Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Author, Stacey Graham a/k/a Zombie Queen


I’d like to introduce ya’ll to Stacey Graham, one of the authors from “Hungry for Your Love,” a plethora of zombie romance anthologies.


Miss Stacey is a busy beaver. Mom of five daughters. Claims to being the best granola chef in the world. Ghost hunter. Writer. Funny girl. Her works on submission are the following: Zombie Dating Guide, Girl’s Ghost Hunting Guide, Zombie Tarot, de Bourgh’s Revenge, and The Haunting of Longbourn.

Was glad to catch her between ghosts, zombies, and five busy daughters at her feet. Some how I managed to get a few questions answered. 

Here we go:

Me: Since you're the Zombie Queen of love---well, you are to me---what sparked your interest to write about Undead love? Did you date a few?

Stace: It was a fluke, really. I had the opportunity to submit to an anthology for Ravenous Romance and zombies were the subject. I'd always thought that zombies had a sense of humor that you wouldn't find in those moody vampires so I gave it a whirl. That short story made it into the anthology and sparked The Zombie Dating Guide -- it's been an Undead thrill ride ever since. I've found that I'm able to get away with a lot more in the zombie realm than I would in strict romance; no one expects you play a straight romance so why not toss in a few eyeballs?

Me: What's it like to market books on Zombie Romance?

Stace: There ain't no fan like a zombie fan! Both zombie and romance readers are crazy loyal so it's been a blast to meet both markets. I've been very lucky to be welcomed into the fold on both sides by excellent authors who have shown me the ropes. Luckily the ropes didn't leave much of a mark.

Me: What are you currently working on?

Stace: I just wrapped up a Jane Austen ghost story for the Jane Austen Made Me Do It contest. I've been writing about ghosts longer than anything else so combine that with my undying affection for Austen and I couldn't pass it up. Next on the slab is a zombie short story set in NYC.

Me: Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully, with your skin still in tact, right?

Stace: With any luck the skin will still be there. It may be stapled but dang it, it'll be there. Let's see -- in five years I'm working toward having The Zombie Dating Guide, The Zombie Tarot and The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide being published and on their third printing. This year will be a big one for me to get those bad boys out the door; luckily I've been having some luck snagging an editor's eye or two. Now if they'd just stop fussing about getting them back. Whatever.

Me: Since you’re the mom of five daughters how do you juggle all your mom-and-wife-stuff around your writing?

Stace: I'm fortunate that four of the girls are in school from 7:15-4:15p and be at home with a very patient four-year-old. When I'm on deadline, the girls know not to enter my Cone of Silence until I finish at least a chapter. It's always a juggling act since they're active teens but we work together well. Duct tape comes in new colors, did you hear?

Stacey is also a busy blogger. You can check out her blogs at the following: Betwixt and Between An Army of Ermas

That’s all for now folks!!!!

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!



  1. Great interview Shelly!


  2. Great interview! Stacey never fails to inspire. :)

  3. Fun. I've been thinking about doing a couple of interviews with people for my blog, but first I must deem who is worthy. :)

  4. @Lauren: Hmmmm....Shelly shurgged.

  5. @William: Thank you. Thnak you.


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