Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feeling Dizzy

Does writing an action scene make anyone else out there dizzy? Right now the room is spinning from a car chase scene I’ve been working on since Friday. Can’t tell you how many You Tube scenes I’ve watched. Nor can I tell you how many maps I’ve scribbled trying to relate the positions of each car and semi. OMG. Woozy and nauseous. Really. I think I’m going to be sick. Whoa!

I’ll share a little bit of what I mean.

The semi behind slowed more and flashed his headlights three times. I slowed down, too, watching the length of B.J.’s semi pass me. I hoped Cynthia to be close by. She was. In the right lane.

A horn blowing “Whistle Dixie” came from out of nowhere between us. The creep and three stooges. Crap.

From the passenger side mirror reflection, Max drove. Fantabulous.

Cynthia revved the bug’s engine getting my attention, and sped ahead. The idiot pulled along side me in the middle one. I slapped my foot on the gas pedal. The back tires peeled across the pavement leaving black smoke behind.

Some how I maneuvered the car behind Cynthia’s. The creeps raced behind playing that stupid redneck horn. Oh. My. God. Really?

A horn sounded from the blue semi. It caught up driving along side the monster truck flashing its headlights again. I didn’t know what the que meant but I did see a sign warning me that an exit existed one mile ahead.

The length of the semi passed me and pulled in front of me. Okay. Now what? This made my brains itch, and I had to go pee. A possible poo, too.

“Pull into the left lane,” Gram said. “Then brake hard.” Gram braced herself for any impact. Didn’t know it might affect her spirit if I smashed up Max’s beloved car.

I did. The car spun around two times and stopped, I felt like my mom. Mom drives like this. Can’t count how many times I peed myself in her car growing up.

I looked over my shoulder. A good thing no cars were coming from behind. Well, not for miles. If mom could see me now, she’d be proud but maybe not.

I looked back ahead. The monster truck still kept pace at the end of the blue semi. One of the skanks waved their arms from the passenger side flipping me the bird. What an intelligent thing to do. Before I knew it, they did a hard brake but didn’t spin. Instead, they backed up in high speed.

“Hit the gas, child!” Gram yelled. “Move it all the way over into the right lane. That exit will be here before you know it.”

I did, barley making it to the right lane. The monster truck’s back end got about a foot from the Impala’s bumper. It looked like it could back over top of me.

“Oh. My. God.” I said. “That was close.”

“Well, it’s not over yet.”

Cynthia made it to the exit ramp. A cloud of smoke puffed out of her exhaust pipe.

Let me know if it makes sense. Did I keep it simple?

I think I need to go lay down now.

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!!



  1. Yup, I get dizzy a lot. I wrote one book where my MC was doing drugs, and I felt blitzed up the entire time. Weird.

  2. I had to research helicopter flights and that made me dizzy!

  3. I am getting dizzy reading your post. lol I know how you feel. You did keep it simple, but I am having trouble picturing it in my mind. Perhaps a little more detail?

  4. It fits, Shelly, and I can see why it would make you dizzy!

  5. @Tanya: Our character issues do wear us out.

    @Eve: Wished I could my order in somewhere on the web and get the chase I want.

    @Jen: Detail schmee-shell...oh man...gotta fix it again

    @William: Really, it all fits?

  6. I'm a little slow. I don't suppose this is going to be a pop-up book? That's about my speed.

  7. The only alterations I'd make (and because this is a part of a larger passage, it might not be doable) is removing a couple of words.

    "The semi behind" - drop behind.

    "I looked back ahead." -drop back.


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