Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Book Review: Christi the Coupon Coach: Couponing Made Simple

I know its late for me to post, but I had to work today, of course. Hair loppings had to be done. And, when I arrive home, I have to feed Sweetman and his pet, Fluffy, and Sir Poops-A-Lot and Honey Beard a/k/a Hair Ball.

Book Review:

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Product Description

Learn to save 80% today and for the rest of your life. Couponing Made Simple can help make sense of the new world of couponing wtih a step-by-step plan. Imagine providing for your family in these tough economic times for pennies on the dollar! This is not "extreme" but real couponing for real people. The sooner you get started couponing, the more you will save. You will wish you had started earlier, but the plan, organization system, tips and tools can jump start you into a new way of shopping. Join Christi the Coupon Coach as she shows you the way to Super Savings

Christi did a great job breaking down her coupon system for me because I get overwhelmed with stuff like this. First of all, I hate clipping coupons. Second, being organized with a file system that works…well, I don’t do that well either. Out of sight. Out of mind. If it gets filed away, I’ll forget about it.

Also, her excitement about couponing is contagious. It shines through each chapter.

My favorite chapters:

Chapter Three, The Language of Couponing

Here you’ll learn about Blinkies, Bogo, Clipping Services, Coupon Inserts, Coupon Kiosk, Customer Loyalty Card, O.O.P., Peelies, Rebates, Receipts, Rock Bottom Pricing, Stacking, Stockpiling, and Store Loyalty Rewards.

Chapter Four, Organization System

In this chapter, she’ll teach you how to organize for your coupon adventure, making it easy-peasy. It was for me, and that was a miracle in itself.

Chapter Five, Step-by-Step Process

This chapter explains which newspapers to buy, how to sort them, and find deals, match coupons.

I know ya’ll want to know if you can really save big. The answer is yes, but this takes time and patience. If you’re a working mom, take baby steps towards your savings. That’s what I’ve been doing.

My first trip to store with coupons I bought three Yoplait yogurts for ten cents and two tubes of Tylenol Muscle rub for three dollars. Reason being: I had six stackable coupons for the yogurt, two for each yogurt, and four stackable coupons for the muscle rub.

If you want to know more. Buy the book so you can start saving on your groceries, too.

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  1. Stackable? Did your muscles hurt from lifting all the money you saved?

  2. We can't do this in Canada. We have "limit one coupon per household" and we don't have these 'in store' specials...because usually if there's an 'in store' special, you don't get to use a coupon with it.
    I wish we did have your coupon ways up here, because I would do it...maybe not to the extreme that some of these people do it...I mean, really, some of these women/men are buying crap...500 chocolate bars or 20 cases of sports drinks. That's not FOOD! Although, I like what that one guy does buying stuff for 'unfortunate' people who can't afford stuff, I think that's great. But, not when you buy 100 of something, just because you can. I don't get that...

  3. @Norma: I've got big muscles.

    @Beth: I know. I buy what I need. Personally, I stay away from sugary, processed foods. I use the coupons on paper products, detergents, toiletries, and very little edibles. I usually buy organic foods.

  4. Christi the Coupon Coach here... I found a great site to share with you for organic coupon/sale matches

    I am not about "extreme" but Real couponing for Real people. I save 70-90% buying 6 to 8 of the items I use at rock bottom prices. This takes us through until the next sale cycle.

    This has had a significant impact on our family budget and I am thrilled to teach others how to coupon reasonably for a reasonable amount of products with a reasonable amount of time for great savings.

    You can find the book: Christi The Coupon Coach-Couponing Made Simple at Hope you will get the book to learn the simple step by step plan so you can start saving for your family!

    Happy Couponing!
    Christi the Coupon Coach


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