Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Save Education and Freedom Of Speech, Soon To Be Extinct

Don’t know exactly where to begin this morning. So many things are bothering me. Especially with the country I live in. America. One by one, a freedom seems to be disappearing. Our most important ones being education and freedom of speech. They pretty much go hand in hand.

Without education you can’t have freedom of speech. The elite know this. Without resources to educate oneself, people will believe anything they’re told. I mean, look at our kids, they’re hooked up to the latest tech toys. Television. Computers. Cell phones. I-pods. How can they possibly think for themselves? They can’t. They have to be told what to do because they lack the creativity to figure anything out.

When a fifteen year old tells me they don’t know what nine times nine is, that’s scary. It’s even scarier giving them charge over a cash register. They can’t count change back the traditional way. OMG. Sometimes they can’t even count it back the easy way when the register clarifies the amount for them. Really?

It irks me when a young person tells me they don’t read because they get bored too easy. Hear it too often. My God, most of them don’t know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’.

When my youngest daughter attended public elementary school, the teacher allowed her to write her spelling words the way she heard them. Any effort I made in correcting this, failed. Today she can’t spell to save her life.Not to mention, reading bores her. Wonder why?

Our kids are plugged into too many machines. It’s progress they say but at the same time our kids can’t think straight or, for themselves. Do you think that maybe one day those machines will tell them how to think? Yeah, there’s a good possibility.

Listen to this:


Not only this, but subtly and slowly, we’re loosing our public libraries. Lack of funds, they say.Loosing our law libraries, too. Well, the books that is. The books are being replaced with Nooks, Kindles, etc. Library systems are being dominated by the cyber world.

What does this mean? Without tangible books the poor in society have less chances to better themselves. They can’t afford Nooks or Kindles.

I follower blogger, E.J. Wesley. He’s the man to follow when it comes for up to date information on e-publishing and what’s happening with regard to the machines taking over the world as we know it.

Check him out at:

As for the law libraries, no books means you are stuck with browsing West Law. Ever done that? Try it. Not so easy, my friends.Since I’m a paralegal and am certified as a West Law user, I can get through it but for the rest of you, good luck with that. And, you’ll be charged I’m sure. Need to investigate that more but I’m pretty sure there will be a fee to use it. What a great way to keep public information private.

A couple more things before I end this post. HELP SAVE A LIBRARY! Check out ALA, American Library Association:

And last, even the Martians know how valuable books are:

That’s all for now folks!!!!

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!!!



  1. Cashiers that don't count back always makes me wonder if they failed simple math.

  2. Wait -- writing your spelling words the way you hearthem? That is insane. Isn't the point of a spelling test to actually spell the words correctly?

  3. I know exactly what you’re saying. It’s been coming on for a long time and now it’s finally here. People need to open their eyes.

  4. @ Eve: It drives me crazy.

    @Nikki: Did you know the majority of highschoolers do not know thier addition, subtration, multiplication, or division by heart? It's a real tragedy.

    @Trisha: Teachers that want to use Hooked on Phonics get fired if they don't hide it.

    @George: Yes. A long time coming.

  5. Very good points. I was looking the other day at comments in a library database from readers who must be teens... the spelling is atrocious.


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