Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sir Poops and Hair Ball: Thursday's Adventure with Edwin Elf

Edwin: Let's take the car out today. Whad'ya say?

SPAL: I say we all hang out on the couch and watch The Price is Right.

HB: Car ride? I'll go.

Edwin: Come on then!

HB: Okay!

SPAL: I wouldn't if I were you. What if you crash the car?

Edwin and HB: Chicken-pansy! (They head for the garage.)

Edwin: You're going to have to help me open this big door.

HB: Okay. (He helps Edwin and the both hop into the seats.)

HB: Mummsy always uses something called a key to stick in that hole over there. The car doesn't start without it.

Edwin: Elves don't need keys, silly.

HB: They don't?

Edwin: All I need is magic. (The car starts)

HB: I want some magic. If I had that I could have a lot of treats and toys.

HB: This is so much fun. I hope Mummsy let's me keep you forever and ever.

Edwin: Sorry. But I can only stay until Sunday night. Besides, I'm not even supposed to be here. (He backs the car out of the  garage.)

HB: You're not? How come?

Edwin: You know that giant beast across the street they call Tank?

HB: Yeah. He's soooo stupid and barks at everyone. What about him?

Edwin: I was supposed to be there this week reporting about him to Santa. 

HB: You were? 

Edwin: Yeah. But he is only coal worthy....has been for years. I'm sure nothing has changed. And the last time I was there he tried to eat me.

HB: Are you going to tell Santa about me?

Edwin: No, silly. 

HB: Why not?

Edwin: He'd fire me. Besides, you're Hanukkah Harry's territory. (He looks into the rear view mirror and sees blue and red lights) Not to mention, we're in trouble with the fuzz.


  1. Uh-oh! You guys should have listened to SP.

    1. But it was fun despite being pulled over and getting sited for a stolen car. Edwin's magic seemed to stop after that. We're at the pound waiting for Mummsy to come bail us out.

  2. This just gets funnier and funnier....

    Edwin, you are a bad influence!

  3. Oh-oh! I knew they'd get into bigger trouble today. Can't wait for the next installment! Will you have to get them out of jail??? Funny!!!

  4. I can't take my eyes off these two.

  5. Something told me when I read that first sentence not to dare take a drink of coffee, I didn't listen to that something and now have had a netti pot treatment with hazelnut coffee. I'll be smelling hazelnuts all day! Thanks for the laughs and I will be one who is missing these stories of Edwin, HB and SPAL after Sunday.

  6. Sorry about the nasal drinking. Be careful. I wouldn't want you to drown.

    Hugs and chocolate!


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