Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Recently, Sue W. wrote a blog that inspired me to write today’s diddy. You can find Ms. W.’s blogs at:

Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

I bowled over. Cramps grabbed my abdomen out of no where. It brought back the memories of those days when I went through Tampons like candy. There’s no way it could be what my mother called Auntie Rose but it sure as hell felt like it. I’m cursed for sure if it is.

Another surge of pain clutched my back. “Ow…ow…ow,” I moaned. It is what I think it is.

“What’s wrong now, Contessa?” Arthur asked. His hands on his hips and eyebrows raised. “You sure do whine a lot. Your change was over days ago.”

“It feels like I started my period.”

“You’re period?” A smile stretched across his face.

“Yes. You didn’t tell me I’d have to endure this after the change. The pain is twenty times worse than when I was mortal.” Never thought after the change from human to vampire I’d still experience a menstrual. I’m immortal for crying out loud. Perfect in every way so I thought. “You should’ve sucked me dry. I should’ve been your meal not your mate. Now I have to endure this every month. I’d rather die.” My knees buckled and I dropped to the floor.

Arthur walked toward me and stooped down. His cold hand cupped my chin. “Is there anything I can get you to ease your pain?”

I looked into his intense black eyes. They used to be blue. Love still shined through them despite his impatience and immortality. “Chocolate ice cream.” Didn’t think I'd still crave that either. In fact, I think I’d let a human live for a half gallon of Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie ice cream. My favorite comfort food around this time of the month. Something my mother gave me as a remedy for this time.That should take care of this unbearable ache in my body.

Arthur pressed his lips against my forehead before he stood and asked, “Would you like a human before that bowl of chocolate ice cream?”

“That would be nice. But make sure the ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie, please.”  I looked up at him, a picture of pure male beauty. After his change he went from scrawny-computer-geek boy to full fledge got-hard-muscles-everywhere-that-want-to-do-you boy. He looked more man than boy though.

“Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie it is. Anything for my Contessa.” He turned and walked out the door.


You all have a great day while I do some hair loppings.

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  1. I loved this one. Chuckling to myself.

    I never thought of having ice cream to help that nasty monthy visitor. What a perfect excuse, lol!

  2. Lorlei: Thank you for reading.

  3. Delicious in more ways than one!

  4. @Lauren: Definitely. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Oh've put a little spin on the traditional vampire...I like it. Yeah, vamps are supposed to be perfect in every's one with cravings for icecream and having menstrual cramps...

    Very funny!

  6. @Beth: I thought so. Contessa is quite original. I'll have to think on her more. Maybe she'll show up again. For fun, you know.

  7. Definitely. Think she'll be back ont he blog. Her and Arthur.


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