Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Vision Board, Mrs. Potato Head, and an RV

The other day I happened along someone’s blog. They wrote about vision boards. What the heck is one of those you might ask? Well, it’s a picture board of things you’d like to manifest in your life.

Today I’ll start collecting pictures of those things, little seeds of faith to paste on my vision board. Maybe I’ll get some glitter pens, too.  I love glitter pens.

Hmmm….What will I put on my vision board?

First, the word forgiveness with a picture of my daughters. Everyone needs that. Especially, if they have crazy family members around them. Not that my daughters are crazy but they do a lot of fighting. Mostly verbal. Sometimes physical from what I hear. It’s like listening to the Jerry Springer show.

Second, a wedding picture of my hubby and me. Just want to stay married. Don’t want to get another phone call in the middle of the night. Just taking precautions. That’s all.

Third, a picture of health. Yup. I’ve got health issues. Tennis elbow. Strained tendon. Adrenal fatigue. Prone to allergies and migraines. I’m a mess. I’m usually scented with Vicks and Bio Freeze. A lovely combination. A box of tissues go where ever I go. I often have thoughts of being Mrs. Potato Head where I can remove and replace body parts when the old ones wear out.

Fourth, a statement of some kind stating I’m published along with a paycheck.

Fifth, a million dollars. A picture or a word will do for now.

Sixth, a picture of an RV. There’s so many places I haven’t seen in the U.S.

Seventh, a picture of Paris, Spain, Germany, Italy,  and Greece. These are places I’d like to visit out of the U.S.

There’s probably more stuff I’ll cram on my board but that’s all I can think of for now. Not to mention, I’ll have to put an invisible force field around it to keep my anal retentive sweetman from throwing it away.

What’s your vision for your future?

That’s all for now folks!

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!


P.S. Save a library!


  1. If I had a vision board, I'd want to put my family there, because, after all, they are the most important things, and I'd like to have the million dollars, too, although, that isn't as important...however, getting a nice paycheck for my books would really be nice. I'd like to be able to say, "I quit my job today!"...but, that's not likely going to happen...but, maybe I could go part time instead of full time...oh, and maybe a really, really nice vacation somewhere hot!!! I've never been, and it would be really really nice...!...and, above all

  2. @Beth: Working in a lawfirm taught me to ask for the whole pie knowing I'm going to get a portion. Might as well think big.

    I'd like to quit my job but know I will probably scale back to part-time once I've got two books published. That's the plan. It seems that I can't write fast enough.

    Family and the sweetman is always first.

  3. You know, I made a collage yesterday which is the same as your vision board. I cut up old issues of Delicious Living magazine and made sure that I only pasted happy smiling people on it. But adding the countries I'd like to visit, that's a great idea.

    Here's to manifesting GOOD THINGS.


  4. @ Patricia: Year cheer to manifesting good things in our lives. All postitive.

  5. I like it! And I love the Mrs. Potato Head reference, I have a hip I could swap out right now -- and I've always coveted her hat.

  6. @ Stacey: As for the hip-well, how about we trade. My hip for your right hand.


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