Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturdays with Sir Poops-A-Lot: Panty Fetishes

HB: How you feeling? Mummsy says you’re not walking right again.


SPAL: Well, it’s not been easy lately. The doctor gave me pink stuff to take and something Mummsy crushes into my food. Speaking of food. I soooo much want my usual fare. ****sigh*** But yeah, my front paw is bothering me again. It’s my own fault though. I don’t always listen to Mummsy’s good advice. REST!


HB: Do you still want to do the post this morning?

SPAL: Definitely. We’ve a got a problem. And I hope you’re not responsible.

HB: What do you mean?

SPAL: There are weirdoes out there stalking one of our blogs. I’m worried.

HB: Which one?

SPAL: Remember when we did the underwear challenge?

HB: Yeah. I liked that one.

SPAL: Of course you did, stupid. Well, it gets 500 to 1000 hits a month from all over the world. People find it by Googling the following:

  • period panties
  • dirty panties
  • daughters panties
  • love panties
  • open crotch panties
  • pentyhose dirty undderwear
  • pantyhose and panties
  • pantyhose in hamper
  • pantyhose kidnapp
  • smelly panties
  • amy smart in panties (Who is she supposed to be?)
  • hot babe getting her ……(This one is too nasty to write out for the whole world to see.)

HB: It’s funny. ***he chuckles***

SPAL: No. It’s not. I see the word kidnap in there. What if someone is looking to kidnap Mummsy so they can steal her panties and tie her up with her pantyhose and stuff her in a hamper?

HB: ***He stops laughing*** Oh.

SPAL: Yeah. We’ve got a problem. I just hope you’re not friends with any of these weirdoes.

HB: Why do you always blame me for stuff like this?

SPAL: Because you’re a humper. You eat Mummsy’s panties and other disgusting things. I sometimes wonder if you’re not a part of a secret ring of Boogies.

HB: I’m not a Boogie! I protect everyone from them!


SPAL: We’ll see. How do you plan on protecting our Mummsy then if one of these weirdoes come around?

HB: I’ll tear up their ankles and cripple the Bad Boogies!

SPAL: ***rolls his eyes***


  1. Shelly, if the boys are worried about you being kidnapped they only need to go and edit the post out. Simple.
    I have been getting hits on one of my posts too--oddly enough, it's not the panty one. I've been considering taking it out too as it must be suggestive enough--even though it isn't. It's my very first teasers from Vampire's Trill. It gets several hits every day. *shrug*

    Have a good one, g.f.!

  2. Oh, that's both hilarious... and deeply disturbing!

    I think the boys would do quite well slashing away at ankles of any stalkers coming by!

  3. Ew, those searches are totally messed up.

    Recently, I've been getting an excess of spam with links to sites selling fake handbags. Sorry, now that I wrote 'fake handbags' here, you're going to get them too. Do people have nothing better to do with their time?

  4. I thought the Underwear Challenge would bring all the weirdos out from under their rocks.

    SPAL and HB--be good watchdogs. Protect Mummsy!

  5. Cute pictures and yeah the blog I did that had a mom spanking the kid got more views than anything. I think I put it into draft mode. Don't worry pups, Mummsy will be famous for more than her cute panties!

  6. To everyone: We have considered taking that post down. It's just too creepy to think that there are possibly every kind of molester out there doing God know what when they read this. GROSS!

    Sir Poops

  7. Boy, those pups are great. I'm sorry Sir Poops A Lot is hurting again. Strange all the hits on your blog.

  8. @Donna: it's the one they did for the underwear challenge. There's sickoes out there.

  9. It is disturbing that you're getting so many weird searches on your blog...I hardly look at that section of's creepy isn't it? On the lighter side..I used to have a dog that ate underwear too...and diapers, and pads, and plastic bags.. Sometimes dogs can be really weird too eh? lol! Hope your weekend is going good and not too creepy!

  10. I wonder what's with these weirdos??
    Geez, don't spammers have a life? Get a hobby or something!

  11. MISH: They should take up fiction writing.

    @Eve: Yes. Dogs can be just as wierd. Sir Poops will eat his accidents sometimes...I believe he thinkss he won't caught if he cleans up after himself.

  12. Hope the paw is feeling better soon.
    Yes, very disturbing, the only heavy panting you want is from your blogging doggies, not the readers!
    Wagging Tales

  13. Hey Shelly, I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award - you deserve it. All the details are at Happy blogging.

  14. I always read these with my kids :D funny.

  15. it's a worry what some people search for in google...

  16. @Janet: Thank you for the award.

    @Jolene: Yes. They can be very funny.

    @Charmaine: I so hope Sir Poops gets better and stays better. I cna't believe how much his doctor bills are.

    Lynda: They're wierdoes.


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