Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This morning my alarm went off at five am but I rolled over and stole another hours sleep. My body refused to get up again. Life’s been like this since December.

For years I jumped out of bed to get to the gym. I did spin, boot camp, and weight training. Now I walk the dogs or do a twenty minute interval training session.

You see, my body kicked my arse because I made my schedule demand a lot from me. Mind over matter has always been my motto. No pain, no gain. Humans control their minds so they control their destiny deal. This isn’t always a good thing.

Well, my body is fighting back. Adrenal fatigue the doctor says. Its affected everything, including my writing, blogging, and reading schedule. Since the diagnosis, I’ve had to modify everything in my life. Pace myself. Mentally, it’s driving me nuts. I’m used to cramming as much as possible into one day and finishing my day’s goals before I hit the pillow.

So I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll be blogging three times a week only because I need the time to work on the holes in Secondhand Shoes. And, those things keep popping up or rather tripping me up. A writer’s work is never done. There’s always room for improvement.

Plus, I need the energy to work forty hours a week for a paycheck, clean my house, and keep Sweetman happy. But my finished novels and WIPs can’t suffer because of my past stubbornness. I have to write. It makes me the happiest besides being around Sweetman.

Right now, I’m struggling to find the balance to do it all without killing myself. That’s something else I’ll put on my vision board. I’m still collecting items to make that. Maybe I’ll finish it when April’s full moon comes. Everything takes time.

Not to mention, I signed up for the April challenge. Posting a blog everyday using a letter from the alphabet. So over the weekend I plan to hand write as many of those blogs as I can to save me some time and energy.

Anybody else out there struggling with anything like this? Health issues? Demanding work schedule? Family?

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!


P.S. Save a library!


  1. Maybe you could cut hair at home? I don't have work bothering my schedule anymore.LOL. Money might be a problem soon though. You could sell ads on your blogs? Want to buy one on mine? LOL

  2. Hey Eve: I've thought about cutting hair at home. Live in a deed restricted community. The neighborhood Nazi's might believe I turned my home into a brothel or something If I did.

    Do you actually make money from those adds?

  3. Shelly this sounds so familiar. I don't have adrenal fatigue, I have thyriod disease, very similar symptoms. I feel your pain.


  4. Always struggling with the demands of being a mom, wife and trying to make some money. It's a 24/7 job to be a woman!

  5. Take smaller bites out of life and it will take smaller bites out of you.

  6. Wow! You are a busy bee. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

  7. @Nikki: It all goes hand in hand.
    @Jen: Yup.
    @Christina: Why didn't God just make all women superhuman with replcement parts and a warranty?
    @Loelei: You are the vampire queen...good advice. Working on smaller bites.

  8. Even if your body's resting, it must be hard to relax your mind. I hope you feel better soon. Perhaps the change in pace will equal greater creativity or even productivity where you need it most.

  9. I hear you woman!!! Trying to balance things without killing myself is always on my to-do list as well. So far I'm alive, though the balanced part is questionable. :)

  10. @ Janet: You're probably right b/c when I do something relaxing my mind floats off into the other world, so to speak.

    @Lauren: We women are gluttons for this type of thing.

  11. Definitely! I work long hours on Mon, Wed, Fri and there is NO WAY I could write on those days. Tue/Thurs I can sometimes sneak in a few hours, and family obligations take up most of the weekend. lately, I've been so desperate to write, I've gone away to a coffee shop for up to 5 hours at a time(!)so I can concentrate on my novel.

    I think the mental part of exhaustion is often underplayed.

  12. Perri:

    Thanks for the comment. Mental exhaustion is the worst. Sunday evening I couldn't think straight enough to write one word or put my chapters in order for my Monday night critique group.


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