Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shelly Gives Two Mini Book Reviews and What’s on My Kindle

Good morning, everyone! Florida is having ‘FREEZE YOUR ARSE OFF’ temps this morning. I had a hard time forcing myself out of my toasty covers but here I am, downstairs at my kitchen table, pecking away at the keyboards to bring you two book reviews. Mini ones.

Box of Rocks, by Karla Telega

box of rocks

Maggie and Cher are middle-aged best friends going through the change(two women I can relate to since I suffer from hot flashes and pee when I sneeze). Both make a bucket list of things to do together. When ghost hunting and shooting don’t pan out, they decide to dig for gold. Between hot flashes and incontinence they come across a dead body and solve who the murderer is but not w/o putting themselves in danger.

If you love strong character voices this is for you. Karla has an amazing way with voices. You can here them in your head. Way cool!

I can’t wait for Karla’s next book. This was great!

You can find her book or e-book on Amazon.

If you want a way better book review, go here, Writers of Mass Distraction. Sir Wills is an expert on writing any kind of review. He’s the bestest-ever-reviewer-giver.

My Beginning, by Melissa Kline-

my beginning

This is Young/Adult Crossover read. Immediately, we’re introduced to Ivory, a sixteen year old girl who lives in an institution with others her age run by ‘nurses’. She’s known nothing but isolation from the outside world since a ‘plague’ wiped out the human race so she’s been told. Her only contact with the outside world are windows. Questions invade her mind (typical of a teen-question authority)especially after she meets a boy named Aiven who has the same questions like what’s it like out there beyond the window. Thier lives change after they run-a-way and find surviving humans. This is sweet love story that involves family relationships, loyalty, accepting differences, and love conquers all . It’s also action packed with lots of surprises.

You can find her book and e-book at Amazon.

What’s on my Kindle?

7 Scorpians: Rebellion by Milke Saxton

7 Scorpians: Revolution by Mike Saxton

Pretty Witches All in a Row by Lisa Olsen

Mercy for the Wicked by Lisa Olsen

Soulless Light by Joann Buchanan

Wildflower by Beth Muscat

The Bracelet by Beth Muscat

Fiction Noir: Thirteen Stories (There’s a story in there by Eve Gaal)

My books:

Agnes Et Yves by Patricia Herlevi

And, I’m still waiting for Vampire’s Trill by Lorelei Bell.

What’s on your Kindle?

You all have a great day!

See you later in the ink,



  1. It was something like 16 degrees this morning when I drove my teen to school. She only wore a hoodie. It would be good to be young again.

  2. @Tonja: THis evening it's going down to 28 here. At least, the sun is shining.

  3. You don't know you're born. It was -3 degrees this morning. Now, three hours later its a near tropical 4 above in good old London.
    I'm not into love stories of any kind but Box of rocks sounds like it could be a good read.

  4. I wish it was colder here in Utah. Still no snow, which is almost unheard of for us. Crazy stuff.

    But thanks for the recommendations! They sound great :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. Nice reviews. Thanks for doing them.
    My Kindle has such a variety of books on it, and so many that I doubt I'll ever get caught up with reading.

  6. Hi Shelly! Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm honored. :)


  7. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to checking out these two books. Hopefully I can make a dent on my TBR list so I can add them on there. :)

  8. @Roger: I believe me arse would fall off in your temps. When I was in London, in September, I thought it was cold.

    @Sarah: the weather all over the world has been strange.

    @Melissa: No problem.

    @Nutshell: Happy New Year back to you!

  9. Where in Florida? My daughter goes to school in Orlando. She says it's so cold here that she's ready to get back.


  10. I love mini reviews. All reviews should be so succinct. :) Happy New Year! And hey, the NiNo promo form is up and running again!

  11. Oh, so many things on my Kindle! Thanks for the mini-reviews; both sound good. I've got Sophie Littlefield "Bad Day for Sorry" on Kindle, along with a few pieces by Ian T. Healy, J.A. Kazimer, and a bunch of Indie writers. Kindle is my home for Indie's!

  12. I promised myself that I'm gonna invest in a Kindle/I-Pad (whichever is the better...) this year. Now I just need some time to check out availability & costing...

  13. @Joyce: I live in New Port Richey which is about 2 hours from Orlando via I-4. Last night it was in the 20s.

    @Ali: Mini reviews are easier since I write, beta read, edit, critque, and work full-time.

    @Shannon: I read Indies on my Kindle, too.

    @MISH: The Kindle is less expensive.

  14. It was three degrees where I live this morning. Everyone's having a cold snap lately, I guess.

    Love the mini reviews. Thanks for sharing...

  15. Oh boy. More to add to my TBR pile, thank you!

  16. M.J.: My butt would freeze for sure and fall off in one big clump for sure.

    Lydia: They are great reads.

  17. Great reviews and great recommendations! Thanks for sharing :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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