Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sir Poops-A-Lot flooded our upstairs bathroom before we arrived home last night from work. Yellow ran everywhere through the cracks of our white tile. That’s what I get for leaving him at home unboxed with No-No. She’s dying you know, and is unable to leash the dogs, let alone take them out to do their business. The good news though, her va-hoo-ha is bacterial free and is in good PH standing for yet a another day. Guess her girl part has properly digested the popsicle stick if it actually existed.This is exciting news in my house. Something she shouted from the top of the stairs last night before we all went to bed.

Let’s move on…(I know, I stole that from Rob). Last night this guy left me sleepless. Yes, Robblogger, you are on my mind ( bald is beautiful ). His blogs is the last thing I read before going night-night. They weaken my bladder.

At midnight, I woke up to the words ‘let’s move on’. At two AM, the same, and at three and four AM. OMG, Rob! You’re driving me crazy. If anyone’s interested in reading his hilarious rants, go to:              

But that’s not the point of this blog. Let’s move on ( I like that ).

Hi, I’m Shelly and I’ve got a disturbing problem. I write on everything. Grocery receipts. Post-It Notes. Restaurant napkins. The backs of business cards. Envelopes ( not peoples’ addresses either). Old bills. Sometimes new bills. Junk mail. Anything paper. I’ll even write on my hand.

I’d prefer tablets but my hubby’s hidden them from me. I wonder if he’s flushed them down the toilet. I’m surprised he hasn’t banned me from Office Depot and Staples or, any store that’ll supply me with paper. It’s pretty easy to get paper and PENS, you know.

Pens are good. They flow nicely onto anything. Pretty colors, too. Red. Blue. Purple. Black. Glittery ones. Gel ones.

My favorite pencil is the Papermate Sharpwriter No.: 2. It twists the lead out with ease. It writes nice, too. My mouth is watering right now and  goose bumps are traveling up my arms.

Yes, I’m driving my hubby crazy. My daughter, too. The dogs don’t seem to mind, though. They’re content to lay at my feet while I write stuff, even type stuff.

Good thing there’s help out there for people like me. I’ve sought them out for my problem and they encourage me to write more and more. They encourage me to do better. They encourage me to have as many tablets and pens around me as possible. Yes, I’m a full fledged addict now.

I wonder if there’s a support group for families of writers out there. It’s hard to be around us writers you know. Our heads are some place else.

Writing has taken over my life. I get the jitters when I don’t get to write. Grumpy, too.

How about any of you? Addicted, yet? Or, how long have you been addicted to this writing stuff?

Happy blogging, reading, and writing!!!



  1. Shelly,
    Yep, getting that way myself. My husband and I are "learning" to work with it, but I imagine it will take some getting used to. But then, I have learned to accept his obsession with containers. (you should see the Tupperware in my house, I swear I come home to a new lunch box every night, and each one is going to be the "Thing" that makes life easier)

  2. You are funny--of course all your followers are addicted to you!

  3. @Erin: Your hubby almost sounds like my hubby. Must be brothers somewhere along the line.

    @Eve:I don't pimp. Promise. Well, maybe a little.

  4. @ Janet:

    Me, too. Three years in the open with it. I started writing at nine, though.

  5. My name is William.... well, that's one of my names, and I'm a writeaholic.

  6. William: How many do you have?


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