Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturdays with Sir Poops-A-Lot: Supporting No-No


SPAL: We’re here to protect and uphold No-No’s honor. IMG_0041I say let her sleep. Leave her alone. This is the life. Especially, since we’ve been up all night working hard.

HB: Yeah. We’ve been perusing Facebook and in the chat rooms.

SPAL: That’s right. We even help her look for ideas for little funny things she calls her ‘Babies’.

HB: We work right along side her like little elves. Look what we did last night.

IMG_0039 SPAL: It’s the beginning of another ‘Baby’.

HB: What I don’t understand is why she hasn’t made me a ‘Baby’? She yells at me when I grab one after their finished. I only want to play with them. They’re my size and they fit nicely inside my mouth. And I can shake and shake ‘em until all their insides come out.

SPAL: You have terrible tendencies towards violence. You’re so stupid! Mummsy really needs to consider putting you into anger management classes.

HB: You’re such a pansy! All you want to do is cuddle and lick on them like a girl.

SPAL: They’re not made to be torn apart. They’re made to be sent to people who can’t have ‘Babies’.

HB: How do you know?

SPAL: I watch the Discovery Channel. They sometimes have a show on adoptions from all over the world. American people adopt Chinese, Russian, and African babies to call their own. They cuddle and lick them. That’s what you do with them, stupid. Don’t you pay attention when the television is on?

HB: He shrugs.

SPAL: No-No also draws cartoons about her ‘Babies’. And recently, a children’s author asked her to make some for his new book.

HB: No-No’s going to be famous? Does that mean we’ll have twice the treats? Famous Mummsy. Famous No-No. That equals double treats plus two sofas and two more big screen T.V.’s. One for each of us.

SPAL: Anyway, what Mummsy and Daddy-O doesn’t understand is she is working.

HB: But her ‘Babies’ aren’t going to pay her bills like Mummsy writing hasn’t paid off yet so she goes to her ‘job’ everyday. She needs to get a job so Daddy-O will stop acting like a gorilla. That’s what Mummsy says when he gets mad.

SPAL: They need to be patient. Anyway, want to see No-No’s ‘Babies’ everyone?


SPAL: She has her own little company name. CUSTOM TOAST. She makes other kinds of ‘Babies’, too. Anyone, want to adopt one?

HB: I want one.

SPAL: But not to tear apart.

HB: Frowns.

SPAL: So everyone our No-No is working.

HB: Yeah. That’s right. So there….   



  1. You are pretty smart little ones! Cute, cute babies! Has she put them on Etsy? It is a very unselfish loving idea. How kind, really. Hairball, you are just like one of mine - shake the stuffing out of the toy, then go for that squeaker. You two keep watching over her.

  2. @ Donna: We don't really know but she goes on Facebook alot and chat rooms telling peeps about her 'Babies'.

  3. That's wonderful! I heard Etsy is a good place to sell stuff like that. Craft shows too. Yay, No-No.

  4. Oh how cute those custom toasts are and Hairball's photo with his tongue sticking out is classic! Sounds like you should all be famous like the Von Trapp Family. SPAL, Hairball, Sweetman the Gorilla, No-No, Mummsy and the Toasts! Adorable!

  5. Well, the babies are cute!

    The dogs, of course, are as always incorrigable. But in a charming way!

  6. The babies look like Angry Birds!

  7. I love the brown one!! I think I like that one because it looks like an owl and I love owls!

    I'm glad that No-No is of...

  8. So DaddyO acts like a gorilla? Bet he loves that!

    The Babies do look like Angry Birds!

  9. @Tonja: We'll let her know about Etsy.

    @ Sir Wills: Thank you. We think.

    @Mike and Norma: Angry birds? They're babies.

    @Evie: You think we could be on television?

    @Beth: That's what all the babies are. Owls.

  10. @Everyone: This is No-No! My baies are not Angry Birds! I've been making these since 2005! @Beth: They are Owls :))) Toast is the boy, and Izzy is the girl. I made these four for a rabbi in Michigan. His friend wrote a story about 4 Hanukkah owls, and voila! Here they are in the flesh... sort of :) I am in the process of designing three new characters to add to the owls. Toast & Izzy are only the beginning! thank you for your kind words everyone! :)) I love them as well!

  11. NO-NO again!: Can anyone else believe she decided to post a picture of her daughter on here like that?! It looks like I'm sleeping in the nude! Good lord, mother! Do you want everyone one here in your blog sphere to think we favor a nudist lifestyle? LOL

  12. I always love reading about the adventures of Sir Poops-A-Lot. The pic is just too cute. I am grateful for your blog and the way you brighten people's lives. Hope the new year is treating you well, girl!

  13. Cute little babies. I'm seeing a lot of Etsy references in your comments. I too have heard good things about them. Good luck with the newest project.


  14. @ Joyce: It's my daughter's project. And she seems to be my project.

  15. @Sylvia: Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Aw... sooo cute! Come to think of it, SPAL and HB make an interesting promo team LOL!

  17. @MISH: Thanks. You know, I was over at your blog yesterday and the darned thing wouldn't let me leave a comment.


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