Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturdays with Sir Poops-A-Lot: My First Book Review, Beth Muscat’s, Remember the Eyes

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Hair Ball

HB: What’re we going to talk about today?

SPAL: Don’t know, but you need to leave me alone right now. I’m busy.

HB: Doing what?

SPAL: A book review.

HB: What’s that?

SPAL: It’s like telling a story.

HB: I want to hear the story? I like stories. Mummsy tells me stories. Tell me. Tell me.

SPAL: Go away.

HB: No! I want a story. Tell me the story. (He jumps on SPAL)

SPAL: You’re such a hair ball.

HB: You’re a pansy. Story! Story! Story!

SPAL: Okaaaaay. (He growls)

HB: (He smiles)

SPAL: Let me tell you about three characters. Riley, Michael, and Brenda.

HB: Okay. Okay. (He claps his front paws together)

SPAL: Riley is an eighteen year old girl with special powers. She can do telekinesis, read minds, and has dreams of past lives. She also has premonitions.

HB: Uh-huh…uh-huh.

SPAL: Shh…you’re going to mess up the story.

HB: (Frowns)

SPAL: Anyway, Riley dreams about a man. Well, more than one. They’re all the same one because they all have the same eyes. Her dreams are about her past lives.

HB: Sounds like she had a lot of boyfriends.

SPAL: Shh…Back to the story. Anyway, she meets this guy named Michael at college the first day. He about runs her over. She looks at him and he her. Kapowy. It’s love at first sight. And, he’s got the same eyes the men in her dreams have.

HB: Does he hump her?

SPAL: No. (He crinkles up his nose) The boy has manners. Something you don’t. He’s a real gentleman. Unlike you. In fact, he and Riley fall in love. I think I already said that, though.

HB: Who’s Brenda? Is she a humper?

SPAL: For the most part, yes, but she does worse things than hump. She comes between Riley and Michael. She’s got special powers, too.

HB: Ohh…

SPAL: She doesn’t leave them alone. She’s like a flee. She’s hard to get rid off.

HB: I don’t like flees. They make me itch. What else? Do Riley and Michael hump in the end and live happily ever after? Do they use essential oils to get rid of Brenda? Since she’s a flee.

SPAL: (He rolls his eyes). Let’s get this straight. There’s. No. Humping. In. The. Book. It’s a sweet love story with an evil person trying to tare two people apart. But, Riley’s special powers save the day. That’s all I’m telling you.

HB: How does Riley’s special powers save the day?

SPAL: You need to read it yourself. You can find it at Smashwords and Amazon. Mummsy bought it for a $1.19. It’s an e-book. You can only read it on the computer or Kindle, a Nook, and other devices like that.

HB: Did you like the book?

SPAL: Of course I did, stupid. It deserves as many stars as there are in the night sky. And, there’s two more books that go with it. I’ll tell you about one next week.

HB: Do they hump it in that one?

SPAL: (Covers his face and looks down, shaking his head).


  1. SPAL-You know, I've been waiting all week to see what you thought of my book. I'm glad you liked it...Tell mummsy to make sure she puts HER review up at Amazon...

    Love you guys! If I had a big bone (with some meat still left on it) I'd give it to you. Great job!

  2. These two characters are classic ! Especially HB , he had me chuckling ! Such a fun and fresh way in which to present a review !

  3. I can always count on you for a good laugh. What a fresh way to review a book. Love this!

  4. Oh, what a funny review, you two!

    Now, go pester Mummsy for treats.

  5. Okay...I know you can't do this, but it would be a hoot if you could post THIS review at Amazon!

    I love these guys!

  6. @Norma: I know. Right? I'll post my review tomorrow to Amazon.

    @Beth: We love Greenie Bones!

    @MISH: Hair Ball thanks you.

    @Ms. Langley: We're always glad to make you laugh.

    @Sir Wills: Thank you, but mummsy's really tired now. She says her piggies are screaming, but I don't hear anything. Right, Hair Ball?

    @Eve: Yes, he is. Hair Ball's very naughty.

  7. They do have an interesting and FUNNY way of reviewing! It did make me very interested in the book though!!! Way to go Hair Ball and SPAL!

  8. Awe, so cute! What a unique take on reviewing. Great job!

  9. @Halli, Melissa, and Eve: Thank you for stopping by. Remember the Eyes is a sweet, sweet love story. Reading the next book in the series.


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