Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gray Hairs

One gray hair. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Well, I’ve counted at least twelve in the front. They stand straight up in the morning and salute me in the mirror. They’ve got a mind of their own and don’t follow my brown strands. They ignore the direction I comb them. They ignore the way the curling iron turns them. A conspiracy is blooming on my head.

A couple years ago I colored my hair. Red. Until one day I broke out in a horrible itchy rash. Yup. Allergic to the less toxic salon stuff. So I’m going gray. Oh, well…it’s not so bad. Really. At least I have hair and won’t be going bald from evil chemicals.

Besides, gray is beautiful. Right? It’s a part of life. Right?


He’s cute and gray.



She’s beautiful and gray. But I bet she has a line of make-up artists and hairstylists following her around. Oh…bet she’s got someone following her around with a fog machine, too, camouflaging wrinkles, you know.



She’s totally accepting it. I believe she still believes she’s twenty-something. Look at those long gray hairs. Wow! Wonder what she’s itching in there, too?

Have any of you accepted your grays?

Anyway, happy blogging, reading, and writing!!!


P.S. Remember to save a library.


  1. I, too, dye my hair, but only because I like change! My gray hairs stick up, as well. Why? Are they mocking us?

  2. I gave up dying my hair several years ago. Too insistent, demanding and annoying to keep up with it. And also, my husband doesn't color his gray; why should I? Lastly, it helps to announce my age which serves as an excuse for some of the more blatant old-age glamour faux pas.

  3. It's a part of life and I say age gracefully. (Meaning, who cares what anyone else thinks!)

  4. No worries, Shelly, I've got NO hairs! If you wear it with pride, that's all that matters. :0)

  5. CL: Yes. I believe those gray hairs are saying "Nanny-Nanny-boo-boo...What you gonna do?"

    @Christine: Gray is in. I see lots of gray-hairs all day long during my hair lopping sessions. But then again I do live in the land of the seniors.

    @Jen: I've got customers, men especially, telling me don't go gray...don't do it, please. OMG

    @EJ: You're so sweet.

  6. Wow, a hairdresser tells all at 11.
    What happened to the secret pact between the client and the hairstylist? As in "Only my Hairdresser Knows for Sure"....
    I bet you kiss and tell too!
    (Don't worry, I'm just kidding around)

  7. I have mega gray hair in the front and on top...I sort of have that Bonnie Raitt thing going on...I don't particularly like it, but now it's starting to spread...

    I haven't coloured my hair in a while, and I have that line going around my head like a bowl was set on there and I spray-painted the bottom brown and the top salt and pepper...

    I've been thinking of getting it done, but there's upkeep involved, and I'm not very good about getting to the hairdresser to get it done on a regular basis...helps when you find someone to cut your hair that you like, though...BTW, don't pull them out--seven more will grow back in it's place...or so I've been told...LOL

  8. @ Beth: Mine are screwy and wirey looking. Oh, well...gray hair is a part of life. Maybe it's our bodys' way of slowly departing into the next.

  9. It's become an obsession of mine. I'm fascinated (and somewhat horrified) by how quickly the gray is suddenly taking over. I'm actually working on a post called "Pluck, pluck, Gray". :)

  10. @ Lauren: That would be good and I'm sure it would funny, too.

  11. As I shave it off anyway, it's not a consideration.

  12. Consider yourself lucky. Women can't get away with bald.


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