Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturdays with Sir Poops-A-Lot: My Second Book Review, Beth Muscat’s, Nothing Without You

Sir Poops-A-Lot

Sir Poops-A-Lot


  Hair Ball

HB: Are you going to tell me more story about Riley and Michael, Pansy Boy?

SPAL: You are such a little Hair Ball.

HB: You told me last week you’d finish telling me. And, I know you’ve been reading the Kindle. I saw you so you need to deliver. Today.

SPAL: (Rolls his eyes-something he learned to do in a house dominated by women and cats).

HB: I want a story! I want a story! (He plops in front of SPAL).

SPAL: Okay. But I get your Greenie Bone today if I do.

HB: That’s not fair!

SPAL: Is, too. You whiny little Hair Ball.

HB: (Groans).

SPAL: Okay. Once upon a time, a beautiful princess with special powers, named Riley, was kidnapped by an evil red head and a mad scientist.

HB: (He sucks in a gob of air).

SPAL: The evil red head wanted her dead so she could have Michael, the handsome prince to herself.

HB: I want to bite her! (He growls)

SPAL: The mad scientist wanted to conduct experiments on her. He wanted to know how her telekinesis worked along with her other special powers. He did horrible torturous things trying to get the information from her but Riley showed bravery, keeping her silence.

HB: Did Michael, the prince, come? Did he take out his sword and chop off their heads?

SPAL: No. Michael and Riley aren’t really royalty. They treat each other that way though. Let me finish.

HB: Oh.

SPAL: Her prince learned he had special powers, too, during the rescue mission. He can make himself invisible.

HB: Wow! I’d like to make myself invisible. Then I could eat what I wanted and nobody would catch me. Not even you, Pansy Boy.

SPAL: (Shakes his head) Let me tell the story without interruptions, please. Michael, the prince, saved Riley, the princess from the wicked people.

HB: But how?

SPAL: You really need to learn how to read. It’s not hard, you know.

HB: You’re my big brother. That’s what you’re for.

SPAL: That’s what you think.

HB: Whatever. Did he hump her in the end? That’s what  heroes do in the movies, you know.

SPAL: Learn to read so you can find out for yourself.

HB: He did! He humped her! He humped her!(He jumps up and down) And, they lived happily ever after!

SPAL: I don’t know about that. There’s another book on these two people.


  1. LOL You two!!! HB, you really need to learn how to read...and, I'm not going to spoil it anymore.

    I expect mummsy will write a real review...You two are amazing, though...You two really are special!

  2. Hairball does need to start reading by now...LOL.

  3. Leave it to a dog to think happy endings have to involve humping.

    Oh, wait a minute. Men think that way, too....

  4. Great review, puppies!

    And I love this line...

    SPAL: (Rolls his eyes-something he learned to do in a house dominated by women and cats).

  5. @William-That is a funny line, isn't it...
    @Norma-Yup, you're right on that one...

  6. Loved this. Got me chuckling. Thanks! I needed that!
    ~Lorelei [=

  7. Hello Everyone:

    Sorry we didn't answer right away. Mummsy was away all day. She went to E-wee's Mexican Baby shower. Her step-dad was put into the hospital. And, when she got home last night, it was eleven o'clock. Plus, she had a splitting headache.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

    Very truly yours,
    Sir Poops-A-Lot
    Hair Ball


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