Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sundays with Sir Poops-A-Lot and Hair Ball: Yay! Mummsy and Daddy-O are Home!

SPAL: We’ve got our parents back! I’m so happy!(He jumps up and down)

HB: Aren’t you too old to be jumping up and down? 110719_007 SPAL: Never! Let’s see what they brought us. (He dashes toward the kitchen table and the luggage)


HB: Oh, goodie! (He claps his paws together)  I saw a bear in a bag. I hope that’s for me.

SPAL: I smell chocolate.

HB: I smell socks and underwear.

SPAL: Me, too. (He sniffs more)

HB: Do you smell anything else?

SPAL continues to sniff.

HB: Well?

SPAL: I smell things I’ve never smelled before.

HB: Like what?

SPAL: If they’re something I’ve never smelled before how can I possibly tell you, stupid?

HB: Pansy!

SPAL: Stupid!

HB: Move over so I can smell. (He pushes his way over to the suitcases and sniffs) Maybe it’s dirt. I like dirt.

SPAL: You would.

HB: Some kind of food, maybe.

SPAL: Well, do your whine and your dance so mummsy will open up the cases.

HB whimpers and prances in front of the cases. He plops his bottom down and stares at mummsy.

Mummsy stoops down and scoops him up into her arms.

HB: Mummsy, I want a treeaaat. (He smiles and licks her arm)

Mummsy: Are you looking for your treat? (She walks over to the cupboard)

HB: Not the cupboard.

SPAL: You’re soooo stupid! You’ve got her going to the cupboard. We want to see what’s in the suitcases.

HB: Shut up, pansy! Since you’re so smart, you do it. (He wiggles out of mummsy’s arms)

Daddy-o opens his suitcase and pulls out a rock.

SPAL: What are we suppose to do with that thing?

HB: Play fetch.


  1. OMG, seriously funny...boys...patience...(I've been told that a lot too....)

    Glad your mummsy and daddy-o made it home safe and sound...!

  2. Aw! Poor babies. But I'm as happy as the guys are and I'm wagging my tail too! Do I get a treat? Not from the cupboard, tho.

  3. Yeah for rocks! Hip,hip hooray for rocks! Meaningful rocks especially!

  4. Guys, you're supposed to play with the rock! Except if it's a fossil. Then Mummsy might have something to say about that.

  5. @Beth: There's nothing funny about rocks. SPAL

    @Tonja: Thank you.

    @Lorelei: Right from the cupboard. Mummsy brought home tea leaves from London. It's tasty with stevia and lemon. We like tea. Coffee, too, with cream.

    @Eve: Mummsy says the rock is from Jerusalem. Daddy-o picked up from by the wall.

    @Golden Eagle: Thank you.

    HB: See, Sir Wills says we can play fetch with the rock.

    SPAL: No we can't. It's a holy rock from Jerusalem, stupid.

    HB: Pansy!

    SPAL: Whatever! I'm not going to get into trouble because you're stupid.

  6. Hope they have tough teeth.


  7. Poor babies, I'm sure they were so happy to see you. It breaks my heart to leave mine for an extended period of time. This is going to take a lot of cuddling. :(

  8. @Joyce: LOL!

    @Laila: OMG. They were so happy when I walked intot he door. SPAL did his happy run around the dining room table three times and slid across the wooden floor. HB turned into a little jumping bean. And, SPAL whizzed on my shoe and HB humped my leg properly.

  9. Shelly, I tried to comment before and it wouldn't take it. This is just too cute, and just like a dog. I come in the house with a bag and they hope it might be for them. Too cute.

  10. @DM: That's what they do. They're like children.


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