Sunday, January 9, 2011

Challenge Day 12: Dreams: Problem Solving and Psychic

Often, I use dreams in my writing. I believe our dreams have something to say to us. Whether it’s a tool our mind uses to help us solve tough issues in our lives or whether its angels whispering to us in our sleep about something that’s going to happen, to be careful. I’ve had both.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about flesh-eating zombies. Either I’m with a group of people trying to build a protective passage to the outside while these monsters try to get at us, or I’m in an unprotected house with strangers, and the windows keep falling out while zombies come out to play their usual game, find humans and eat them.

In the later dream, I’m trying to sleep but an unexpected breeze blows on me because a window falls out of its structure. I’ll get up and peek out a sheet covered hole to find zombies crowding around the house. I hold my breath hoping they won’t hear me, and I run to the next room but not before I notice the front door to the house. It’s one big see-through window for these things to stare inside at me.

When I run into the next room, its full of normal people, sleeping. Yup. Sleeping. The sheet covered windows have fallen out, wind is blowing, zombies are right at the windows, and I freak out.

I yell, “Zombies!”

And the fat guy in the only bed in the room... yup… big juicy, fat guy says, “Don’t worry. Go back to bed.”

At this point, I wake up thank goodness. That dream is probably a problem I’m trying to work out.

Okay. On to psychic dreams. Yes. I have those, too.

One night I dreamt, I was standing in a social service office. No-No stood in front of me in front of a desk.

“Mom, I know a secret,” she said.

“You do,” I said.

“Yeah.” She stepped away from the desk.

My oldest daughter, D-Dell, stood leaning against the desk. A pregnant belly protruded out from her, and the rest of her looked malnourished, skin and bones.

That woke me up fast. My nineteen year old was pregnant and all four of her sisters were keeping it a secret. It’s been seven years since that dream along with all the problems that surrounded my unwed and pregnant daughter. Schwoo…glad that’s over.

I dream in color, too. Can’t wait for Hi-Def-dream-vision. Bet the zombies will look real cool in my sleeping world then.

Anyway, enough of that. I’ll leave you with some questions to ponder.

Dreams affect my writing. They give me ideas and I often use dreams I’ve dreamt in my stories. Do any of you use your dreams in your writing? Do you remember your dreams and write them down? Do any of you have psychic dreams?

That’s all for now folks.

Happy reading, blogging, and writing!!!



  1. Are you maybe inhaling too much peroxide? LOL

  2. If I dreamed about flesh eating-zombies, I'd be more sleep-deprived than I am now.

  3. Eve: peroxide in shop....we're not full service. Haircuts, styles and perms only.

  4. Norma:

    What do you normally dream about? Something scarier?

  5. Ooohhh, good dream! All it means is you have a fantastic imagination and that's tantamount to what any good writer needs.

    Now, flesh-eating zombies in space trying to take over the world and save their dying civilization...that would be weird.

    Oh, wait a minute. That was my dream.

  6. Nathalie:

    Your dream sounds better. Intelligent zombies you have there.


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