and The Shady Dentist

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is the morning we had to get up early to get Sweetman to the dentist. Our taxi drove us to another town about twenty minutes from Tel Aviv. We were dropped off in a neighborhood with no visual medical community around. No offices were visible. It was a mystery.


Somewhere in this apartment building existed a dentist. Scary really! I felt like I was taking Sweetman to a top secret place to have his entire face changed. Just to let you all know, these three story apartment buildings are in the suburbs outside of Tel Aviv. For the most part, they are pretty typical residences in Israel except for the kibutzes. But still I had the feel of doing something illegal. ***eyes darting side to side****


We walked up these stairs wondering if we were in the right place. We knocked on a door and an old man answered. Nope! Wrong one. We went to another door. Nope! Wrong again. Crying children huddled at the legs of woman behind this one.


This one was it but no one was there to let us in so we ventured back down the stairs. We waited out in the courtyard.


We came across these two guys. They watched us with intent. They didn’t take their eyes off us. They stared. We stared. I believe these two were Israeli spies sent from the passport office checking up on us to make sure we told them the truth about why we were in their country.


In fact, another one flew in. By the way he took charge of things, I’d say he was the head spy. This one watched us until we went back upstairs to the dentist’s office.

“Look at those birds,” Sweetman said. “They’re really watching us.”

“Yeah. Wonder if they’re deciding whether or not to poo on us?” I said. “You know, maybe their spies. It’s strange how they just sit there and look right at us. They haven’t moved an inch.”

“Yeah.” Sweetman scratched his chin.

“Creepy.” I snapped their pictures.

A good thing the dentist came. She may’ve saved our lives or something. It could’ve been another Alfred Hitchcock movie in the making if she hadn’t. Know what I mean?

After the dentist, we went back to Tel Aviv to change from the Crowne Holiday Inn to the Israeli Intercontinental, a definite upgrade and more Sweetman’s taste. Plus, it was more restful for him. He’d been given orders to rest that entire day.


This is a small mosque just below us. You can see the Mediterranean behind it.


More Mediterranean and an old outside theater.


A picture taken from our room. We were on the sixteenth floor. We had a great view of Tel Aviv.


I think I caught a UFO hovering over the city. ***smiles***

Yup. As you can tell, it wasn’t real exciting on this day and my imagination ran wild.

The real exciting parts of our trip will begin on Monday.

Have great weekend!

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!



  1. guys went a long way to find a dentist!

    Love the pics, Shelly!

  2. @Norma:Sweetman is a wheeler-dealer. Sometimes it takes us out of the country.

  3. I like the birds. How they become characters in the story. Just like the squirrels and raccoons and birds in my Biker Dude stories.

  4. The dentist office reminds me of the scene in Minority Report when the main character gets an eye transplant from a non-doctor in a place that's not a doctor's office. Terrifying.

  5. Love the UFO shot!

    And, I'd be wary of those birds, too....they looked very shady...

  6. Don: Pigeons flourish in Israel like dead people. Everywhere.

    Tonja: Yup. See you're not the only one feeling that way, I see.

    @Beth: Spies, in deed.

  7. Maybe the birds were there to protect you from any sinister forces that were hiding in that strange apartment complex. I mean come on, you were feeling it! Those birds would have sent for others who would have dive bombed anyone who hurt a hair on your head!

  8. Alright! A UFO! I knew they were hiding out in Tel Aviv. I think I would have pulled out my own tooth. Those doors look like the entrance of a tortur chamber. As for the birds, I'll bet they were decoys and had tiny cameras stuck in their bellies, keeping them from pooping on you. Great story! :)

  9. What a great post!
    It felt as though I was there.

  10. I love the creepy pigeons and the ufo. Hey, they say UFO sightings in the US are up! You never know!

  11. Haha, I always appreciate seeing evidence of someone else's overactive imagination!

  12. Sorry, I'm a day late to answer you all but I've been in Lopping-land.

    @Eve: So you think maybe they were friendly spies waiting to assist us. Now that's a thought.

    @Laila: It would've been way cheaper to have pullled out Sweetman's teeth on my own. Good thought.

    Lain: Thanks for stopping by.

    Lorelei: It was weird how they just satyed there and stared at us. Really. UFOs. They're everywhere.

    @Shannon: A writer's mind never ceases to imagine anything.

  13. Pigeon Operatives... coming to you next year from Mossad....

    Terrific pictures, Shelly, even with the UFO. I rather like the look of that mosque and the outdoor theatre along the Med.

  14. @Sir Wills: I'll have more tomorrow. Sticking to my tight schedule. So much to do in so little time to do everything.

  15. An amazingly crowded place. A dentist in a bldg with renters. Interesting. Don't know that I'd be brave enough to try it.


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