Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweetman’s Ability to CYA and the Lovin Language Blogfest

Today is Thursday. Thank God. Yesterday and the full moon, ended eight straight days of hair loppings. My fingers and toes are singing tingly tunes. My left hip is making a grinding noise when I walk. And, my right lower back…well, I think the mean hair fairy punched me there more than once.

It’s now 10:24 AM. Some strange movie titled, “Gretchen” is spread across my Hi-Def television. It’s about a girl with some major issues. She’s weird. Really weird.

The yard guys are buzzing around my lawn and hedges. And, I’ve got a floor guy ripping carpet off my morning room’s floor. Getting new dark wood floors, but there’s a story behind it all and it involves Sweetman. He must think he’s the master of CYA (cover your arse).

I came home from work one afternoon about three weeks ago. Spread across the kitchen table were a plethora of wood chips.

“Which one do you like?” Sweetman asked.

I fingered through the pieces. “I like this one.” I held up a not-so-dark one.

“Oh, not that one. We’re getting this one.” He held up a dark one.

I don’t know why he asks my opinion on anything. Everything in the house we own,he’s picked out. My decisions always get shot down. Like the day at the AT&T Store.

“Which phone do you want?” he asked.

I looked at each phone. Some had buttons. Some were touchpads. I wanted the blue-colored phone with the buttons.

“No,” he said. “You want this one.” He pointed to a touchpad. It cost him twenty dollars plus tax.

Now I can butt, cheek, and purse call all my friends. I can also, dial numbers when I talk on the phone and mute people without knowing it. Not to mention, it’s great at dropping calls mid-way through a great conversation. It’s the phone I’ve always wanted. How did he know?

Okay. Onto a challenge I’ve signed up for.


It’s a one day shot. I know without a doubt I can do this one. Jolene B. Perry is hosting. You can find her @

Here are the rules: Pick any five lines from your WIPs and share. If you’re not good at sharing your items, share someone else’s. Sometimes it’s more fun sharing other peoples’ stuff.

Also, she doesn’t mind if you break any rules since she’s admitted to breaking a few herself.

So, if you want join this, head on over to her blog and sign up for this spectacular one day event.

Okay. Bloggy friends, I’m off to the toilets. They need some scrubbing, and I ‘ve got edits to do on Secondhand Shoes.

You all have a great day blogging, reading, and writing!


PS I’ll be back tomorrow. Hoping to post an interview with a potential screen writer. He’s impressive.

PSS If not I’ll babble about ….who knows, I’ll think of something.

PSSS I miss Robb Logger. Where the hell is he?


  1. hahaha! Good luck with the floors, and the phone! I want to sign up for that blogging thingy on the 27th...however...I have a very stupid question...what's a WIP? I feel so I even have a WIP? And if I do have one, is it okay as it is, or do I need to have it looked at by a professional? Perhaps it's due for a lancing..or maybe it needs some more limbs grafted to the main body? hmmmm...I'll figure it out! lol!
    Thanks for letting us know about this blogfest Shelly..and I hope your floors come out spectacularly!

  2. Shouldn't it be SPAL and HB who are making the vital decisions about which wood is right for the floor?

  3. LOL...Yeah, he's got CYA down to a science. He must be a doctor...doctors do that all the time. Ask your opinion as a nurse, then do the complete opposite...yup...

    BTW, I agree with William...what he said...

  4. Very cute. I guess logically SM knows which floor is best, if he knew which phone is best.
    I'm convinced.
    Yeah, where's Robb?

  5. @Eve: WIP is a work in progress. Don't worry, I didn't know what it was a while ago either. My friends put me straight. It's all good.

    @Sir Wills and Beth: You've got a point there. The boys probably should've went phone shopping, too. And Beth, he did go to medical school but failed his boards. He's an optician with his own store and also does consulting for optometry practices. And, he looks like a doctor. Anal like one, too.

    @Desert Rocks Eve: The floors are looking nice, but the phone still sucks.

  6. Wood floors are so much better than carpet, I bet they'll look nice when they're done.

    I'll check out the blogfest also, thanks.

  7. Hey Nikki and everyone:

    The floors are coming along nicely. They should be done sometime tomorrow. Wish I knew how to figure out how to save pics from my new phone to my little thingie.

  8. HI! Stop by my blog...I have an award for you!!!!

  9. My darn toilets need scrubbing, too. I was ignoring their cries for help. But now I'm guilted into taking care of them. The world will be better for my efforts, I suppose.


  10. @Lucy: Yup. Our toilets need some luvin, too.

    @Laughgigglecry: I'll stop by. Thank you.


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