Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fictional Children Thinking The Plot Evolves Around Them

After I sent off, “Secondhand Shoes”, I plotted another story. Did my outline. Made character sheets of their personality with a little bit of their past and current history. I even made up their facial features, hair, and eye color.

Frankie and Luis are the two main characters in my next novel project. They are both eight years old now.

Originally, Frankie was supposed to be around fifteen but Luis insisted that she be his age because he didn’t trust anyone older than himself. You see, abuse entered his life at an early age by the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. This same guy killed his mother leaving him in the hands of Child Welfare Services. Poor thing went from foster home to foster home and bonded with no one, especially adults.

Needless to say, this little boy pitched a royal fit with me. Okay. So Frankie is now eight with her own set of problems.

Into chapter thirteen or so (they were beautiful chapters, too), Luis changed some things around on me. He invited four angels into the story along with four demons. According to him, there’s a fight going on for his soul on the ghost plane. That’s why he befriended Frankie. He needed to bond with a human and help them before God allows him into heaven.

And the little monkey bugged me about it while washing dishes one afternoon. Why do children pester adults when they’re busy? OMG.

Not only did this happen, but Frankie and Luis engaged in a fit over who was going to be the main character. OMG. To time out they both went for two days. I refused to look at them until I came up with a fair solution. They are both main characters now. They each have complex issues, and the story evolves around them each. Amazing. Sounds like real life children. The world evolves around them in real life so they think. Didn’t know I’d have the same problems with fictional children. Thought I’d be in the control seat here. Guess not.

Do any of your stories get knocked off track by any of your characters? Do you take their advice? Or do fight against their wishes?

Happy reading, blogging, and writing!!



  1. Great post! My character went off the deep end a month ago and I'm...frustrated. I'm a newbie at writing fiction-maybe I should give her a time out. Thanks Shelly :)

  2. Oh, mine (and, mine aren't kids) don't bother me when I'm doing household chores...oh, mine bother me when I'm trying to sleep...sometimes I wake up and then I can't get back to sleep because of the yammering that goes on in my, to quiet them, I have to get up...I'd rather stop doing the dishes or sweeping then to be woke up all the time...

  3. Yes, my characters develop a mind of their own and sometimes I find myself writing not what I intended, but what they intended.

  4. See, and my husband thinks I'm the only nutso on the block. Characters have a way of taking over the story and becoming almost like real people in them. And they bug me all the time, but I hope they never stop:)

  5. I would think that's more then a little odd, the characters taking things over like that, but then again, in the joint work Norma and I do, the characters hijacked the book, and in my solo writing, I was compelled for a long while to keep apologizing to some of the characters.

  6. Yes,Shelly when I write fiction, the characters drive me nutty. I think that's why I have excuses for not writing. Fortunately, I'm now in revise mode. Good post!

  7. Beth:

    Time out is good for everyone like in the tangible world. It gives everyone time to think.

  8. Cat:
    The top comment to Beth was meant for you.

    @ Beth: That wouldn't be good. I need my sleep. However, there are times when they keep me awake. Sleep doesn't come.

  9. TC: Inform your hubby that all writers make friends with their characters. That's what we do.

    William: I noticed how your characters do that. They're special. They really are. They're not one bit bshful, either.

    Eve: Even in revision they can drive me batty.


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