Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Potty Room

My favorite place in the house sits about three feet from where I do my writing in the morning room. My hubby refers to it as the kitchen(the morning room that is). I suppose we could call it that but the kitchen is separated from this room by a wall. But whatever. If it makes him happy to call it the kitchen, okay then, we’ll call it the kitchen.

But this blog is not about my kitchen. It’s about my bathroom. My downstairs potty room fully equipped with a toilet a/k/a white throne, a sink (one of those fancy deep bowl ones), and a mirror.

Tranquil colors of blue and beige adorn the walls and floor. Seashell d├ęcor hangs above and to the side of the toity. There’s even a vanilla scented candle on the back of the tank.

It’s wonderful when I close the door and take my place on the throne. It’s the perfect get-a-way. I’ve got to go pee is the perfect excuse to hide from everyone.

I read. I write. I edit. Sometimes for hours.

“Honey. You okay in there?”

I make sure I flush before I say, “Yeah. Just have a stomach ache.” Not really, I lied. This is my place of peace in the whole house when I need to focus on a project when No-No and my hubby are home.

Thank God for my potty room. It’s the best little place in town.

Do any of you have a place in your house that you like to retreat to?

Excuse me please. I need to go pee now.

Happy reading, writing, and blogging!!!



  1. You make me laugh Shelly! I hide in the bathroom, too, but my excuse is to take a bath. I soak in the bubbles and listen to my ipod. (I download courses to listen to on Ancient Egypt or Sentence Structure.) I'll read when I have the time or develop the next scene in my book.

  2. I am so going to go and re-vamp my bathroom now I have never thought of hiding in their, but I am going to give it a try. I just may have to come down with the stomach flu three . . . four times a day :)

  3. @Jen and Trish:

    Bathrooms are great. And, trish make sure you practice your vomit noises so you can get away with it.

  4. We just renovated our bathroom and now it has become my favourite room in the house. I'll sneak away to have a bubble bath and listen to my ipod (which also hides the noises of the kids fighting). Never having been a bather before (always prefering to shower) this has now become a little indulgenceI take time to enjoy every once and a while.

  5. Very funny post Shelly! I'm always thinking my husband uses it as the reading room or library.

  6. @ Janet: Yes. Our bathrooms are the quietest place in the house. All you have to do is shut the door. For some reason, people respect your privacy there.

    @Eve: Bathroom does equal quiet like a library.

  7. Well, you must have a comfortable "throne", because mine isn't, so, although I have taken up my book or my notebook to do a little reading, or writing, as the case may be, I have yet to find a toilet that has been sufficiently to my liking. Maybe I'm weird, but I get in and get out...LOL
    I don't have a room that I could escape to anymore. I wish I did...

  8. @ William: :)

    @ Beth: When one has small children, no one has privacy.


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